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24 days ago - 07.11.2023
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Dia 40 and Jubilation 40: The New Extraits de Parfum From Amouage

"Dia 40" and "Jubilation 40": The New Extraits de Parfum From Amouage

Amouage unveils "Dia 40" and "Jubilation 40", two new highly concentrated interpretations of the popular Eaux de Parfum "Dia Woman" and "Jubilation XXV Man".

Dia 40 - A fragrance of noblesse and grace

A vibrant and sophisticated homage to vintage aldehydic florals, the original Dia Woman Eau de Parfum makes a distinctive statement on the beguiling, timeless mystique of femininity. With a 40% concentration, Dia 40 Woman Extrait is the new delicate, yet undeniably lavish and generous incarnation of Amouage's icon. A fragrance of grace and nobility, Dia 40 elegantly balances its many layers to conjure a sense of passing time in three acts: sunrise, zenith, and sunset.


Dia 40 - Amouage
Dia 40 - Amouage

The fragrance journey of "Dia 40" opens with a sweet top note of cyclamen aldehyde, blackcurrant and violet leaf, which is accompanied by the gentle warmth of musk. In the heart note, a floral-spicy accord of tarragon, garden carnation, bay leaf, orange blossom, rose, ylang-ylang and cistus unfolds. The base note anchors the fragrance with woody nuances of amyris, a smoky note of guaiac wood, the powdery elegance of orris root and velvety sandalwood.

Jubilation 40 - The essence of sophistication

Sumptuous, extravagant and profound, Jubilation XXV celebrates the nobility of masculinity that embraces the beauty of both East and West. Following 10 weeks of patient ageing at 40% concentration, the fragrance becomes even more complex and multi-faceted, resulting in Jubilation 40 Man Extrait capturing the essense of sophistication.


Jubilation 40 - Amouage
Jubilation 40 - Amouage

The top note of "Jubilation 40" combines fruity blackcurrant, blackberry and orange with exotic davana, fresh rosemary and warm labdanum. At the heart, a blend of spicy nuances of cinnamon, bay rum and clove unfolds, accompanied by the floral tones of delicate rose petals and broom as well as warm accents of celery seed and incense. The base note anchors the fragrance with an accord of ambergris, guaiac wood and patchouli. Sensual musk and opoponax as well as precious myrrh, oud, cedarwood and cistus round off the composition.


The luxury perfume house Amouage was founded in 1983 on the initiative of Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said, the former Sultan of the Sultanate of Oman, who ruled from 1970 until his death in January 2020. The term "Amouage" combines the Arabic word "Amwaj" ("wave") with the French word "amour" ("love") to create a brand name that metaphorically stands for "waves of emotion".

The perfumes draw their inspiration from Omani culture and the country's natural environment. The fragrances often contain ingredients typical of the country, such as frankincense, myrrh, rose water and exotic woods.

While the women's bottle pays tribute to the architecture of the Muscat Mosque, the men's bottle depicts the handle of the famous "Khanjar", a traditional Arabian dagger that is immortalized in the coat of arms of the Omani national flag.

The new fragrances are available for pre-order in 100 ml bottles and will be shipped from December 1, 2023.

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