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12 days ago - 07.06.2024
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The best way for me to categorise my collection:

I have tried categorising by season, but that doesn't really work, when all I get in my climate is hot humid summer, very short warm autumn/spring, and mild winter.

I have tried categorising by what many youtubers recommend (- an everyday casual scent, a date night scent, a freshie, a work scent, a beast mode party/clubbing scent), but this does not work for me either, as my work scent needs to feel everyday/casual, I don't like standard freshies, and I also have these categories overlapping a fair bit.

Here is what I've finally figured out works for me, and breaks up my collection into much more even categories:

1. Home & relaxing

The ones I wear just at home when I'm chilling, relaxing, etc.

- Moonlight (Body Mist)Moonlight Body Mist
- Meow! (Eau de Parfum)Meow! Eau de Parfum

My comfort perfumes at home. I wear it in the evening after work or when I spend a day at home chilling, etc.

- UntouchedUntouched
My strictly bedtime or meditation perfume.

2. Casual, chores & errands

The ones I wear for casual activity like doing chores at home, running errands, grocery shopping, breakfast or lunch at cafes.

- Black StarBlack Star
Go-to for running errands and for casual lunch/breakfast

- Wild RoseWild Rose
A sweet fresh one for casual activity or for casual lunch/breakfast

3. Outings

The ones I wear when going out at night, or a very specific purpose like work or gym.

- Brit for Women (Eau de Toilette)Brit for Women Eau de Toilette
Signature work scent

- SJP NYC (Eau de Parfum)SJP NYC Eau de Parfum
Strictly gym

- Nirvana AmethystNirvana Amethyst
A more casual dinner outing

- IllicitIllicit
Fancier outings, to restaurants, bars, etc.

4. Favourites (home, casual or outings)

My favourites that I give multiple purposes because I am so addicted to smelling them.

- To Be (Woman)To Be (Woman)
Summer signature work scent, and the scent that my notebook smells like

- Black Opium (Eau de Parfum Over Red)Black Opium Eau de Parfum Over Red
Favourite in seasons other than summer. The scent that my bag smells like

- Alien (Eau de Parfum)Alien Eau de Parfum
Signature winter casual and party/clubbing scent.

- Heiress Heiress (Eau de Parfum)Heiress Eau de Parfum
Favourite freshie for any occasion. Amazing out of the shower.

* = won't repurchase again, either for it being discontinued or other reasons, so it will be phased out of collection after empty

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