El Mono de la Tinta 2010 Perfume

El Mono de la Tinta (Perfume) by Fueguia 1833
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El Mono de la Tinta (Perfume) is a perfume by Fueguia 1833 for women and men and was released in 2010. The scent is woody-spicy. It is still in production.
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Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 20.09.2021.
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El Mono de la Tinta (ink monkey) is a mythical beast from Jorge Luis Borges' bestiary. It lives with writers and eats up the rest of their ink. Copaiba is a resin of a tree endemic in South America which is suitable for preparing ink.


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Epics for everyday life
My son used to like to take part in the local "Fussi-Camp" in summer. A counselor was nicknamed "Mono." I'm almost sure the good man couldn't speak Spanish
The ink monkey doesn't act ape now. On the contrary. The opening is already relaxed and promising: sweet airy wood with a tart undertone. Here we are talking about cinnamon, the manufacturer talks about nutmeg - and the latter at least fits a jag better at the front, although a cautiously added blob such as rice pudding with sugar and cinnamon cannot be denied. Otherwise, the mention of Kopaiva balm forces me into speculation regarding sweet-creamy.

Nevertheless, the fragrance is by no means gourmandig. Rather, after a quarter of an hour at the latest, the weight is clearly a spicy wood fragrance. Directly on the skin, I sense a touch of Mr. Bedel's fungal plant musk; with a little distance, on the other hand, the one who finally lifts the scent out of the ranks of the fairground pamplings contributes only a touch of nerve. Did that smell sugary?

I find it particularly noteworthy that the occasional pungency of seasoning ingredients in the wood environment is missing today. At 'Eau du Gouverneur' from Comptoir Sud Pacifique I was sometimes disturbed by the peeps, so the high gentleman was finally (without compensation) transferred to the collection of another perfume.

In the course of the morning the wood even experiences an almost duro-like impact, only without its laboratory-fired claim to presence, but in the overall picture as a noble, warm, round wood scent. In addition - again delimiting - with a trace of strange freshness, which touches the Limonadige.

In fact, a much stronger association surprisingly jumps at me: I think I suddenly smell leathery, sour tastes in the spicy, which spontaneously remind me of 'Epic Man'(!), only much, much quieter. And such a thought really means something, it's one of the best Amouages, of which I fortunately have a big pitcher from the good old prehunzungs time.

The silent epic chord accompanies me through the whole afternoon, and the natural scent typical without any loss of quality. The evening end is characterised by a light wood with a needle-like base. Cedar, maybe. Gently seasoned still, but the resemblance to Epic Man - possibly a rather individual affair anyway - has become a distant suspicion.

Conclusion: A fine, spicy wood scent that is far less sweet than the indications suggest.

I'd like to thank the robins for rehearsing.
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