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When a fragrance label like "Le Galion" has such deep roots, it can truly redefine the meaning of true luxury and elegance. The company's fragrances moved in the highest circles from the very beginning.

"Le Galion" traces its roots back to Prince Murat, who belonged to the family of the King of Naples and Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Murat founded the perfume house in 1930 and was quickly successful with fragrances such as "111", "Indian Summer" and "Chypre".

After five years, Prince Murat sold the entire label to Paul Vacher, one of the most notable perfumers of the time. At first, Vacher assisted other labels and created fragrances such as "Rumeur" and "Scandal". Then, in 1936, research was done for his own company, culminating in the classic "Sortilège." The Second World War interrupted the fragrance design, but "Le Galion" brought more new perfumes on the market from 1947, many of which have become a flagship.

In addition to classics such as "Special for Gentlemen" (1947), "Snob" (1952), or even "Whip" (1953), Vacher, who by now enjoyed a high reputation, was also active again for other labels which he could choose from. The creations "Miss Dior" from 1946 or "Diorling" (1963) are examples of this.

Thanks to Paul Vacher, the "Le Galion" brand succeeded in becoming one of the most famous fragrance houses in the world in just 30 years. In 1980, the label was sold to a U.S. consortium and slipped heavily into the red. In the meantime, "Le Galion" is back with all the fine, sensual and noble fragrances for which it is known and appreciated.
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