Collection Grands Crus - Croisière: Bora-Bora 2019

Collection Grands Crus - Croisière: Bora-Bora by Berdoues
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Collection Grands Crus - Croisière: Bora-Bora is a limited perfume by Berdoues for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is floral-sweet. It was last marketed by Groupe Berdoues. Limited Edition
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Tunisian orange blossomTunisian orange blossom Paraguayan petigrainParaguayan petigrain Indonesian coconut


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Land under with Ylang-Ylang
Hello all you sniffing animals (should I actually call you animals? On the other hand, if I call you cats, I'm sure you won't mind, so why not snoop animals? :D)!
Anyway, welcome to my commentary on Bora-Bora by Berdoues, a brand I often refer to as "The Elephant Brand" myself, but I mean this affectionately because I like their bottle for "Assam of India" so much, where you see all these colorful elephants on it :)

Today, as I said, it's about the fragrance Bora-Bora, which makes me think briefly of the war movie Tora Tora Tora, but of course the fragrance has nothing to do with war, although the film is also set in the Pacific. Bora-Bora is a French island (or rather atoll) and is a popular holiday destination, where people mainly go on excursions with a glass-bottom boat, because the underwater life there is supposed to be beautiful. In general, the place is very interesting for divers with its so-called ray street, where you can see numerous rays of various kinds.

Of course, you can also see sharks there and probably encounter them directly... maybe you shouldn't necessarily have watched Steven Spielberg's "Jaws" recently if you're planning a vacation there! (Man am I old, younger people probably won't even know the movie "Jaws"... well, then just replace that movie with the Sharknado series, which are incredibly bad, but offer numerous hot bikini babes, which is the only reason I've ever seen one or the other movie of it in passing, or at least seen the bikini scenes... he he :DD).

The scent:
The scent starts with orange blossoms and the peels of citrus fruits, especially oranges. The orange blossoms are quite heavy here and also come to me a little flowery, almost even a little like ylang-ylang, so also slightly sultry. Probably this is due to the combination with coconut, which makes the fragrance seem heavier and now and then even slightly stuffy.
So... only a little later I find that it smells here clearly like ylang-ylang or similar sultry flowers. The fragrance is thus quite heavy and for me so not at all fresh, but much more autumnal. Coconut I smell now no longer at all, neroli only something in the background.
Still a little later I smell actually only ylang-ylang. And again later still Ylang, phew... ... and that does not change now at all. Somehow I smell here really only ylang or sultry flowers. I find that very sad, because I do not like the fragrance thus at all and I had also expected from the presentation of the flacon from a fresh summer fragrance...

The sillage and the durability:
The intensity is quite okay, since he comes across as said a heavier, so he also radiates accordingly and is good to smell on you for a while. The durability is pretty good, he holds out over eight hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular, but has rounded edges. As with most Berdoues bottles, this one has a painted (or printed) inner wall, which looks very nice. Here you can see a hut standing on stilts by the sea on the atoll, just on Bora-Bora. It all looks very chic.

Phew, nah... no no, THIS is not how I imagine a fragrance to remind me of fresh and exotic summer scents from the exterior and the stated scent notes. Well, the sultry florals are certainly exotic and reminiscent of hot and sultry rainforests :D
But for me, this scent with the ylang-ylang (or whatever it is) is quite a heavy, quite suffocating scent that could be deadly in summer, which is why I would definitely put this scent in autumn and winter. To that end, it's very feminine and not unisex.

Of course, the fragrance could all who like such fragrances, yes like, but I just do not like it and I found it just also disappointing, because I had really expected something else. Well... it's usable... well, I don't know, maybe if you have a dinner date or something? It comes across as an evening scent, but it's not a going out scent for me, it's more of a... deterrent, he he.

Other than that, yaaa, sorry for my gaffes mentioning hot bikini babes again, but if I do get a girlfriend someday, I'll be sure to post less bikini, er "babe"-fixed comments here, for sure, I promise! :D
On the other hand, as always, the chances of that are seeeeeeeeeery slim and so I'll probably always mention things like that here, mu ha ha ha aaaaaaaaaaaaarghrghrghrgh :DDD he he

Well... I'm going to go wash my arm off anyway. I've had it on for about eight hours now and I'm pretty sure now that the scent won't change any further, bah, that ylang scent is really brutal man...

So then, have a nice evening and see you next time :)
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Armani-affine summer discovery
A wonderful woman close to me and I myself love Armani. What others find terrible, like "Acqua di Gioia" - we find wonderful. We also love "Sun di Gioia" and "Code turquoise". Yes, as far as Armani is concerned, I have a very clear mainstream component in my perfume personality. That's why I'm writing this possibly worst comment ever on a Berdoues perfume. Because first of all, I have to keep on raving about Armani: "Code Cashmere" is one of my top ten. But I also like the very expensive ones from the Privée line, especially "Jasmine Kusamono", the only tolerable monothematic jasmine for me. And in my youth I loved "Armani Donna EdP" more than anything. With it, many an unhappy admirer crept into my heart while shopping at the airport (ok, it was ONE unhappy admirer who, when I ran out of scent, had this clever idea to tempt me to a date). When that didn't exist anymore, Holland was really in trouble. Until "Giò EdP" came out. That was completely different, but it was mine as well. So, now I am at the point:
When I open the small Berdoues bottle, which is only available in this miniature size and pretends to contain coconut, orange blossom and petitgrain, I feel deceived: what is seen here from the atomizer is clearly "Giò". Now "Giò" not only has a lot of components in the pyramid - they are not even the same as in "Bora-Bora". Only the orange blossom is the same. So this is very strange.
When I spray on "Bora-Bora", I perceive "Giò" again very clearly. But only for a few more moments. But these moments are enough to make me really happy about this beautiful summer discovery, because every wearing of "Bora-Bora" begins with wonderful memories of past times. It is possible that the combination of ylang-ylang, tuberose, orange blossom, which I appreciated in "Giò", is responsible for a similar exotic-sweet scent experience as the combination of coconut and orange blossom in "Bora-Bora". But these combinations - of both fragrances - are really nothing rare, and all the many perfumes with these notes can be distinguished from each other very well. But there is a real similarity here.
If you wear "Bora-Bora" now, then the orange blossom really unfolds to its most beautiful (orange) blossom! Tender-sweet, full-sweet, sunny, fine - this is a very harmonious flower. The slightly sweet impression of the opening loses itself in the heart. The Petitgrain never appears anywhere as citric-fresh or even tart. It is probably above all a sweet-breaker, a rounder, a catcher of the coconut.
"Bora-Bora" cannot compete with the sillage and durability of "Giò". It doesn't have to. Nor is it sooo unique like the Armani legend. But: It is an exceptionally fine summer scent, a bouquet of the most radiant exotic flowers. Surely there is more to it than the pyramid can hold. Ylang-ylang could be very good. Tiaré rather not. Tuberose either. Perhaps a touch of frangipani.
By the way, if anyone thought that "Bora-Bora" was a summer gourmet sandal - they should be warned: this scent has absolutely nothing to do with it. It is in the tradition of the great "Soleil Blanc" and is, so to speak, the small, reserved exotic counterpart, suitable for work and for all occasions where you don't want to scare anyone. Nice for a summer party, for example, where there are so many different scents that you don't necessarily want to be in the foreground. Much lighter than "Giò" in any case and also lighter than "Soleil Blanc" - but this is the direction to go.
For me a glorious exotic!
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