Blue In Green 2021

Blue In Green by Annette Neuffer
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Blue In Green is a popular perfume by Annette Neuffer for men and was released in 2021. The scent is fresh-citrusy. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production. Pronunciation
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Bergamot petitgrainBergamot petitgrain Bergamot zestBergamot zest Bitter orangeBitter orange Clary sageClary sage RosemaryRosemary LimeLime Mandarin orangeMandarin orange Sichuan pepperSichuan pepper
Heart Notes Heart Notes
Orange blossomOrange blossom Bulgarian rose ottoBulgarian rose otto White lotusWhite lotus Florentine irisFlorentine iris OsmanthusOsmanthus
Base Notes Base Notes
Ambrette seedAmbrette seed Haitian vetiverHaitian vetiver Gaiac woodGaiac wood Mysore sandalwoodMysore sandalwood Tonka beanTonka bean VetiverVetiver


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Summer comes blazing in the grasses
Summer comes blazing.
Do you see the British gentlemen strolling through Hyde Park in breezy light julienne blowing white and shining bright as the sun? They wear mists of hesperides, pungent sage and tart limes, of bitter oranges and the pores of the peels of cool bergamots. Sometimes they rub rosemary overhead like confetti. Do you dream yourself into their dewdrops?
In the grass, face to the sky.
You see yourself lying in tall stalks, still damp from last spring's rain, the fresh dew meandering down the stems to the wet roots. You feel wet earth pull into your clothes, smell glue residue and turpentine, see shimmering puddles of gasoline and smoke smoldering over the meadow. You haven't taken off your overalls yet, contemplating a garage in your mind, at a gas station in Haiti. Somewhere a tiny ember glows, where a fiber of leather blooms and sprays veils of caramel pollen so fine you can't see it.
Annette Neuffer from Freising in Munich uses only natural raw materials for her predominantly complex creations.
"Blue in Green" wanders from a tangy-fresh mesh of hesperides and herbs into smoky-earthy, pungent Haitian vetiver, which is at the center of the fragrance and whose fine turpentine and benzine notes combine delightfully with the glue associations of Mysore sandalwood. The woodier base of the sandal, a touch of tonka and sweet ambrette seeds expertly cushion this impression. The slightly leathery-animalic osmanthus for me, as well as the 'glow' of the guaiac wood provide further little edges. Summer blazes moderately and for a good seven hours into the Haitian grasses.

(With thanks to Inhaleexhale)
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