Arabesque by Alkemia
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Arabesque is a popular perfume by Alkemia for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is woody-oriental. It is still in production.
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BenzoinBenzoin CassiaCassia Arabian sandalwoodArabian sandalwood Mysore sandalwoodMysore sandalwood KyphiKyphi SpikenardSpikenard Orris rootOrris root
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Arabesque alchemical Kyphi
Excrement from lions, crocodiles and swallows? Plutarch sat shaking his head in his small scriptorium in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, desperately trying to remember the numerous ingredients of kyphi. By Zeus, perhaps he should start taking notes after all, he really wasn't getting any younger. Four parts incense, or was it three? Two parts each of benzoin, mastic and myrrh, one part galangal or ginger, one part cedar? Or was it sandalwood? Plutarch rubbed the sweat from his forehead into his eyes and everything around him smudged and blurred. He rowed helplessly in the streaks and veils, cried feverishly, flailing for his wife Timoxena, devastated violas of oils and shells of woods and resins which he had lined up in front of him on the desk to prepare the incense. Confused and desperate, his face finally sank into the hazy vapours of the scents.
There was first this dark mass, sandalwood creamy and sweet medicinal, the woods of warm and noble origin, benzoin procured like resinous honey, in which a cinnamon oil began to draw, still indistinctly cocoa liquor.
Fascinated by the forms of herbsweet heaviness, the textures of opaque density, Plutarch revelled between inner contemplation and ancient Egyptian history, while the harsh nuances of the nard slowly permeated the black shimmering cream with earth and balsamic incense, mastic and myrrh meander in the house of Apollo. Then the mist painted ornaments of cinnamon oil and smoky chocolate, tart honey and earthy nard, red resinous sandal cream, black benzoin, for six seven hours in the temple of Delphi, Arabesque alchemical Kyphi.

(With thanks to Gschpusi)
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