Isis 2013

Isis by Agonist
Bottle Design Åsa Jungnelius, Kosta Boda
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7.7 / 10 149 Ratings
Isis is a popular perfume by Agonist for women and men and was released in 2013. The scent is sweet-gourmand. The production was apparently discontinued.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Green tangerineGreen tangerine Black pepperBlack pepper CistusCistus GingerGinger Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang
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CaramelCaramel HeliotropeHeliotrope PeachPeach AniseedAniseed NutmegNutmeg
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BenzoinBenzoin Vanilla absoluteVanilla absolute LabdanumLabdanum AmberAmber Lorenox™Lorenox™ MuskMusk


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cozy boozy unique
Bought it for the beautiful name and what the ancient Egyptian goddess means - back then did not know about the modern group mentioned often in the news.
This is just gorgeous! The overall impression is a multifaceted intense caramelized amber. It is so seem-less in the blending that you cannot pick out the individual notes. If I would have to compare it with something I would say is unique but in the same time I would say ok, it has something from Lira, something from Grand has something but still, I can not say I would replace it with something else since is so unique.
Excellent for special occasions and evenings out. Also great when you feel like you could use a good comforting lonely night scent. Longevity and sillage are stellar! This is worth every penny!

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Merry Christmas
Isis, yes, I bought it because of the name. SS is ISIS and these are my initials. It's not just the lords of creation who think they're goddesses, women also think they're goddesses more often and the number is growing, as evidenced by recent very successful mainstream names like xy-Goddess.
In any case, Isis has been in my wardrobe ever since and is waiting to be put on from time to time.

The fragrance only fits today.
The first Christmas Day after a difficult time full of changes, pressure and stress at work and full of attempts to bring peace and quiet to my surroundings.
Christmas Eve is a time to get together with the family and spend time together in harmony. An endurance test in social competence.
The goddess Isis also has a family, married to Osiris, who expects her to be with her at Christmas and to cooperate. Because God created humans in his image, which means we at least look like God. Whether we will become a real human being like God is only now being decided.
Even and especially as a future goddess, it is not always easy to keep the peace when everyone wants and expects something and then conflicts arise due to different wishes and expectations. So far, she has gladly "sacrificed" herself to strengthen family cohesion. She was the sister-in-law by marriage, the daughter-in-law of the beloved son, brother or brother-in-law who had just joined the family. It is always more difficult for the latest addition to be accepted by the family. Especially if it is God's family.
Perhaps as a goddess she is a little above things, but she is still right in the middle of things.
So Christmas Eve with the family, superficial harmony, everything goes as usual. This goes well until someone starts blaming one or more, ideally all, of the others and tries to shift the blame and direct the emotions, including negative ones, onto themselves. Volker Pispers once said: "If you know who the enemy is, the day has structure." The mood is gone and "mom" is completely dismayed, she has once again tried her hardest to please everyone and it hasn't worked out again, she says...
Another Christmas get-together over and everyone goes home. Everything as usual again? No, not this time. Something has shifted. Someone other than the usual black sheep of the family has made himself the scapegoat and given the usual scapegoat, Isis, a chance to be accepted into the family.

Today there is silence, regardless of the unrest in the world yesterday and last week. Time stands still for once.

A good day for Isis. Agonist, what was that again? Antagonist is opponent. Does agonist then mean player, player? Yes, I understand it that way.
Immediately after spraying it on today, Isis smelled like coffee. I didn't usually notice that and was surprised. The impression doesn't last long.
The fragrance is not easy to describe. A sweet-floral blend, somewhat heavy and slightly smoky and tart. Ylang-ylang is not dominant, but finely integrated, but adds a dark floral and interesting note to the fragrance. Even the vanilla notes are not just sweet, but spiced like marshmallows with cistus, nutmeg and pepper.
Isis is therefore also gourmand, but the rougher parts mean it doesn't necessarily smell edible.

So Isis does not necessarily smell very harmonious and clearly classifiable, although it is absolutely like Christmas with the family. Sweet and pleasing with a subliminal smolder. Not dominant, but still noticeable, perceptible and flickering again and again.
Ultimately, it doesn't matter what is played and pretended, the family loves each other, even if it is repressed, and in times of doubt, in tough crises, it also cooperates. Sometimes the right sacrifice by the person loved by everyone at the right time works wonders to break through old structures and initiate change for the black sheep.

There will be more next Christmas. That's how long I'll be wearing Isis with another pleasing, warm, vanilla base that will eventually fade after hours.


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HejaHeja 8 years ago
Somehow this reminds me of walking through a store full of scented a good way.


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