Le Gemme - Veridia 2018

Le Gemme - Veridia by Bvlgari
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Le Gemme - Veridia is a popular perfume by Bvlgari for women and was released in 2018. The scent is sweet-resinous. It was last marketed by LVMH.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Bourbon vanillaBourbon vanilla GalbanumGalbanum Frankincense resinFrankincense resin PatchouliPatchouli


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Green vanilla
Veridia starts juicy-fruity. Only after the 2nd time spray I come on fig. Surprisingly, that works for me. It's backed by a soft creamy vanilla from the start. Over time, the juicy fruity note fades and the vanilla takes on slight resinous hints, which in turn slowly turns into a nutty note. At first I think of green almond as in Mandorlo di Sicilia, but then I clearly and repeatedly smell pistachio. The vanilla is always there. Veridia then runs out woody and resinous.

The whole progression is gentle, unobtrusive and takes place hovering just above my skin. The sillage is thus low to medium. For this, the durability is all the better: 12 hours today.

Unlike the dear Sweetsmell75 I locate Veridia in the spring, because for me it is a fresh green that accompanies this vanilla
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*Most Enchanting Vanilla*
You are so wonderful
modest - simple
my heart warms
throbs for you
too because you are so precious different...

-Hans-Christoph Neuert

With the first sniff enchanted ...I had immediately heart in the eyes :)

About the scent:
Veridia starts with a truckload of galbanum and woodruff is not long in coming.
Wood and powder mix in with the green-herbaceous woodruff feeling.
And then comes the vanilla ...
green it is and refined with incense, patchouli and resins.
This vanilla is for me absolutely unique and enchanting!
By the green-harzig-holzig-pudrigen impression Veridia is sweet but not pappsüß.
For me definitely a fragrance for autumn / winter!
The shelf life is a good 8 hours plus ... the sillage I would classify as medium.
A beautiful vanilla veil wraps me tenderly and comfortably!
Brave men may like to test times :)
The flacon ... well ... me personally too much plastic.
Yesterday in the ticker meant a user looks like ne urn .... right he has.
For this, the lid is a really nice whereby this is also only made of plastic.

*Most enchanting vanilla*
Green-harzig-holzig-pudrig it comes therefore!
Such a beautiful vanilla dream!
Thank you Morillas :)

Despite the high price of this exclusive Bvlgari series I speak a test recommendation for all those who are still looking for a green magic vanilla ;)
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The whole is more than the sum of its parts
That's probably always true for fragrances, but with Veridia, this Aristotelian saying immediately came to mind after the top note slowly melted away.
Three flashes of thoughts now compete with each other:
1. I know this scent, even if I've never tested it before.
2. No, I don't know him like that, but he has at times a striking resemblance to Estee Lauder's ingenious vintage "Private Collection".
3. It's so good, why doesn't somebody comment on it? Veridia had been lying unnoticed in a box with other luxury Bvlgaris for almost 2 years now. I remember when I got it as a beautifully presented luxury sample: in the Düsseldorf palace-like Bvlgari boutique on Königsallee, where even the doorman would be entitled to the title "Sexiest Man alive", his suit anyway. I entered the temple, in which there were isolated (Königsallee doesn't cost anything, the square meter, no?) display cases, in each of which there was one piece of jewelry and waited for the wife of the millionaire or the oil sheikh, who doesn't have to ask the price.
Surprisingly/nice wise I was treated like one of the mentioned, although I was dressed in H+M or even worse. I purchased another fragrance from the rather exclusive La Gemme range for an acquaintance and was added to the customer list. (I'm still waiting for the entry goodie in form of a cute Brillis or something like that!)
At the end I got some of these stylish samples from the same series.
Veridia and siblings I could already see in the Kö-Flagship, but despite the breathtaking beauty of the flacons and the whole presentation, I didn't think about a blind purchase because of the price and made the mistake at home to take the two samples I kept (Veridia and Rubinia) and forget them.
The other day they fell into my hands again Veridia is a small miracle:
The fragrance has so many facets that one does not think to wear only one fragrance. The top note, green and herbaceous, yet velvety and flattering, morphs into a kind of double vanilla with soft wood and fresh woodruff, while the fragrance evolves in a similar way to the above-mentioned Lauder classic, without being identical in a single note of the pyramid (on paper... but that's patient).
Little by little, the fragrance takes on the caramely-needle-woodsy direction of Baiser de Russie, has a good presence and dances a round dance around the aromatic herb field in the garden.
If summer came again today, I would treat myself to a load of Veridia and go into the forest, then I would be adequately perfumed, I think No, seriously, one shot total.
Green-gold the dream flacon, green-gold the fragrance.
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GorgiaGorgia 3 years ago
Plasant,creating a soft shiny veil that surrounds the green liquor of patchouli,incense and vanilla.
A nice casual non offensive perfume.
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