Mokhalat Al-Rehab Perfume Oil

Mokhalat Al-Rehab (Perfume Oil) by Al Rehab
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Mokhalat Al-Rehab (Perfume Oil) is a perfume by Al Rehab for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is woody-resinous. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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A strong Oriental for the courageous
I came to this smell like the virgin to the grinding machine - or something similar. :)

I am a real fan of oriental fragrances, oriental cuisine and the Orient itself. During my visits there I noticed again and again the scent on top, which for my Central European nose are quite unusual. Buying perfume in the medina is therefore more difficult because you are virtually beaten to death. (Which doesn't mean that I didn't take perfume stones with me too, for me the epitome of oriental scent.)

At some point I was looking for a new fragrance, and this was a blind purchase. On the buying side at the big river it was said as follows:

"Mokhalat al-rehab al-rehab is a serious, hauntingly-full scent of Indian eagle wood with floral notes, eagle wood (oud) and amber."

My fingers were tingling, and about eight euros for a 35ml bottle is not money.
The bottle is unadorned and not very decorative, which is probably due to the low price.
I ordered it with two other fragrances and was strangely shocked when I smelled the perfume the first time.

He smelled like a perfume my mother owned in my childhood. It was in the junk drawer in the kitchen, yellow and in a plain, unmarked round bottle. The whole drawer smelled exactly like this scent, and I loved and loathed it at the same time.
Loved, because it was the only perfume I was allowed to use unrestrained as a child. And hated, because the smell is peculiar, severe, almost biting.

Since I already own YR's voile d'ambre and like the amber here, I was sure I loved this smell as well. What a naive view!

When sprayed for the first time, the fragrance has something medical about it, not directly alcoholic. And then comes directly a musty heaviness, which forces me to smell it again and again and to make a face. Is it this so-called oud that the previous commentary talks about? Still, I smell something floral. Is there an iris hiding here? Or jasmine? My nose is not yet trained, and something soapy also breaks through after a good half hour. It is not a luxury soap, but these soap pieces, which were fastened in the school toilet with a magnet, thus perhaps the remainders of the cheapest GDR soap, which were probably still used up to my school time after the reunification.
Then this smell has something single for me, like the old handbags of my mother, which lay long in the box, but only slightly. However, it always remains a touch sweet without being gourmandig. Is praline included? I imagined it once.

Over time, the fragrance becomes lighter, less dominant, almost powdery. But a lot of things get powdery with me and I love it! Nevertheless, I would not advise to dose it strongly - it already pops with a spray!

This fragrance composition awakens so many memories in me that I have almost forgotten - it is incredible. I also think of the streets of Marrakech, my favourite city of the Orient so far. Not everything smells good there, but strange and different, tempting and threatening. And that's how this perfume smells.

When I ordered it more than a year ago, I hid it disgusted in my storeroom. Whenever I got new cosmetics from the bunker or washed my laundry, I tested the scent again. And I still had a pleasant horror. Sometimes I had to wash it off after half an hour because I got a headache from him.

But my relationship with him changes, my perception of smell changes. Maybe we'll even become close friends at some point, curiosity and distance still balance each other out. It doesn't smell as repulsive as it did weeks ago, but I've noticed in the last few weeks that my olfactory perceptions have changed anyway
Today I wear the fragrance for the first time without the urgent need for a bath. The shelf life is enormous - and so is the Sillage. Therefore again the request - dose sparingly!

But how Parfumo comes up with the idea that this perfume is exclusively for men does not open up to me. I can call him unisex, but he's not purely manly. I feel feminine and strong with this fragrance, but if I want to wear it outside... I'm not brave enough yet. Yesterday I wore a fragrance of the same manufacturer for the first time on a girls' evening in town and felt great. Maybe that'll work out too!

Per today I can say: an interesting fragrance. Not one that goes with a young girl. Maybe when I'm older, it'll fit even better. He smells like a strong, opulent woman to me. Not necessarily thick, but with strong curves, dark eyes and elaborate clothing. Maybe even fur? Then he will never suit me... But with the rest I could serve.

I'll be waiting. Perhaps he will become my faithful companion, perhaps he will remain a fleeting acquaintance. We get to know each other and then decide..
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