Tabac Santal
For Him

Tabac Santal / For Him by Annette Neuffer
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Tabac Santal is a popular perfume by Annette Neuffer for men and was released in 2014. The scent is spicy-woody. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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BergamotBergamot Bitter orangeBitter orange CardamomCardamom GingerGinger LimeLime NutmegNutmeg RumRum Juniper berryJuniper berry
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LavenderLavender Elemi resinElemi resin TobaccoTobacco IrisIris FrankincenseFrankincense RoseRose
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LabdanumLabdanum SandalwoodSandalwood Atlas cedarAtlas cedar OakmossOakmoss PatchouliPatchouli VetiverVetiver Virginia cedarVirginia cedar


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The Hubble tobacco crate paradox
This older wooden tobacco box is like the Hubble Space Telescope: the deeper you go into its matter, the further back in time you go. The deeper you go into its matter, the further backwards you go in time. If you get closer and closer to the beginning of matter and thus to the darkness of space with Hubble, it is quite similar with this box, since you probably experience the reversal of its genesis through its scent. Sounds educated. I can't remember where I got the box now, it's a secret. I turn it back and forth, I open it and smell First a fruity orange rises, about three times as big as the moon, it brushes juniper and bergamot on the horizon, it pushes through the sweet-resinous noctilucent clouds, it really lavenderises like warm soft furniture polish after only a few minutes. Never has all this ever lived in this wooden box. I'm confused.
Later, light tobacco grows elemically sweetly scented under the furniture polish, quietly incense-smoking in the depth of the room. This makes sense now, with the tobacco in the tobacco box. I wait for the sandalwood. Instead chypriot labdanum, sweet as honey, probably the listed beeswax. I'm going to reverse genetically associate a space where life is to be created, like in Mayan Bee Episode One. But then something must really come up with the creation of the sandalwood (from offstage you can hear "So sprach Zarathustra" while the box rotates in slow motion through the room). And there it is, paradoxically not dark like the beginning of time, but light, herbaceous and fresh, the moist green earth is perceptible, from which the trees will probably grow sometime, iridescent with the warm tobacco sweetness, for many hours in every season.
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male with female touch
In the meantime I have dispelled the concerns to comment on a fragrance classified as purely male.
Surprisingly, I was even encouraged to continue to do so. Of course I'm very happy about that.
But the hurdle to a fragrance composition by Annette Neuffer is still quite high.
But today I am reckless and risk falling on my nose; so I jump!

Right at the beginning: "Tabac Santal" is anything but masculine; it also appeals to women with its creamy, shimmering spice.
Can probably thought of that when he sent me this sample a few months ago. My now very good fragrance friend knows exactly what I like and what might be interesting for me.

The beginning is fruity and spicy: citrus fruits with ordinary spices from my kitchen - how refined is this thought?
To combine the strong-fruity juniper berry with the slightly eroticizing nutmeg is worth a little fragrance adventure!
But how tame is this opening in comparison to what now follows!
Virginia tobacco: as often noticed - spicy and a little tempting; maybe one, just one! Cigarette not such a big mistake?
Tobacco and lavender - unusual! Lavender-scented cigarettes? Oh, no! Or worth a try?
The large bouquet of roses and iris, together with the tenderness and sweetness of orange blossoms - all this goes very well with the still fruity spice; here it comes to the first contact with the femininity of this fragrance.
Smoky aroma of elemi resin and incense "mists" the senses very pleasant; it is a slightly protective smoke.
So far this melange is very, very interesting and also a bit brave!
The base note makes me dream already while reading: two spicy cedar species and then sandalwood! These three together would already provide for a great fragrance finale.
But vetiver and oakmoss add a certain down-to-earthness through their earthy notes; the durability of this fragrance creation is probably considerably extended.
Tabac Santal" is really not a lightweight!
Sensual golden patchouli adds welcome light reflections, Labdanum adds another resinous, spicy austerity, harmonizing well with the vetiver-oak moss mixture.
I especially like the addition of beeswax: it makes this fragrance so smooth and makes it shine!

"Tabac Santal" is worth more than a try. It may well be that a certain addictive factor arises: this unusual mixture of tart and spicy aromas delights me in a very special way.
Annette Neuffer has again created a very multi-layered fragrance here; he is able to fascinate men and women at the same time.
It is worth following this call - "Tabac Santal" has not disappointed me so far.
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