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20 days ago - 11.09.2023
An Ode to the Peony: The New Unisex Fragrance Peonia by Le Couvent

An Ode to the Peony: The New Unisex Fragrance "Peonia" by Le Couvent

With "Peonia", French fragrance label Le Couvent presents its new floral amber scent from the "Parfums Signatures" collection.

Like a graceful dance, Peonia fragrance celebrates the peony in all its splendor, highlighting its nobility and timeless beauty. The heart note unfolds like a beguiling ballet of peony petals, exuding an intoxicating amber fragrance that will seduce the most romantic and passionate souls.

Le Couvent

"Peonia" unfolds a floral bouquet of peony and magnolia, accompanied by sensual rose geranium from Madagascar and the beguiling intensity of jasmine absolute from India. Indonesian patchouli adds an earthy nuance to the composition, while a gentle but profound amber accord gives the fragrance a long-lasting signature.

Peonia (Le Couvent)
Peonia (Le Couvent)

Created by master perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, the fragrance draws its inspiration from the peony. In ancient Chinese floral traditions, the scarlet flower was known as the "Queen of Flowers." Especially during the Tang Dynasty, a heyday of Chinese culture, it was considered a symbol of nobility, wealth, honor and love. Its fragrance was considered an expression of beauty, generosity and success.

The peony has the ability to enrich life in as many ways as the beautiful flower has petals... A fragrance that invites you to touch, a fragrance like a caress.

Jean-Claude Ellena

"Peonia" expands the "Parfums Signatures" line, which includes "Vetivera" (2022), "Ambra" (2021), "Mimosa" (2021) and "Tuberosa" (2021). Le Couvent describes the collection as a collection of highly concentrated perfumes that artfully yet simply capture the essence of flowers and precious woods.

The new fragrance is available in a bottle size of 100 ml.

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