Arctic Jade 2011

Arctic Jade by Agonist
Bottle Design Åsa Jungnelius, Kosta Boda
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7.4 / 10 66 Ratings
Arctic Jade is a perfume by Agonist for women and men and was released in 2011. The scent is sweet-fruity. The production was apparently discontinued.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Brazilian orangeBrazilian orange CranberryCranberry White freesiaWhite freesia
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RaspberryRaspberry Comorian ylang-ylangComorian ylang-ylang Egyptian jasmine absoluteEgyptian jasmine absolute White cedarWhite cedar
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Bourbon vanillaBourbon vanilla Indonesian patchouliIndonesian patchouli AmbretteAmbrette Indian sandalwoodIndian sandalwood


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Submitted by FrieMo, last update on 06.05.2022.
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I'm sweating, the heat is killing me, but the cat wants to be cuddled on his stomach...!
Phew, the days are hot right now, damn hot!!! It's too hot for my taste, so I'm mutating into a real summer break. I was told that the only reason I didn't like summer was because I was a hopeless permanent single and not because of the heat. And that I would really LOVE the summer even if I had somebody, but well, if that should change (I'm sure nevereeeeeee... *sob*), then you'll surely find out how I'm going to feel about the summer, because I'll keep you up to date,... with comments or something. So you can be curious :D

The whole thing would of course go faster if I were one of those ripper guys for whom there's nothing better than summer and where you always get so jealous.
What do I do in summer instead? ... I lie on the warmed up stones in the garden and crawl the cat's belly, because he also lies there (on his back) and it really goes well :) Hm... and now I wish I was a hangover! D

But it's also really hot, no matter if single or not... hellish hot is hellish hot! I really wish I could have the winter back now and then!

So it's great when you fish out a scent from the rehearsal box that listens to the great name Arctic Jade. Oh, how I'd love to be in the Arctic with Jade, whoever she is!!! :DD
Or at another colder place where it snows and where you can meet cute snow lynx and such :D

The fragrance:
Hm, the fragrance doesn't start ice-cold or otherwise refreshing, but still very beautiful. It is sweetish and quite powdery with a "dash" of fruity notes. The sweetish one clearly comes most from the jasmine, the fruity notes are the berries, although I cannot distinguish between the different berries indicated here.
Otherwise, the fragrance is quite flowery and instead of giving any cooling or refreshing effect, the fragrance becomes even heavier and more sultry, as the flowery notes soon turn out to be ylang-ylang, which always seem heavy and sultry to me, even stuffy.
Fortunately, this doesn't take too long, and the Ylang-Ylang gets softer again. Because now two fragrances dominate: Jasmine and especially vanilla. And now I also know that the powdery notes came from the vanilla, even if you couldn't smell the vanilla right at the beginning. Later, some cedar wood is added as a base, as it were, as well as a dash of amber, whereby the amber soon disappears again because of the vanilla, since this becomes very intense in the base. Even the jasmine is soon "swallowed" by the vanilla and can therefore hardly be smelled. But it doesn't matter, because the fragrance smells so great.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The charisma is initially quite good, but weakens a little over time. In general, however, it remains at a good level and can therefore be smelled well on one for some time, as you already pull a small scent flag behind you with it.
The shelf life is more than twelve hours, which is hardly surprising for fragrances with vanilla in the base.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular, thin and high. On the front, there is a large label covering almost the entire front with the name of the fragrance and the fragrances contained here, which was written in block letters and therefore looks interesting. Nevertheless, the bottle is quite simple.

Hm, the fragrance is called fresh here, but I don't really agree with that. Okay, in spite of vanilla and ylang-ylang the fragrance isn't that heavy, even though it's quite sweet, but still it's not fresh. The powdery notes are also quite intense here, which is a great and pleasant feeling, but that doesn't make the fragrance any looser.
I would say that the fragrance can be worn on warm days, but only in low doses. On colder days it also serves its purpose, so this fragrance is an all-rounder for me.

By the way, for me it is especially suitable for the evening or for going out, because it also comes across great because of its good Sillage and the great, sweetly powdery scents. Although it says here that the fragrance is unisex, in my opinion it is clearly feminine.

Well, the scent couldn't cool me down, so I still have to endure the heat here. No wonder I keep catching myself typing search terms like "the coldest places or cities in the world" into Google. Alaska would be great. Siberia, too. In Oimjakon there should be an average annual temperature of -50 degrees! I think that's where I belong right now! On the other hand... another ice cream from the fridge will do, too! D

Well, let's see what the weather will be like next week... hmm... aha... hmm... *sigh* It's going to be a few days over 30 degrees... aaaaargh...! So, so quickly look for flight tickets to Oimjakon, mu ha ha ha ha :DDD

Oh yes, the scent here is recommended. Since it smells of vanilla and woods in the end, I wouldn't necessarily try it now in the heat! Unless you're insane! :D
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Icy classicism
Possibly the nicest Agonist I’ve ever tested so far, a line which always left me completely indifferent. The blend here has a really classic French vibe, but with a sharp contemporary look. More specifically, as the name goes, the modernity here lies in a palpable and quite distinctive “icy” grey feel, I think due to aldehydes and something reminding my of olibanum and synthetic incense, together wrapping a warm floral-resinous vanillic blend like in a frosted cube. Floral and ambery-vanillic in a really classic meaning, as I said: think of a brighter and lighter “guerlinade”, with also a hint of camphorous-animalic notes. The fruity notes are treated in a rather “mature” way, so don’t expect any juvenile gourmand stuff: they provide instead a subtle, crisp and realistic sweet-green feel without overloading the composition with “boosted” synthetic sweetness. Sandalwood’s there too, and smells quite good in my opinion: juicy, realistically woody, contributing to build that classic feel (Santal Noble and vintage Egoiste come to mind, Santal Noble especially). All gently leading to a great silky amber-sandalwood floral drydown. The only thing I personally dislike is a slight yet annoyingly perceivable and cheap soapy-metallic feel which I don’t know how to identify, but kind of ruins a bit the mellow, fascinating complexity of Arctic Jade. Apart from this and a rather unsatisfactory persistence though, I find this scent compelling and charming, easy to wear yet really interesting in my opinion. An aloof yet sophisticated take on classic themes.

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