Fatale Pink 2014

Fatale Pink by Agent Provocateur
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7.4 / 10 59 Ratings
Fatale Pink is a perfume by Agent Provocateur for women and was released in 2014. The scent is floral-fresh. It is being marketed by Inter Parfums.
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Submitted by Michael, last update on 26.02.2023.
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Very helpful Review 11  
It smells like the Furies by name!
Hello and welcome to my new comment. Today it's about the fragrance "Fatale Pink", which sounds like a really brutal and bitchy woman just by its name... especially combined with the brand name "Agent Provocateur"... :D

So now I could write again for hours and hours how scratchy and nasty you ladies can be, brutal, heart-chomping, kicking in the balls... and... oh, I'm sure I'll think of a few thousand things later. It's surely more exhausting to live with such a scratching brush than with a furry animal, which is always trying to bite you (that bastard!)... at least I think so, but what do I know as someone who is not necessarily known for being surrounded by ladies too often :D

According to the description on some websites, Fatale Pink is a fragrance for the sensual woman. Yeah, my ass, mu ha ha ha, unless you confuse sensual with murderous :D Have you ever looked up the definition of "Fatal"? It says something about "...unpleasant and bad consequences,... perishable and fatal..." !!! Ahaa!! DD And since pink often symbolizes the feminine side,... all this applies to you perfumas, hey hey hey.

All right, enough of the name-calling. I'll come to the fragrance and try to sniff something sensual..
The smell:
The fragrance begins very briefly with a citric note, but this is too short to really determine it, because the scent then quickly becomes fruitier and sweeter. The fruity one comes from the pear and the sweetness could be the jimsonweed, because according to the descriptions its scent is supposed to be sweet, but I'm not sure here, because I don't even know what a jimsonweed is :D
There are more floral notes in the background and at the beginning they even seemed stuffy for a short time, but on the whole it remains fruity-sweet. A little later I can determine the sweetness a little bit better, or at least a part of it, because now I can smell the musk out, too.
Towards the end, however, the scent becomes a bit more unspectacular, as it loses much of its charisma. The beautiful, sexy sweetness is now much weaker, the fragrance is now generally more floral and slightly more acidic. That's a bit of a pity, because I find the base too boring, but then you could spray the fragrance again until then!

The Sillage and the durability:
The charisma is above average. So not bombastic and therefore room filling, but good enough to be well perceived for a while, maybe three to four hours. Everything is quite okay. The shelf life is about eight hours, but half of this time it has a rather faint smell.

The bottle! Although the bottle is rectangular, it has many polished or beveled edges and corners, making it look like a crystal or gemstone. The cap is actually chrome-plated and cylindrical, but is surrounded by a shell that also looks crystalline. There is no label and the fragrance liquid is pink, matching the name. A beautiful flacon, where only a matching bow seems to be missing.

Well, well... the scent actually starts out rather beguiling and sexy, so that you wouldn't even think of anything "fatal". But isn't it usually the case that you are seduced by a sexy lady before she kills you with a vase? The best thing of course is, if there is still a cactus or something in the vase (not that I want to give you stupid ideas... :D).

Yeah, that must be it. I really imagine you like this! A lady in a great dress with a long slit to show off a lot of sexy leg. And maybe with high-heeled shoes to show a lot of foot for the foot fetishists among the perfumers here (:DDD). In any case, very sexy to look at, and with a little bag, in which surprisingly enough the just mentioned cactus finds room... brrr... :D

But from the scent the fragrance looks sexy as said and despite the flowery charisma it is not really stuffy. However, this effect doesn't last too long, because after about two to three hours it gets more and more flowery and loses a lot of its sweetness, so that it seems to be quite trivial in the end. So it would be better to re-spray the fragrance occasionally, especially if you want to use it for going out. A test is nevertheless recommended because of the top note and the middle part. In my opinion, it can be used as an all-rounder at any time of the year.

And that's it. ...I've been bitching about women too much again? Maybe, but you deserved it, right? Um, I'd better get going for today, so I'll see you later. *Run* :DD
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