Dioressence 1969 Eau de Toilette

Dioressence (Eau de Toilette) by Dior
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Dioressence (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Dior for women and was released in 1969. The scent is chypreartig-floral. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by LVMH.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Top Notes Top Notes
AldehydesAldehydes Green notesGreen notes BergamotBergamot Fruity notesFruity notes OrangeOrange
Heart Notes Heart Notes
CarnationCarnation RoseRose CinnamonCinnamon GeraniumGeranium JasmineJasmine Orris rootOrris root VioletViolet Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang TuberoseTuberose
Base Notes Base Notes
OakmossOakmoss StyraxStyrax PatchouliPatchouli VetiverVetiver BenzoinBenzoin MuskMusk VanillaVanilla


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Interesting Facts
This fragrance was reformulated in 2009 by François Demachy according to IFRA guidelines. Since then it is part of the collection "Les Creations de Monsieur Dior".


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Top Review 46  
Distance and seduction
Dioressence belongs to a family of fragrances which, when viewed superficially, has something formal, distant, perhaps nostalgic about it, although I would prefer the term timelessness. Thanks to the generosity of dear Parfuma Antoine and a lucky coincidence, I have recently come into possession of a sample or two of vintage versions of great old Chypres. A wonderful opportunity to make a symbolic knee fall in front of one of the columns of this fragrance family, in this case Dior´s "Dioressence" in the unreformulated version, I suspect from the eighties or the early nineties.
The characteristics of this fragrance family do not seem to fit at all with the currently popular tastes of the mainstream. It is possible that such fragrances will experience their little renaissances again and again when the world of synthetic, sweet, superficial nosecatchers revolves too quickly around you like a fairground carousel.
I count myself, the inclined reader may suspect it, himself to the flock of chypreoncles and aunts. And that had been the case from the very beginning of my enthusiasm for fragrances, without me having the slightest idea of it, and had obviously been put into my cradle - by whomever. My first and eternal fragrance love is a classic Herrenchypre, and many fragrances I appreciate belong in this category.
How can you recognize this family of fragrances, whose name derives from a creation of the same name by Francois Coty in 1917? How can you put into words the characteristics of this family of fragrances for which I have chosen Dioressence as my representative? This was the question that drove me to Parfumo right at the beginning of my time, and I think it takes a different approach than a nomenclatural one to try to understand what constitutes a chypre.
If one looks at the nightly starry sky in a cloudless night, its beauty and the sheer overwhelming of the sight cannot be measured by naming the constellations one sees. The situation is similar with chypres. The components of the citric head, the flowery or herbaceous heart and the mossy-woody base to pray for do not describe the kick in the solar plexus and the delightful rubbing in the nose when you have one in front of you.
Freely associated, I get the following impressions: Chypres are more serious, disagreeable distance keepers. The formal and abstract aspects of the fragrance image are emphasized. They convey the feeling of brittleness and astringency, the timbre in minor rather than major. Some great representatives like Mitsouko have a certain, sometimes almost heartbreaking melancholy, without having a single fragrance component to which one would ascribe this mood per se.
You notice that you are dealing with "perfume", not "smell of something" or a mixture of smells that wants to trace natural or environmental impressions. They are artvoe constructions that lead to an unlikely and surprisingly beautiful impression of otherness, so different from the world around us. Whom colours help: Green and grey tones. If you want to get some impressions of nature: the roughness of moss and lichens when you stroke them. Anyone who needs an association with clothing: Press fold. For cineasts: Film noire. Life phase: Adulthood. Definitely no childhood and no youth.
When combined with other fragrance categories, such as animal notes or oriental spices, very attractive contrasts can result from the relative astringency and distance of a chypre and sensual, erotic opulence of civet, beaver geil and Co..
Dioressence has all these characteristics of a chypre. The citrus head of bergamot is quickly wrapped with a fruity orange note and a certain waxy sheen of fruity aldehydes, which immediately gives the fragrance a certain weight and makes it clear that this is going to be a great appearance. A certain musty, green-sour resoluteness is present immediately after spraying on, without one knowing what creates this impression, but it is immediately clear: This is a chypre. Almost imperceptibly, a potpourri of wonderfully interwoven floral tones develops from this, which can hardly be distinguished. I mean to smell out carnations, like those that used to bloom in my grandma's garden, very lively and intense, bright, full of light. The much quoted bliss is now there. The oriental sidekick is made of cinnamon, which is very well perceived and which together with the ambered benzoe tones and vanilla, which have their appearance in the base, turns dioressence into an oriental chypre.
The base, and here I think the fragrance plays its best and most seductive card, is a wonderfully woody-moosy, slightly darkened affair, very powdery, slightly earthy-smoky. The fragrance still gives me a noticeable light rubbing in the nose, typical Chypre halt. At the latest now I would unconditionally recommend it to every chyprist, chypriot, chypriker and chyprene of both sexes without reservation.
Is the fragrance suitable for men? Oh, the lame, unnecessary subject. If he is too feminine, may he contribute his own Y chromosome. Works perfectly!
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Top Review 40  
The fragrance dream turned green
I had wanted to write a few lines about Dioressence for a long time, but on the one hand, I kept getting other scent impressions in between and on the other hand, I could hardly think of the right words that could do justice to this unique scent Dioressence is an unbelievably impressive fragrance, which presents itself with a veritable cornucopia of aromas, flowers and spices.

It's not easy to identify individual components, because they have really masterfully managed to combine classic chypre elements as well as wonderful oriental influences, without the fragrance appearing too overdone or overloaded. And the whole thing is so beautifully tightly connected that the nose has a little bit of a hard time with it.
But some elements can be perceived well.
Dioressence starts green, a little citrus is added, but only very light and dimmed. Then it becomes very quickly flowery and spicy, the blossom is opulent, unsweet, radiant and quite dry. Cinnamon is easy to recognise and gives the splendour that fine oriental touch
No need to wait long for the base. And the base is an absolute dream of resins, balsams and this deliciously tart moss, which gives the Chypres their unmistakable character.
And somewhere very deeply hidden, a premonition of living beings can be perceived. And that is certainly the right name, because this scent is full of life. It pulsates, it radiates, it works, it breathes This life in Dioressence doesn't make the fragrance look directly animalistic, but it gives the scent a fine and spicy underline, that certain dark coloured note that makes a fragrance so refined.
As a color, I see a beautiful rich mossy green for this fragrance.

I once noticed that a fragrance should have a certain dirty note, an antipode, so that there is something there that the nose can bump into and get stuck on. That was truly well understood here at Dioressence!
As far as durability is concerned, some fragrances can cut a thick slice. It is an eau de toilette, but it lasts for 12 hours on the skin. Sprayed on in the evening, it is still perceptible the next morning One is also very well perceived and this also for a quite long time. What I also noticed is that the scent is much more beautiful in the aura than directly on the skin. I fully agree with Cleopatra, who already mentioned it so well in her great comment. Directly on the skin a certain "physical" and slightly unpleasant note is noticeable. But with some distance the whole thing is a dream.

Dioressence is a fragrance that is in principle wearable in every season. It is never too loud, never intrusive, never disturbing, never too much Dioressence also fits very well to all possible occasions, in the office, at business meetings, in leisure time, in the evening, at the opera, for dinner.

It seems surprising that the classic chypre scents such as Mitsouko, Diorella, Dioressence and several others appear so austere and masculine to our current scent habits and perceptions and are considered unisex scents nowadays I agree, I have often worn Dioressence "officially" and nobody would have thought that Dioressence was actually created as a women's fragrance.
But in this respect I don't care about conventions anyway and I hardly notice that sometimes it can be written "For you" on the packaging.
And here I would also like to recommend to the gentlemen that they take a look at the classic women's fragrances from before 1980. Because it's worth it!

I have dedicated these lines to the vintage version of Dioressence, which I own and with which I have a great love I don't know the revised version from 2009 yet, but it would be interesting to be able to make comparisons. But I can imagine that I would also like the newer version.

In summary, I would like to say that Dioressence lives up to its name. A truly beautiful and precious essence made up of many fragrance building blocks that have been combined to form a single splendour and in my opinion deserves the highest score.
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Top Review 26  
the "substitute"
1974 - Christmas party in the house of my boss at that time: a dream of a house in Berlin-Lichtenrade; inside much more impressive than one would expect from the outside.
A large, almost luxurious living area with open sliding doors and French windows to the terrace; the dining room with elegantly divided glass door to the spacious hallway, the table exquisite and extremely tastefully laid: the young woman I was then marveled for the first time in her life at this luxury paired with beauty!
Today I know: it was more appearance than being! But that doesn't matter in memories anyway.
I will still see this couple, glamorous by West Berlin standards, in its tasteful rooms.

And of course after the opulent dinner with several courses and a lot of alcohol we got our Christmas presents from the boss. As a clever man he had asked before about our wishes.
Knowing that his very special wife was employed in one of the perfumeries of the former boxer Bubi Scholz, I had put "Diorissimo" on my wish list. (I already reported at a suitable place.)
This noble lily of the valley of Christian Dior would have fit to me dainty doll and my age at that time just still so!
How big was my disappointment when I unpacked the dark blue-black cloudy cardboard from "Dioressence" "Diorissimo" didn't exist, so this "substitute" came to me. (Yes, I "can" also football!)

Today I know that I was simply too young for this ladylike and so magical scent: this "substitute" was more than a trace too powerful for me!
Of course I wore "Dioressence": I could show off so wonderfully with this noble something!
Who at my age had such a choice?
Only we were never happy together; "Dioressence" always remained the "second choice"!
Not without reason I discovered the enchanting "Blue Grass" for me a few months later.
(That I overloaded this delicate fragrance angel with "Musk-Oil" - fresh from the English market and still quite rare in Germany in this concentration - is another story. I was just then "on the hunt: "Halali!")

Years later a second chance of living together arose, which I naturally seized.
A friend left me her remaining bottle; it was still the unreformulated version.
(At that time one did not even know this word!)
This was the result of a conversation last night, after reading the wonderful commentary that Ttfortwo gave to the "Esprit de Parfum" of this fragrance goddess as a kind of declaration of love.

I already loved aldehydes at that time and in the impressive accompaniment of the Mediterranean seeming top note they could develop into great radiant beauty.
The walk through the flower- and aroma-rich summer garden of the heart note was a little more reserved. Hello, where are you all?
My fish blood did not warm enough to prepare the canvas for this enchanting and eternally feminine ensemble.
Even "Darling" Ylang-Ylang and the warm cinnamon note got stuck in their development.
The special attraction, which constitutes a chypreduft, came with "Dioressence" on my skin only limited to the Geltung.
The girlfriend remembered exactly yesterday; what was almost too much for her, walked with me not on main paths, but rather on side paths through this garden splendour.
Even though oakmoss and patchouli did their best and vanilla, with the addition of a strong dose of Styrax, was still strengthened, we did not become a couple.
Today "Dioressence" reminds me of a half-unpacked package: the wrapping paper was curiously removed, the lid was opened, but ...

A little disappointed I returned the bottle with the remaining scent to my girlfriend, which she had actually given me.
She sprayed a little and with her the full beauty of this refined fragrance developed immediately.
(I almost want to say: This woman who has become a scent grinned at me maliciously!)

We like to bring our memories into the form we like; but here nothing can be bent.
My living together with "Dioressence" was not as harmonious as it could have been both times.
Maybe there was just a hint of disappointment dominating? Deep down in there ...
The first time this lady was a substitute for what she wanted and I was much too young to adorn myself with her according to her demands; later our relationship remained - yes, let's say it clearly!: "hypothermic"!

That's how I and Dioressence feel, like the two royal children: "They couldn't come together..."
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Top Review 20  
Archetype of elegance
Unfortunately, I never got to enjoy the original, but in the meantime I've stopped looking for vintage anyway - because I've had too many bad experiences - and spending a lot of money on pale perfumes whose top notes have evaporated. And somehow I'm tired of this "oh no, it's just a shadow of its former self" talk too, even though I've participated in it often enough. For that reason, this comment refers to today's EdT version and the two versions that were marketed before (and that I could still buy myself without any problems). This perfume, because you just can't call this a fragrance, is the world's first thought of elegance for me. A rare combination of oriental and green chypre - a blend of opium and Jean Louis Scherrer, underpinned with a cinnamon note. Lush, spicy, green, and, as I said, of an infinite elegance. Grandiose
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Top Review 17  
My green morning
Have I grown for you? You masterpiece?
Liquid silk.
Pigeon netted earth.

May I dare? How will you meet me, receive me?

You greet me stormy, urgent. Slightly medical.
Lively aldehydes want to unfold. A classic waxy note melts with my skin.
Oak moss - green and full I perceive right at the beginning.
But soon the scent calms down. It becomes softer and in the cinnamon-fruity spice I recognize a resemblance to Mitsouko. Sometimes you're green-bright, sometimes earthy-deep or seductively full-bodied. Only Dioressence is so incredibly more. So friendly. A positive aura. Kindly. Tender.
The flowers are a single fabric. Silky flowing. I perceive a tender carnation, only one. The iris root, I suppose, gives Dioressence this incomparable powdery buttery.
Like a dark glow from warm depth, the scent radiates into the base.

The shelf life of 12+ hours is above average and by today's standards extraterrestrial.
The initially strong projection (aldehydes must fly *g*) retreats pleasantly. Despite the two small sprayers in the sample, the scent is clearly perceptible.


Sunrise, cold and clear. Dew sparkles on the meadows.
You're coming with me. My green morning.
Blink in the sun. Awakening singing.
You're laughing at me. My green morning.
Splashing murmur. Stone-edged path.
You're going with me. My green morning.


At this point, my extraordinary thanks go to SchatzSucher, to whom I owe the generous sample.
Dear Sven, Your good taste is getting creepy to me.
The comment refers to the Vintage EdT.

To all of you, a good, friendly, sunny morning and fragrant day.
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