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The name "Coach" has a deep and rich history in the world of leather handbags ready to be discovered. The family business equips tasteful ladies and gentlemen with everything that makes for a stylish and fashionable appearance.

Coach was founded by a group of New York City artisans in 1941 and was originally called Manhattan Leather Bags. The brand's success story began in 1961 when Miles Cahn, the employee, took over the label and repositioned it with the help of his wife Lillian. Consequently, the number of stores and boutiques noticeably increased, the product offerings were greatly diversified, and other fashion companies were acquired.

Bonnie Cashin, a highly creative designer who was infatuated with the brand, was hired to turn Coach around in 1962 and incorporate new materials into the products.

True to its epithet "House of Leather", "Coach" is renowned for its leather bags, fashion collections, exclusive fragrances, jewelry, and other accessories for men and women. High-quality gift sets and travel items are also offered.

Coach's large fanbase results from the modern design, long durability, functionality, and the incorporation of high-quality leather and exceptional detailing in every collection.

The clientele of "Coach" believes in individuality and authenticity. For the label, this also includes sustainability and the conservation of resources.

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