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1 year ago - 07.09.2022
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"Millésime Tonka" - Guerlain Presents Another Edition of the Cult Perfume "Shalimar"

The new fragrance "Shalimar Millésime Tonka" is all about the tonka bean, one of the six most popular fragrance notes of the French label Guerlain.

The tonka bean is at the heart of the fragrance with its gentle facets of salted caramel and soft chocolate.

The top notes open with refreshing bergamot and bitter almond. In the following heart notes, floral accents of rose absolute and powdery iris are overlaid with a veil of fresh jasmine sambac. The base note combines tonka bean absolute with the delicious vanilla planifolia tincture that is so distinctive to "Shalimar"

is considered the world's first oriental fragrance and was created in 1925 by Jacques Guerlain, the third generation perfumer. The new "Shalimar Millésime Tonka" was composed by fifth-generation perfumers Thierry Wasser and Delphine Jelk as a tribute to tonka bean, which is one of Guerlain's six most popular fragrance notes.

The design of the bottle is a tribute to the original bottle from 1925. The then model of the bottle, inspired by the fountain in the Shalimar gardens, has been retained, while the bat-shaped label now appears in black, the color of tonka bean

The perfume is available in a bottle size of 50 ml.

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