Aventus for Her 2016

Aventus for Her by Creed
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7.1 / 10 485 Ratings
A perfume by Creed for women, released in 2016. The scent is fruity-fresh. It is being marketed by Kering Beauté.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Fragrance Pyramid

Top Notes Top Notes
Green appleGreen apple BergamotBergamot LemonLemon Pink pepperPink pepper
Heart Notes Heart Notes
BlackcurrantBlackcurrant PineapplePineapple LilacLilac PeachPeach RoseRose Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang
Base Notes Base Notes
AmbergrisAmbergris CedarwoodCedarwood MuskMusk PatchouliPatchouli SandalwoodSandalwood
7.1485 Ratings
7.8429 Ratings
7.4432 Ratings
7.7423 Ratings
Value for money
5.6163 Ratings
Submitted by Michael, last update on 19.06.2024.

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10 in-depth fragrance descriptions

28 Reviews
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Top Review 46  
Decline Aventus: Aventeuse
It only took six years for Creed to be persuaded to create the female counterpart to Aventus.
Aventus, the fragrance of a generation completely detached from restrictive underpants.
A pineapple could not be more liberating.
What were the crazy 68s in comparison?
Ridiculous polyamorous flower children without accounting!
Thanks to Creed, swiping, including interchangeable physical meltdowns, was profitably brought to the man in fragrance form in 2010.

Some clever person in the group must have noticed the open gap in the market in 2016.
Why only leave the pink race to Lancôme, Guerlain and Dior?

To hell with it!
Our English girls will teach you to fear!


Perhaps I should mention at this point that it would be advisable NOT to spray on a sporty portion of the water on an empty stomach.

Pungent, alcoholic and strangely fresh, the fizz penetrates the nose.
The friendliest thing here would be the pepper with the bergamot, quite a sharp taste.

But the apple...

More precisely THE apple, which has given the hair at Schauma/Schwarzkopf a tart, fruity scent for years.

This is soon followed by the conditioner, creamy and flowery with a peppery pineapple scent.

At this point at the latest, the wearer should consider whether replacement wigs would be an alternative for her.

Well, lilac and warm ylang really do provide a little breather.
But anyone who remembers Jaws (1975 - Jaws) will know that the first swimmer had our hungry little animal nibbling a little first.
Chrissie was allowed a breather at a buoy until she was served the main course.
Well, it's a similar story here.

After having had hopes of lilac and ylang-ylang, we were abruptly plunged into the depths!

And this abyss is sour!

The pineapple is quickly held at pH 3 by the redcurrant, leaving the grand entrance to the rose and its entourage.
The chord of our time has crossed the gates of hell!

The ingredients are cleverly concealed here, but let's not kid ourselves. Anyone who isn't nose-blind when browsing the forum knows that jasmine and orange blossom are used here.
Plus a powerful potentiation with synthetics to attract attention. Presumably a little ambroxan friend with a slightly salty note to imitate "ambergris" in a favorable way.

This is precisely what distinguishes it from the other representatives of the brands mentioned above.
Slightly aquatic and fresh, the base with white musk glides into a clean finish.

The sandalwood is served creamy with the help of ylang-ylang and peach as flavor carriers. Just like these fruit yogurts with "particularly natural pieces of fruit".

But basically everything here smells sour and sweet.

The further the fragrance progresses, the more pungently synthetic it becomes, slightly metallic.
And dominating everything is the accord of rose, orange blossom and jasmine, which is so widespread.

The list price is pleasantly account-burdening, the roulette game around the respective batch should ensure a good mood and lively exchange in the forum.
A kind of quartet:
My 2016 batch beats your 2018 in performance. But wait, the 2020 has even more "ambergris".

Possible applications?

Well, I would start with geographical locations.

Let's say that places with potential and ambition would be predestined.

Slough in the county of Berkshire west of London, for example.
One of the popular tourist attractions would be the former Brunel Bus Station, the finest architecture.
How boldly the main chord would fill the bus shelter!

The Swiss town of Schlieren northwest of Zurich with its chic Müllingen mail center provides enough fresh air along the railroad line for the scent, strolling included.

Cosmopolitan and elegant Heusenstamm in Hesse, east of Frankfurt am Main.
With busy air traffic, the fragrance can spread across the entire community and fly all over the world as if by magic.


The LVMH Group should be delighted when the fair maiden lets the NFC ring hygienically correct when paying. Set the right ringtone in your smartphone in good time.
French Nails provide a perky sound when typing on the keyboard.

Please leave the price tag on on purpose, so you can be sure that the urban sports suit with hood (Dior, Givenchy, LV, whatever) actually cost four figures over the counter.

No pink and beige scarf from Burberry should be missing here, sunny weather or not. Can of course also be worn as a stole.
After all, this is Creed, for heaven's sake!

Comfortable sneakers from Ellesse in pastel pink with mauve underpainting go without saying.

The overnight bag (BUK) should have enough space for the Aventeuse bottle (it is best to keep the OVP, as the cap is sometimes loose) The bag should also be able to store the collectible boxer shorts of the Aventus boys. The more, the higher the score!
The logo of said shoulder bag should also be legible for the visually impaired in an inclusive manner.


Girl, stay sporty!
Three different foundations should only emphasize the natural complexion.
Leave the contours loose, go for mahogany brown and pervyred.
However, the lips should reflect the gold of the bottle.

And now you are ready for the wild west, my dearest.

High noon!

You stand face to face.

He, beads of sweat on his plucked eyebrows.

You, skin cells gasping for air.

He, Aventus himself at the very bottom.

You, aventeuse as blood substitute.

Each of you twitches at the elastic waistband of your pubic covering.

And you stare at each other.

The tension rises...

Film score: Texas - I Don't Want A Lover

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Very helpful Review 33  
First impression? You're not the one!
A fragrance, which I would never have bought me so.... but I would like to tell you how I then came to him.

Summer 2018, I was out and about in the city eating ice cream- a wonderful day! ☀️ me for some time surrounded by a scent of incredibly good currant, but so exciting that I was on the lookout. I approached a man: white shirt, scarf, dark blue chinohise, brown leather shoes- very well dressed!

"It must be him!"
And it was. To begin with, I had never before approached a strange man on his scent.
He told me, a little puzzled, it was the creed aventus..........short pause...for her!

Interesting that men wear women's fragrances and I was determined to get this scent immediately!
Found in a small, hidden perfumery and I can tell you: the first time I sprayed I was hugely disappointed... where is the currant? Where is this insane fragrance that this Passanz wore?!
No, I'm not taking that one...it's not.

Arrived at home, after about 45min, I could not get away from my wrist and there it was: this incredibly special scent of this currant.... even the day after and 2 showers later, I perceived him still! Very long shelf life on my skin and I was very very often asked about it,
In fact, I layer him today like with the Muse of zarkoperfume favorite combination (I need a lot of variety in fragrances- but somehow he is always there)
From then on he was mine, now the 3rd bottle
I hope I have not bored you

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(K)a counterpart
If you listen to Creed, you inevitably think of Aventus, but what about Aventus for her? The fragrance, which according to Creed is supposed to be the feminine counterpart to the legendary men's perfume, and yet it came on the market 5 years later, in 2015:

The first and only time I tested Aventus for her was 2 years ago: So this is the counterpart to the most hyped-up men's scent of all time? If you read my statement, which I wrote at that time, you quickly realize that we didn't really want to get warm together. After the fresh start, a prickly-woody mood quickly followed, the whole creation seemed to me to be even unround and I threw the sample disappointedly into the next corner. Who knows me, of course, knows that it wasn't just any corner, but a creed bag in the sample section of my perfume cabinet. But the sample should have waited for me for a while as well, which it luckily did.

In the meantime I tested a lot of other perfumes, got to know interesting brands, single fragrances and many perfumes better. And again and again I heard that one or the other wore Aventus for her, so much so that they were looking for fragrance twins to save the expensive fragrance for special occasions.

One thing first: I did not find a worthy scent twin or scents that remind me of Aventus for her, here Creed has done a good job in terms of uniqueness.

A few weeks ago, maybe also due to the summer slump and the general boredom, I dug out the said sample again and wanted to give it another chance.
Sandalwood is one of the fragrances I had to get used to, not one that immediately seemed pleasing or even endearing, like patchouli or vetiver. And you definitely have to like sandalwood to be able to wear Aventus for her.

After several wearing tests, it was revealed to me what the fans of this fragrance love about him: It's an apple-sweet freshness that lies almost tenderly on initially slightly prickly, later creamy to almost powdery sandalwood. Decorated with fruity and rosy notes, the fragrance gains velvety tendencies in drydown through peach and ylang ylang. A perfume that, unlike the men's version, doesn't scream for attention, but gently caresses the skin of its wearer. It seems completely unisex to me, as it never seems too sweet or feminine, contrary to what the company's own website says.

Furthermore I feel it to be independent of the seasons, although I did not wear it on the very hot and humid days. Its fragrances probably bloom best in a golden late summer and autumn time. Here I would like to wear it again. I would classify it as suitable for most occasions, be it in everyday life, at work, in leisure time, or even as a wellness fragrance, it should be easy to use, and I would also give it signature scent qualities
The durability is excellent: sprayed on in the evening, I can still feel it on my wrist the next morning, with medium to good sillage, with 3-4 sprays you are on the safe side here.

However, there is a slight synthetic quality, because apple notes are mostly not of natural origin, these, as well as woody notes should be liked to appreciate this perfume
Even though woody notes will probably never be mine, I am still glad to have made the acquaintance of this extraordinary fragrance.

Thank you for reading,
Your Flaconesse

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Very helpful Review 16  
The Cat in the Bag
What a sneaky smell!
Crime scene: Alsterhaus, two weeks before Christmas. I was out on the town with a friend, we were testing men's fragrances for your friend. A nice saleswoman sprays the famous Aventus for him on a little paper, not bad.
"The ladies' version is also very beautiful" she says, and immediately both our arms are dripping wet from the said scent.
Oh yes very nice, the Ladies-Aventus purrs at us with fruity and rosy freshness.
After one hour our noses enjoy the fresh air and find some relaxation after the previous scented roller coaster.
A little later I was curious to see how the Aventus was doing on my wrist.
I fritzed the sleeve of my parkas to the side, slap! A pungent smell came towards me and my nose was tingling. I was confused. You couldn't have been Where has this pleasantly soft, fruity freshness gone?
I didn't admit defeat yet and tried again.
But there was nothing to do, the stuff was hissing and biting and scratching Woody fresh, pungent, synthetic.
First you ingratiate yourself and then you get a slap, I thought, grumbling.
And it holds like Pattex. On many a day Aventus has covered my actual perfume on my right arm when I was wearing my parka, although the sleeve of my top is in between...
A smooth 10 for the durability, also the sillage is decent.
My parka will soon be sent to the cleaners.

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Aventus for Her from a man's point of view
Aventus for Her is signature scent of my girlfriend, which she now owns almost 3 years. I gave her this fragrance for Valentine's Day. I thought at the time that she as an Aventus fan with men will also love this. Fortunately, the gift was a bull's eye, especially for the first Valentine's Day in the relationship would have brought a flop not exactly plus points.

Now to the fragrance: Aventus for Her has very clear borrowings from the normal Aventus for men, there is this fruity component and also a smoky. The smoky component is much weaker here though. The dominant notes for me here are: Apple, Peach, Sandalwood (as a woody base), Currant, Bergamot and for a slightly sweet finish Amber. Aventus for Her is a very fruity and fresh fragrance which is really appealing. This gentle Aventus DNA is very appealing to me as a man. A special feature of Aventus for Her is also that the fragrance is suitable at any temperature, this does not create the normal Aventus.

I myself wear the fragrance occasionally too. In my opinion, the fragrance is unisex and also stands a man excellent. I can not understand at all why this fragrance ekes out a shadowy existence and is not better known. I can't understand the partly bad reviews. Aventus for Her is a very easy to like fragrance, which will never tarnish.

The durability is also very good. The fragrance holds with me and my girlfriend without problems 10 hours and the silage is also perceptible for 6-7 hours over an arm's length and then slowly begins to become skin.
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2 short views on the fragrance
KingPinKingPin 3 years ago
Nothing like it’s male counterpart. Nothing special to be honest.
SerepaveSerepave 8 years ago
Sooo fresh ... it smells like a Greek summer!


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