Avicenna White Rose & Oud 2016

Avicenna White Rose & Oud by Annette Neuffer
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8.3 / 10 83 Ratings
Avicenna White Rose & Oud is a popular perfume by Annette Neuffer for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is floral-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is still available to purchase.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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BergamotBergamot GingerGinger PetitgrainPetitgrain Black pepperBlack pepper CinnamonCinnamon CardamomCardamom Murcott tangerineMurcott tangerine SaffronSaffron
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Bulgarian Rosa albaBulgarian Rosa alba Elemi resinElemi resin BroomBroom Egyptian jasmineEgyptian jasmine FrankincenseFrankincense Moroccan roseMoroccan rose Morrocan orange blossomMorrocan orange blossom Persian rosePersian rose TuberoseTuberose Tunisian orange blossomTunisian orange blossom Turkish roseTurkish rose
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BeeswaxBeeswax Bourbon vanillaBourbon vanilla Indian sandalwoodIndian sandalwood LabdanumLabdanum Assam oudAssam oud Benzoin SiamBenzoin Siam OpoponaxOpoponax Vietnamese oudVietnamese oud


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between Orient and Occident
Already the classification "Avicenna" shows where this fragrance journey goes.
Ibn Sina or Avicenna connected Orient and Occident. Far ahead of his time and the then still medieval West of knowledge, he set milestones in medicine.
Everyone who has read Noah Gordon's "The Medicus" knows this sage, this healer.
The Middle Ages called him a magician/alchemist and sorcerer; modernity would call him a "universal scientist".

In "Avicenna White Rose & Oud", Annette Neuffer has also combined the scented beauties of the eastern and western world around the Mediterranean into one great symphony: a kind of scented "West-Eastern Divan" was created.
I think the Privy Councillor would smile if he could read this. He would have been open-minded enough and always interested in the secrets of nature.
Maybe he would even try to analyze a scent sample in his own way.
What would the result of this analysis look like?
Who would he prefer: the science or the poetry?

Even for me, a petite blonde with little body heat, the top note develops fantastically: saffron and black pepper, which doesn't bite me in the nose. I like that alone!
In addition, fine, body and sensory warming spices are mixed - such as cinnamon and ginger - before a round dance of citrus aromas spreads southern flair.
A rose-arrangement with the noblest and most beautiful thing these flower-king children have to offer not only opens the heart note of this fragrance: the heart, at least my feminine one, becomes wide and is ready for devotion to this fragrance being.
I am particularly pleased that the sunlit gardens of the Mediterranean Sea with mimosa and broom contribute two yellow flowers which, after the Bach Flower Therapy, are supposed to help against sadness and make the soul smile.
I already like these aromas as solitaire fragrances; Frau Neuffer artfully integrates them into the previous creation and so they simultaneously form a transition to the fragrant jasmine and the tender, fine orange blossom.
So far skin and senses are touched lovingly and yet extremely intensively, stroked.
What follows now is disturbingly sensual and full of warming, embracing eroticism.
A selection of the most precious resins meets vanilla and beeswax: the sometimes somewhat bulky resinous spice is tamed a little by the softness of the two sweetish creamy companions of the goddess Aphrodite.
"White Rose & Oud" is felt to be thicker, darker - the summery Mediterranean magic remains: a little animal wakes up in its hiding place and lolls quietly.
The gate to infinite scent secrets is now being opened: do we really want to know what in what dose leads to this magic?

Even if the pyramid conscientiously lists all fragrances, I prefer to be surprised and be tempted by these fragrant clouds!
A fragrance composition created with so much skill and heart warmth does not have to be broken up.
It is enough to enjoy the use of each instrument / each fragrance with open senses; to indulge in the flowing magic of the whole work.
At the latest the big, scented finale makes all questions about "where from and where to" a minor matter.
"Avicenna White Rose & Oud" promises a journey into the infinity of the world of fragrance, of well-being and it awakens in me gratitude: gratitude to be able to enjoy this beauty with open senses.

It is well known that beauty can sometimes hurt, believes Erich Kästner.
"Avicenna White Rose & Oud" is beautiful, but this beauty gives deep sensual joy.
Probably the old magician, who gives his name, and Annette Neuffer have exactly that in mind.
This goal was reached with me - only the deserved laurel wreath is unfortunately not at hand!
It wouldn't smell right anyway.
So I hand over only its big red bow with a deep bow!
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