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PACHE'd to death. 'Recommendations for Fall frags?

PACHE'd to death. 'Recommendations for Fall frags? 4 months ago 1

Yay! Official Autumn, only 7-ish weeks away. Most of my life I've just endured summer. 'Just waiting for it to end. 'Might be the only person I know who gets Summer SAD. Consequently I was very excited to start looking for fall frags. I just got a tiny bottle of Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir. But now I have to admit that might have been a patchouli-too-far for me. I'm working on figuring it out but I may wind up giving it to my son. IDK. Any fall favs to recommend?

4 months ago 2

Waiting for fall to bring out Fall CashmereFall Cashmere and Vanilla | 28Vanilla | 28 . I also want to test out Lady Million (Eau de Parfum)Lady Million Eau de Parfum which I think best fits fall vibes. I'll be continuing my search for other fall fragrances too!

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Hi, Rynne. Don’t fret! Soon, summer is long gone! 🎉

If you like vintages, KL (Eau de Toilette)KL Eau de Toilette is a lovely gem. As well as Black Orchid (Eau de Parfum)Black Orchid Eau de Parfum. But I am very biased to Black Orchid, as I might be its biggest fan lol.

I am so looking forward to buying samples and trying out a bunch of fragrances from Francesca Bianchi, Zoologist, and Ormonde Jayne this autumn. Any fragrance that goes well with a large knitted turtleneck sweater is a winner in my book. Anything that maximises coziness.

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Do you like attars? I recently picked up Red Musk by Tarife Attars and it seems perfect for colder weather. It's deep and rich.

4 months ago 1

Thanks all y'all. Your replied give me much to look forward to. I'll check back in on those of these I can find (and budget).

4 months ago

We've had a rough summer, and I am very much looking forward to fall and fall fragrances, like:

Organza (Eau de Parfum)Organza Eau de Parfum A spicy, floral vanilla, which has been a favorite for years.

Fall CashmereFall Cashmere Roasted almond, cinnamon, matcha & vanilla = yummy.

HayloftHayloft A new favorite- aromatic, nutty, and gourmand-ish with grain notes. Very evocative of fall in the rural Midwestern US for me.

4 months ago

Dioresscence by Dior (I'm sorry haven't found out yet how to insert a link...Sad

But now I do, thanks to Rojabird Smile!

Dioressence (Eau de Toilette)Dioressence Eau de Toilette

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@Ringtale I just learned how to do it! Apparently you type # and the perfume or brand, and there should be a list popping up. And then you click the one you intended to link!

For example: “#calvin klein” (without citation marks) and all Calvin’s perfumes will be visible. Hope I explained it comprehensively!

4 months ago

@Rojabird, Thank you so very much!!! It works!!!

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