Édition Rare - Veni 2013

Édition Rare - Veni by Histoires de Parfums
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Édition Rare - Veni is a perfume by Histoires de Parfums for women and men and was released in 2013. The scent is spicy-oriental. It is still in production. Pronunciation
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LavenderLavender CardamomCardamom CinnamonCinnamon GalbanumGalbanum
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SaffronSaffron CarnationCarnation Gaiac woodGaiac wood
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VanillaVanilla CaramelCaramel AmbergrisAmbergris BenzoinBenzoin ResinsResins MuskMusk PatchouliPatchouli OakmossOakmoss

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tempting whisper? Oh, no! Oh, no!
"Histoires de Parfums" has paid homage to the dream of many men with three fragrances of his "Édition Rare":
"Veni - Vidi - Vici!"
Yes: "He came - he saw - he won!"
Who can say that about themselves?

"Veni" has come to me as a bottling and already by its name releases some associations, living pictures:
"Vieni!" - Come! Come! - Southern men master these two syllables grandiosely.
From "Vieni, Ragazza!" of the still young master, to "Oh, Bella Signora: vieni con me!" of the experienced seducer.
Imperatively à la Kant ("V i e n i !!!!") or purring like lovesick street hangovers - the lure call always remains the same, repeating itself for centuries!
We "females" react ...
It is very charming and also entertaining to watch the young and old Gockeln try to beat the most beautiful "peacock wheel" in the crowd of their conspecifics!
"Look what I'm doing: Look closely!"
How tempting "Don Giovanni" sounds, he wants to convince Zerlina: "Là ci darem la Mano ..." (Hand me my life; come to my castle with me ...)
The beautiful peasant girl is not averse; she is delighted; she is flattered - she hesitates: does she want to marry her Masetto, this great, primitive boy?
"Vorrei, e non vorrei..." (I want and I don't want ...).
Don Giovanni, one of the worst and most fascinating seducers of Italian opera, is still hopeful. Did he, the Lord!, not the "right of the first night" - los primae noctis?
Thus his curls, his whispering become more intense, the air around the two becomes compressed, vibrates:
"Vieni, Vieni!"

Well, Gérald Ghislain does not let his excellent fragrance composition "Veni" whisper tenderly, seduce subtly: "Veni" is immediately present in full spice and clear power!
Cardamom, cinnamon and lavender appear almost tame at first, but are transformed by a great portion of galbanum into the first power pack.
Whoa! This is a prelude to my heart; it doesn't just want to be retrenched - it wants more!
A clever conquest has to be learned, "Veni" does not have to be given back his lesson money.
It has successfully learned its lesson; is a master of its fragrance-intensive subject.
I love the spicy carnation: it is tender and not boring at all.
Even if you first remember her as a bouquet to Grandma's Sunday coffee invitation. That - and a little gypsophila as a companion - will probably hang on to her forever.
The carnation, in the flower language of the Renaissance the symbol for fiancée, can do more: we only remember its spicy power in the kitchen - strong and aromatic!
Skilfully used, it can delight the senses - and they really don't lack skill in "Histoires de Parfums".
So the carnation takes the already surprising entrance into another dimension; she takes saffron on board - the gate to the Orient is now wide open.
Smoky, earthy and mysterious - often with a slight hint of rose - guaiac wood proudly walks through this gate - already a triumphal arch!
The first fanfares start; they know when it's time!
Oak moss and vanilla - two contrasts that always attract each other harmoniously - open the impressive finale.
Musk in appropriate dosage becomes a precursor of noble resins: dark golden Ambraleuchten, Benzoe and other spicy resinous secrets (some probably with light spines!) enter a strong alliance and finally meet Patchouli!
Patchouli: golden brown and creamy flowing, sets additional scent lights. The little fireflies once again conquer the scent room: you can rely on them!
As a highlight Karamell - seductive and sweet and thoroughly feminine - enters this fragrant stage! Women love caramel; it doesn't matter in which form it comes - it wins!
"Veni" becomes softer; the before still somewhat dark, almost masculine-magic oscillations lose their hard edges here and there "Veni" is now polished, nicely polished and, despite its strength, cuddly!

The durability is not infinite: here this fragrance creation shows its first and only weakness!
But some common sensual, curious hours remain for us: I will always enjoy them to the fullest!

"Veni" has me already as the first part of the mentioned trilogy "in his clutches".
His fragrant golden fetters don't cut, but they do show, "You are mine!"
A scented macho, a magician, a connoisseur: how can I resist him?
For a little while I will follow him to his castle, without considering possible consequences.

"Veni" stays with me; "Vidi" is still with Meggi and will arrive here one day.
I am convinced, also "Vici" will be found in the form of a filling still.
Should I maybe try it with curls?
"Allora: Vieni! Vieni!"


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StinkypennyStinkypenny 2 years ago
A clean fresh, yet spicy open scent. It doesn't hide itself in layers. It maintains an air of fun joyousness, despite it's linearity.


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