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Unconventional, colorful, doll-like: the fragrances of American fashion designer Anna Sui perfectly match her expressive fashion creations.

Anna Sui was born in Detroit on August 4, 1963, and discovered her passion for fashion early on through fashion magazines. In New York, she attended Parsons The New School for Design. After graduation, she worked in fashion design for various sportswear manufacturers. Friends like models Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista eventually helped her to a meteoric rise: in 1991 she had her first fashion show. Anna Sui's fashion is influenced by various historical and cultural aspects. What is never missing is the girly touch.

Anna Sui's fragrance creations, just like her fashion, are marked by various cultural influences. Fruity notes in particular stand out, complemented by floral accents and warming elements in the base notes.

Profumum Roma
After the Second World War, Celestino and Luisa Durante, together with other young people, leave the small village of Sant'Elena Sannita, which has a long knife sharpening tradition, but at that time offers no future prospects for the young people, either in the sharpening trade or in agriculture. They go to Rome.

There the couple finds a new vocation in soap, cosmetics and perfume production - and plenty to do, also for the other young emigrants from Sant'Elena Sannita. With diligence and perseverance they work their way up from a poor starting position and become the most important perfume producers in Rome.

A young family tradition is born when their 4 children Guiseppe, Luciano, Maria and Felice follow in their parents' footsteps. But the 4 siblings are no longer happy in their profession in the early nineties: they find the specifications of their customers and the market-dominating companies too restrictive, are frustrated by the loss of quality and the ever-increasing soullessness of the increasingly synthetic products.

This crisis and rebellion led to the founding of the completely autonomous brand Profumum Roma (spelled "Profvmvm Roma" reminiscent of Roman antiquity) in 1996. From then on, the four specialize in high-quality perfumes with selected ingredients. Far from the mainstream and the big trends, they create idiosyncratic fragrances full of character for a small, quality-conscious audience. The success proves the siblings right: Profumum Roma is now a recognized brand for luxury perfume with many branches throughout Europe.
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