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14 days ago - 24.05.2023
Suncrest: The Summery Fragrance Novelty by Ulrich Lang

"Suncrest": The Summery Fragrance Novelty by Ulrich Lang

American niche fragrance brand Ulrich Lang introduces "Suncrest" a new fruity-floral unisex fragrance.

Suncrest is a fragrance of happiness expressed through fleshy, pulpy fruits, especially peach, blackcurrant and Sicilian lemon, combined with sunflowers and a base of creamy blond woods.

Ulrich Lang

Suncrest (Ulrich Lang)
Suncrest (Ulrich Lang)

Top notes combine sun-ripened yellow peach, juicy blackcurrant and Sicilian lemon, followed by a floral heart of the flowers of jasmine and lily of the valley. Warm notes of ambroxan, Dreamwood™ and cedar round out the fragrance.

"Suncrest" is inspired by the peach variety of the same name that thrives along the American West Coast. Peaches have symbolic meaning in many cultures around the world and are revered as a sign of immortality. The peach note in "Suncrest" is said to embody a youthful spirit, optimism and playfulness.

The promotional image for the fragrance was shot by Oregon photographer Will Matsuda. It shows dense foliage in bright red tones and draws its inspiration from Hanafuda cards, which provide a link to Will's Japanese culture.

Ulrich Lang
Behind the brand Ulrich Lang are German perfumer and former manager Ulrich Lang and his longtime girlfriend Britt Biegelsen. The perfume house was founded in 2002 in the artistic Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York. The first fragrance "Anvers", named after the Belgian city of Antwerp, followed a year later. Ulrich Lang wants to combine modern photography and fragrances in his creations. He finds his inspiration both in the pulsating impressions of lively New York city life and in the idyllic landscapes of his southern German homeland. For its packaging and designs, the label relies on a minimalist aesthetic with clean lines, simple shapes and discreet labels.

The new fragrance "Suncrest" is available in a 100 ml bottle size.

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