Noir Patchouli

Noir Patchouli by Histoires de Parfums
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Noir Patchouli is a perfume by Histoires de Parfums for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is earthy-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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PatchouliPatchouli CardamomCardamom CorianderCoriander
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PatchouliPatchouli Floral notesFloral notes Juniper berryJuniper berry
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PatchouliPatchouli LeatherLeather MuskMusk MossMoss VetiverVetiver VanillaVanilla

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Will, fine boy, you go with me ...
For months I searched in vain for a fragrance that would really bring out one of my favorites, Patchouli, the way I love it.
Patchouli finds its equivalent in my emotional world in the tiger's eye, this golden-brown quartz with the almost silky sheen.
So I see Patchouli in broad light and dark brown and golden streams flowing, wafting, meandering through the most different fragrance creations.
How disappointed I was by my previous search, I have documented here yes; whom or what I also tested: "They should not come together ..."

At the moment I have settled in a little in the world of "Histoires de Parfums"; there I feel comfortable and met here "Noir Patchouli"!
Not exactly hopeful, I sprayed and squealed with surprise: "That's him! Finally!"
It's a patchouli smell from my heart and it's flying towards him. At a pace that would break any lap record in Formula 1.

Already at the beginning a dark, almost erotic fragrance intensity spreads: cardamom and coriander - generously embraced by patchouli! The senses awaken; vibrate with expectation!
Also the generous heart is determined by the golden brown patchouli - beautiful!
I notice a not too small pinch of pepper (it bizzelt a little in the nose: a sure sign!).
The aroma of juniper berries is strong enough to take its place in this powerful sound of aromas.
Delicate floral scents cavort on the edge of these spicy, creamy fragrance melanges; they bring small light points into this now deep brown magic!
Patchouli needs moist soil to unfold its full potential; it is not a scent for dust and dryness.
Gérald Ghislain, the storyteller of "Histoires de Parfums", paid tribute to him here:
"Noir Patchouli" gets deeper and more mysterious and enticing.
I follow him fascinated and already sensually placed in golden brown chains.
Vetiver's dark green soil is enriched with moss (possibly even oakmoss?) and musk.
Everything, very generously dosed, fits together harmoniously, almost magically to this Patchouli pleasure.
In order to leave the "damp forest ground" and honour the glowing light, a pleasant leather nuance and enticing vanilla - heavy, cream-coloured and creamy - were added as a finale to the existing scent symphony.

Patchouli full: full-bodied, earthy, of deep dark sensuality - more than just subtle eroticism!
A spicy, almost black living magic, which surrounds me for many hours fragrantly and assures me again and again that we both - "Noir Patchouli" and I - belong together!
This scented guy invites me to a pleasant lolling, to a satisfied purring ...
(And psst!; he doesn't leave many (scent)-wishes open!)

If I have already taken the title of this commentary from Goethe's "Erlkönig", then I will quite simply conclude with the words of the Privy Councillor:
"I love you; I'm tempted by your beautiful figure..."
(everyone knows the rest anyway!)

There is no doubt that this filling will stay with me until the last bit of aroma has evaporated.
It's just a pity that this is the last of the historical fragrances that have been introduced here.
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Top Review 11  
Elegance + Charisma+ Earthiness...... Very perfect, a masterpiece
first of all 1000 thanks to Turandot, without her I would never have come to this perfume....
i was so excited, because as a great parure lover, I now went very expectantly to this fragrance
yes, I recognize the - I call it a family connection very strong -
Parure is just not so " earthy" for me, but both radiate something unbelievable
to put this incomprehensible into words is a little difficult for me
but I'm trying
In this perfume are ingredients that always immediately give me a "feeling of well-being" a kind of " arrival": Moss, coriander, patchouli of the finest kind, vetiver and leather Noir Patchouli is a perfume I have to smell again and again, a magnetic attraction.
Patchouli here in no way musty and much more restrained than in Bracken of Amouage, which however is a true sword precisely because of its volume.
Patchouli here has nothing to do with the small oriental bottles of the past, which were dark brown in oil form, serving a certain market in the 70's, they were in fact almost musty, musty and had no elegance and positive charisma at all.
A good friend of mine had at that time a small shop with decoration gifts, the Arafat cloths worn at that time (bestseller in black and white) and many knick-knacks and these oils and she sold most vanilla, amber and patchouli These smells had so nothing to do with perfume art and you have to eliminate them a little from your subconscious, then everyone understands patchouli and other basic substances differently.
Noir Patchouli is a classic! Here it is not about inspiring the masses quickly; here is rather quietly a perfume for hours very beautiful in harmony of a work of art perceived.
the herbaceous vetiver and the here soft leather give the finish and give the harmony to the whole further.
Fortunately, the vanilla is also very cleverly used here in the base, just a touch, so that the fragrance itself never gets too sweet in the end.

This will be my next purchase!
i am looking forward to this beautiful company already now
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Very helpful Review 11  
Merlin's Potion
Could there have been such an elixir in the 5th century? And if it is, then Merlin has brewed it for King Arthur and his men.
With this they certainly beat back every "barbarian" before anyone had drawn his sword.
"The fragrance is not exactly "British", nor "barbaric", but it is a magic elixir in the truest sense of the word.
As spicy and rack it starts, "Patchouli Noir" quickly turns into a woody-rosy direction with lots of patchouli. Strengthens mind and soul. Known to be effective, also in aromatherapy. Fragrances are also "dreams", but also "medicine".
And if a thick carpet of moss is then spread out at some point, then "feel-good level is acute". And there's hardly a peeve in everyday life that can get close to you. When I sniff at this fragrance stage, I can recognize a kind of tart, dark, delayed "powderiness" that acts like an echo of the previous fragrance. Only reinforced and long lasting.
The fragrance then looks like an olfactory "knight's armour", forged from the best "steel". And enchantingly early medieval in the Odeur, chivalrous and royal even.
Almost unswervingly and attentively at the same time.
That's only good for me behind the shield.
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Very helpful Review 6  
Past times in the dark living room
I take a seat on grandma's sprawling upholstered sofa. Right next to the thick dark blue velvet curtains, which smell slightly musty and yet radiate comfort, just like her whole living room. Here you linger over coffee or tea and reminisce, following Grandma's smiling stories about old times and decades, with a hint of wistfulness in her voice and face.

Despite this lovely, pleasant association, I am completely ambivalent about Noir Patchouli. This fragrance overwhelms and confuses me. Was yet my first, impulsive conclusion: patch is really not for me! Fierce, dominant, in-your-face, a sillage slap in the face. Heavy(tired!), musty, stale. Classic, suitable for older ladies, "granny scent". Too specific, intense.
But: why on earth, I then hang non-stop with my nose on my arm, am apparently fascinated by this fragrance?! Especially since I perceive him by sillage completely different than directly with the nose on the skin. I don't pay attention to the other fragrances I'm testing at the same time, they disappear completely. Thematically as well as olfactorically. Yes, I must admit to myself: This is something like art. Maybe I have a masterpiece in front of me?

You may forgive me for not being able to rate Noir Patchouli (today). For one thing, it absolutely does not do justice to a "I can not decide, so wirds a solid 3+ (note)"! For another, I'm sure I would test it 3x and rate it 3x differently. Depending on weather, mood, other fragrance rivals on the skin.... Whereby that is probably always so, a fragrance evaluation is nevertheless ultimately a snapshot. Today - the fragrance brings something melancholy and sluggishness with it, makes me ponder, pause. Appropriately, a rain shower just came down. Or am I perhaps infatuated or hypnotized by Noir Patchouli after all?
I leave the points today open, am absolutely over questioned...
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238 Reviews
Histoires de Patchouli
This house has proven itself to me with several consistently quality offerings. One of my all time favourites is 1740, and that perfume's patchouli dna can be found here. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy.
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MistessfaitMistessfait 8 months ago
Like being hit on the head with grandma's favourite leather purse. This is somehow sweet, earthy and harsh at the same time.
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