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11 months ago - 30.06.2023
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A Tribute to Nature: The New Unisex Fragrance To Be - Super[Natural] by Police

A Tribute to Nature: The New Unisex Fragrance "To Be - Super[Natural]" by Police

The Italian fashion label's "To Be - Super[Natural]" fragrance promises to be a citrusy, spicy composition that is both invigorating and calming.

Inspired by the complexity of nature, the creation TO BE SUPER[NATURAL] evokes memories and inspires with absolutely captivating olfactory sensations.


Upon application, the top note unfolds first with a tangy blend of bergamot, pink pepper and lotus blossom. In the heart, the composition evolves into a sweet, floral bouquet of cardamom, bourbon rose geranium and delicate fresia flowers. The base notes envelop the fragrance with soft cashmere wood, warm Lorenox™ and woody Orcanox™.

To Be - Super[Natural] (Police)
To Be - Super[Natural] (Police)

The Italian label highlights that "To Be - Super[Natural]" was made both vegan and environmentally friendly. The perfume expands the "To Be" series, which started in 2011 with the fragrance "To Be". The collection is most notable for its distinctive skull flacons and includes other fragrances such as "To Be - The King" and "To Be - The Queen" from 2013. 


When Police was founded in the 1980s in the Italian city of Belluno, the label initially caused a stir with its unusual sunglasses. At the time, the brand was considered a symbol of the 'yuppies' trend - a slang term for young, style-conscious and ambitious businessmen. When it comes to creating new designs, Police prefers edgier ways: The label uses unconventional shapes, patterns and eye-catching details, and draws inspiration for its creations from different cultures, music, art and streetwear. The label's first fragrance appeared in 1998 under the name "Original".

The new fragrance is available in bottle sizes of 40 ml, 75 ml and 125 ml.

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