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Hope by Agonist
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Hope is a popular perfume by Agonist for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is woody-smoky. The production was apparently discontinued.
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JuniperJuniper Orange zestOrange zest Pink pepperPink pepper
Heart Notes Heart Notes
FrankincenseFrankincense CypressCypress CedarwoodCedarwood Black pepperBlack pepper ThymeThyme
Base Notes Base Notes
AmberAmber CypriolCypriol Candied orangeCandied orange VetiverVetiver
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7.033 Ratings
7.839 Ratings
Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 25.06.2021.
Interesting Facts
The scent is the result of a collaboration with Swedish fashion brand Hope.


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"Blondling" with orange
The scents of this brand known to me so far were all deep dark, earthy and incense heavy.
I like yes these almost mysterious fragrance developments, when amber and incense smoke so right and unleash their dark power!

Therefore, I am yet very surprised how bright and blond the incense scent of "Hope" comes along; I liked that already with Linari's "Fuoco Infernale".
"Blond" incense has a certain lightness; seems more floaty than its dark kin.
Now in "Hope" this light, but therefore no less smoky incense meets orange aromas:
through their peel it even seems slightly tangy in the first moment.
Pink pepper offers together with needles and wood of the juniper for this a spicy base:
not quite so suitable for too delicately strung!
The prelude is already quite strong; it seems as if the agonist-scented devil already has his hand in the game here.
It seems as if this would truly be a great incense!
From his various scent bags, this diabolical scent magician now conjures up aromatic black pepper and herbaceous thyme: this is also where he keeps the generous portion of light incense.
All these ingredients go into a large bowl of fragrant cedar chips; the cypresses were brought by our Scent Devil from Tuscany! (There, their absence is least noticeable!)
The fire is lit; the incense begins to smoke, thus embracing the aromatics so far: no nuance of scent, not the smallest detail comes up short; they are all embraced by the warm smoke!
Already inspiring energy spreads; this fragrance melange begins to vibrate quietly.
Woody and smoky it also continues:
Cypriol, also called Nagarmotho, is used in Indian medicine to promote virility (and not only older men are said to rave about it).
It also works here quite the senses stimulating: everything seems in motion!
Vetiver also provides "Hope" for a certain earthiness, before the magic of the smoke in light spirals towards its climax.
Amber also sets its golden lights here and poof! still landed a portion of candied orange on this spicy-smoky blend.
This creates an amazing fragrance composition, embedded in oranges!

Unlike the mysterious-dark fragrance creatures of this brand, "Hope" remains bright and clear.
Perhaps that's part of its Nordic heritage; which would be no surprise given this fragrance collaboration.
And yet the durability is surprising: for several hours "Hope" accompanies me with its magical smoke; slowly becoming lighter and leaving only a subtle hint of oranges at the end.

The variety of incense pregnant fragrances has fascinated me for several years: so also here!
"Hope" in the form of a light fragrance spirit?
Why not? Hope has after all so many faces!
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JssfranchJssfranch 7 years ago
This is really nice. It smells like burnt wood.
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