Dark Saphir 2013

Dark Saphir by Agonist
Bottle Design Åsa Jungnelius, Kosta Boda
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7.8 / 10 170 Ratings
Dark Saphir is a popular perfume by Agonist for women and men and was released in 2013. The scent is floral-spicy. The longevity is above-average. The production was apparently discontinued.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Black pepperBlack pepper CuminCumin GingerGinger PeachPeach RaspberryRaspberry Violet leafViolet leaf BergamotBergamot CorianderCoriander Holy basilHoly basil
Heart Notes Heart Notes
RoseRose CinnamonCinnamon GeraniumGeranium HeliotropeHeliotrope IrisIris JasmineJasmine OrchidOrchid CarnationCarnation CarrotCarrot
Base Notes Base Notes
NagarmothaNagarmotha OudOud CistusCistus Copaiba balsamCopaiba balsam FrankincenseFrankincense Gaiac woodGaiac wood PatchouliPatchouli Tonka beanTonka bean VanillaVanilla


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The Blue Rose
Actually sapphires are blue, actually sky blue to black dark blue. But also other colours can occur. If they are indeed red, then they are rubies.

And I think of rubies when I see red or sniff roses. So more or less in the figurative sense.

The rose undoubtedly dominates dark sapphire. But a lot happens around it, if you look at the inflated pyramid. Admittedly, you cannot identify everything, but you have the impression that you get to know a new facet of the "dark sapphire" with almost every breath you take.

Sometimes it seems to be more the raspberries, then more the patchouli, then more the spicy oriental components or more the floral-resinous notes. In the beginning the rose does not know whether it should show itself more from the sweetish or from the dark-tangy side, whereby it has found its rest in the middle and appears really mature and adult.

Around it, the heavy woody notes can be recognized as a framework, along with the classic soft oud as the base on which the rose rests.

It's no coincidence that I'm reminded of "Black Tie" by Washington Tremlett, a dark rose scent for men that once led the perfume top ten here a good 9 years ago. "Black Tie" no longer plays a role in the fragrance segment, but anyone who still knows it knows about its appeal.

Dark Sapphire is not a fragrance twin, but a welcome alternative for all those who are looking for something similar. Hold a noble perfume with rose as the core and dark matter around it, which is also wearable for men.
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a perpetual mystery
Deep dark blue evening sky: velvet was stretched in large tracks; sounds and whispers very quietly!
Sudden glow: the first stars shine and as so often, the others don't have to wait long either. Some of them have probably dressed up for their appearance again: they appear late.
Not everyone has found his place yet; they are scurrying over the velvety sky and every now and then a little excitedly runs around: is shooting star time again?
Or are it only the star children who let off steam before they take their place?

Although I wore diamonds for many years and am still fascinated by the glitter and flicker of their refined cut and appropriate lighting, my love from youth belongs to the sapphires.
Their deep blue, the unexpected rays from the depths; for me the mystery dwells in these stones.
So of course I had to scream "Here!" immediately when the possibility of bottling "Dark Sapphire" arose! (Many thanks at this point!)

After "Black Amber" this is the second fragrance I got to know from this brand and I was not disappointed!
"Dark Saphir"'s scent pyramid resembles one of Annette Neuffer's scents; the multitude of scents leaves me slightly overwhelmed at first.
Here was scooped from the full and not too much left out:
From spices, fruits, vegetables, herbs, blossoms and woods to incense, everything is gathered together.
Only minerals are missing: a few stones pleasing?
But the fragrant result shows: all ingredients seem to have found their place here; nothing is superfluous, nothing is missing.
A mystical whole forms on my skin that stays alive for hours and reminds me of a kaleidoscope of scents.

As with Annette's fragrances, it is impossible to describe the individual fragrance components here.
The top note with warming spices, ripe fruits - including the raspberries that I love so much - becomes a "warming" element with its lightly peppery basil and black pepper: the senses are immediately awake and receptive!
The variety of flowers with its exquisite mix can unfold immediately: the beautiful spicy carnation even brings a good dose of cinnamon - both flattering.
A classic bouquet of heliotrope (pioneering the later arrival of the vanilla goddess), iris, wonderful jasmine and noble fragrant roses is complemented by the somewhat sweet orchid.
Rosengeranium easily absorbs the initial carnation wort and closes a full-bodied fragrance circle.
And the carrot? Yes, I don't know: "Hattu Möhrchen, do you take Möhrchen!"?
But maybe it is this aroma that gives the fragrance its special character.
Balsamic, woody and spicy-smoky, the dark power of scent magic now rises, which will harmoniously enclose everything that has been so far.
But also here Patchouli lets its golden beacons shine again, before animalistic, but extremely pleasant erotic oscillations show up easily.
A toy for beginners in this fragrance world should therefore not be this idiosyncratic creature better.

"Dark Sapphire" sparkles mysteriously and sends mystical sounds into the deep darkness of an extraordinary fragrance creation.
Perhaps a chemist could decipher the secret of this agonist-smell creation: I don't even want to know!
In "Dark Sapphire" I meet a wonderful companion for occasions that don't have to be extraordinary to pay homage to this dark beauty.
It's not an "everyday scent," not an "evergreen."
"Dark Saphir" is a demanding creature, but it adapts very well and can therefore lend brilliance to an "ordinary" evening at home due to its mysterious inner glow.
A fragrance that corresponds excellently with a good glass of red wine: both can sparkle then around the bet!
À Votre Santé!
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HermeshHermesh 8 years ago
A rose-oud combination that appears complex as well. Subtle balsamic sweetness adds volume in a beautiful way.
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