Chocolat Irisé 2012

Chocolat Irisé by Annette Neuffer
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7.9 / 10 117 Ratings
A popular perfume by Annette Neuffer for women, released in 2012. The scent is gourmand-sweet. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Top Notes Top Notes
BergamotBergamot Blackcurrant budBlackcurrant bud Indian clementineIndian clementine Murcott tangerineMurcott tangerine
Heart Notes Heart Notes
Egyptian jasmineEgyptian jasmine Egyptian orange blossomEgyptian orange blossom Orris root CO2Orris root CO2 Persian rose ottoPersian rose otto
Base Notes Base Notes
Cocoa absoluteCocoa absolute Bourbon vanillaBourbon vanilla Mysore sandalwoodMysore sandalwood PatchouliPatchouli


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62 Reviews
Original combo
For me the name describes very well what it smells like.
It is an original combination, or at least I do not know of another similar one.
I would not mention the citrus part as predominant but as a reinforcement to make it more interesting and subtract from the gourmand style.
It is very nice and suitable for dressing elegantly, but unfortunately its projection and silage is non-existent.
On skin it has a very moderate lasting, in my case it hasn't passed 4-5 hours and you have to stick your nose to be able to smell it.

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Very helpful Review 10  
Honey gingerbread and orange blossoms
The second Neuffer fragrance I test - yay!
All in all, the scent was very, very chocolaty for me in a spicy way with delicate orange blossoms, which I only noticed from time to time
My first impression is bergamot chocolate that a friend of mine brought us from Belgium. Then I slowly smell tender blossoms, orange blossoms, tender honey and some rose. The cocoa, however, is so dominant with me that it almost completely covers the flowers. I actually only smell everything through a cocoa/chocolate veil. It is like standing in the nursery near the flowering citrus trees and eating a gingerbread with chocolate icing.

I wore the perfume all day and I forgot I wore it at some point. But I always noticed this extremely tasty chocolaty spice smell, which occasionally blew up to me. At some point the connection dawned on me. The wearing comfort was therefore mega pleasant for me. I didn't smell the perfume all the time, just once in a while and then I was happy. A bit like a good scented candle.

The Sillage is megakrass at the beginning, shrinks however after a quarter of an hour to an appropriate strength. After that, she just stays like that all day. This long shelf life with moderate Sillage is an extreme strength of the fragrance. Even as a wearer I can smell the fragrance from time to time, which is the most important aspect of wearing perfume for me. But more than a spray would be too intensive for me.

The scent for me is chocolate with some orange blossoms and spices and it smells very, very tasty, like a dessert. For me it is very similar to Flor de Café, only without the orange liqueur and without the tobacco. The scent would be a little too chocolaty for me and I would be afraid to get on people's nerves with it. Otherwise, however, it is a really beautiful fragrance, which you can wear discreetly dosed also well in everyday life.
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Very helpful Review 16  
Chocolate cake with a difference: from the atomizer!
Ms. Neuffer's fragrances always instill me with proper respect.
How she creates a homogeneous, extremely tasty whole from the multitude of fragrances is simply impressive.
"Chocolat Irisé" actually came to me by accident; it smuggled itself into a package and simply left "Narcissus Orientalis".
So this fragrance is already distinguished by elbows before getting to know it more closely.
He loves to be in the foreground and produce himself accordingly: Shyness is not his thing!

The next impression when reading the fragrance pyramid: "Hello! From these delicious ingredients could easily conjure up the variety of a Sacher cake!"
Bergamot, honey tangerine - softer in aroma than the sisters - and lemon citron could wonderfully provide the filling in their fruity melange.
Yes, that sounds quite good already!
Dark, rich, but also slightly bitter cocoa announces itself to me pretty quickly. He does not wait until everything has sorted itself fine; he is simply there. He does not care about a ranking.
The fruity citrus jelly already fits in well.
Perfumed is this first stage of the fragrance by the flowers of noble beauties that are found around the Mediterranean: according to the pyramid, Egypt provides the large-flowered, heavy-scented jasmine (sometimes a little bit bitter in the finish), Persia the nobility of the rose queen and the delicate but no less fragrant orange blossom is found by Ms. Neuffer in Tunisia.
Orange blossoms not only perfume Tunisia; they know no boundaries drawn by humans; they migrate through the entire North African region opposite Spain.
(Christine Kaufmann's book "The Sky over Tangier- The Sensual Secrets of Women in Morocco" brings this scent so abundantly clear.
Not only me, every woman who read this book so far is fascinated and touched by the breath of these fine aromatic flowers felt during reading. It's like the book smells!
So here the orange blossom also stands for oriental sensuality; it holds the gift to enchant, to tell stories.
After this experience, Ms. Kaufmann asked Hamburg-based Gisela Vecker to create her first natural fragrance "Claire" for her. In "Claire" lives the orange blossom most beautifully.
But that only on the sidelines.)

But perhaps "Chocolat Irisé" receives its very special charm precisely through this delicate flower creature.

Only the iris root seems to have joined this Middle Eastern trio from somewhere.
It is completely the same, where this comes from: it must not be missing in the previous fragrance composition in any case.
Thus, the cocoa mass is very well accompanied; however, a nice dose of bourbon vanilla now imposes itself rounding.
Creamy, erotic-warm and creamy-white, it refines the chocolate-blossom fragrance painting, which loses some of its sweetish heaviness through the initial note of freshness.
The three most precious additions musk, sandalwood and again brightly shining patchouli, give this exquisite whole the final sensual touch.

Even as a chocolate cake "Chocolat Irisé" would give much pleasure; as a fragrance for special hours it is just as welcome.
No, actually more welcome - it lacks calories; that makes it more likeable!
Fruity-floral-chocolatey and oriental-seductive: all that is "Chocolat Irisé"!

This fragrance by Annette Neuffer is also a pleasant companion for a few hours; however, the course of the fragrance develops quite differently.
With me, the cocoa aroma appears quite soon; with other women, it appears only when the fragrant flowers fully bloomed and thus the intended time for the chocolate side of this fragrance has come.
Thus, the impressions left by "Chocolat Irisé" change from woman to woman!
It is certainly not boring with this piece of fine fragrance art.

Even I, where I do not like many Gourmandise fragrances so much, like "Chocolat Irisé".
But I'm sure if the sample goes on the wanderings, it will find a real lover!
So it will certainly end up in this folder of the collection.


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