L'Eau en Blanc 2012

L'Eau en Blanc by Lolita Lempicka
Bottle Design Sylvie de France
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7.6 / 10 149 Ratings
L'Eau en Blanc is a popular perfume by Lolita Lempicka for women and was released in 2012. The scent is powdery-floral. It was last marketed by Amore Pacific / 아모레퍼시픽. Pronunciation
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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IrisIris Violet leafViolet leaf
Heart Notes Heart Notes
VioletViolet Glycyrrhiza glabraGlycyrrhiza glabra CherryCherry RaspberryRaspberry
Base Notes Base Notes
MuskMusk HeliotropeHeliotrope Tonka beanTonka bean VetiverVetiver


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3 in-depth fragrance descriptions

23 Reviews
Helpful Review 5  
Sugar Coated Almonds
I find this to be an incredibly delicate (without being too weak) crisp and clean iris scent.

Like the remnants of a fine soap or talc. Heavenly! Soft, smooth, slightly effervescent.
It's a predominantly powdery, subtly fruity, musky skin scent. There's some saltiness/smokiness in the drydown that balances out the tart & sweet raspberry wonderfully. At times it brings to mind little tubs of vanilla ice cream with raspberry sauce swirls that were available during my youth.

The only things I would change about this, if I could, are the following:
First and foremost, I'd make it last longer.
Secondly, I'd make the top notes last for more than the measly five to ten minutes provided.
Thirdly, if I could have my way, there'd be another version with peach in place of the raspberry. But this is simply a personal preference. I love the scent as it is, but would adore a peachy version of the same scent.
And last but not least, I'd make it a little cheaper. Somehow it smells like it ought to be cheaper! (Not intended as an insult, but it's very delicate and not so long lasting as others from the Lempicka range.
Having never tried scents such as "Sweet Honesty" or "Love's Baby Soft", this is exactly how I'd imagine/hope/expect them to be, and they're both far cheaper than this. They have both been described as powdery, soapy, talc-like, powdered makeup, lipstick scents - just like this.

I'm head over heels for the subtlety of this. It sits very well in my collection with Bijan Nude, Prada Candy & Muse de Rochas (the latter being a scent that was, like this, created for a bride to wear), for providing me with the most luxurious "my skin but a million times better" kind of scent, which I've really grown to love lately. And of that selection, this one is definitely my favorite. I'm a fan of simple white soaps that are milky & creamy, scented with iris, rose, almond, violet. I'm also a huge fan of Johnson's baby products, so this is right up my street. This soft, powdery scent is just so fresh and clean smelling, but also having a uniquely subtle smokiness in its depths, probably from a combination of the tonka and licorice, giving this an edge. I can't get enough!

The top notes have a beautiful papery quality with a heavy dose of sweet almond, tonnes of powdery, smooth iris and sweet, waxy violet leaf. (From the bottle itself the smell is more raspberry, whereas the raspberry doesn't come in straight away when wearing the scent on skin.)
The middle is lovely, with some salty musk, soapy violet and smooth heliotrope, leading through to hints of the raspberry and such a soft amount of licorice - it's almost indiscernible! (Though in the air around me the licorice is slightly more prominent, making this distinctly LEMPICKA!)

For me this is the perfect scent to wear to bed or to the Doctor's/Dentist's office where you don't want to overpower anybody with perfume-stink. This might overPOWDER some people, but for me it's utter perfection. I love the slightly waxy, metallic, cool element here, and the fact that it's not so gooey, sweet, green, earthy or fruity as some of the other Lempicka scents (therefore I personally wouldn't recommend this as somebody's first venture into the land of Lempicka; it doesn't really provide an accurate representation of their usually rubbery and herbaceous cherry and licorice heavy scent range).

Overall, I believe that this would be equally perfect come rain or shine. It seems suitable for all times of year as a daily, staple scent. I personally love spraying it on when I'm in my pyjamas, ready for bed, after a nice bath or shower using my favorite white soap (or as a means of giving the impression that I just had a nice bath or shower using my favorite white soap).
And I feel that the concept behind the scent is also quite accurate; with the idea of wedding cakes and lace wedding dresses. The scent's certainly evocative of sweetened, sugar coated almonds & lightly dusted icing. This is a delectably soft vanilla and raspberry ice cream scent in simply the most delightful bottle. The design on the box is like a beautifully intricate adorning of leaves made of marzipan/icing atop a smooth white wedding cake - literally the perfect vessel for the wonderful vapors captured inside.

(April 14th, 2014)
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94 Reviews
Helpful Review 4  
A Highly Versatile Perfume
I’ve been counting down the days that I could get my hands on this beauty. L'Eau en Blanc, doing justice to its name and repute, is the "whitest" fragrance I’ve ever had the pleasure to smell. As far as Lolita flankers go, this one is probably one of the least sweet ones. The opening is fresh due to the presence of the violet leaves but in a few minutes it turns into a powdery aroma with underlying notes of raspberry, violet, and iris. I can barely detect the woody base notes, which I’m sure is the reason why this perfume is missing an anchor that would have made its sillage and staying power stronger. It possesses a kind of "versatile flair" that renders it appropriate as the first fragrance of a young lady or even that special perfume for a wedding day. It represents purity, innocence, new beginnings, and hope for me. I’m proud to have it in my collection.
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17 Reviews
Very helpful Review 4  
Lolita Lempicka meets Teint de Neige and Amyitis.
I've tried and owned almost all bottles that have come from this house. But this one surprised me. It's as if you mixed equal parts Lolita Lempicka (one of the milder summer variants or EDT) with Lorenzo Villoresi Teint de Neige! Lots of sharp powder that's leaning towards the scent of industrial plastic. The Amyitis (Mona di Orio) kind, not the Comme des Garcons kind.
As it dries down it leaves Lolita behind and moves more and more into Teint de Neige land. Further down the road it starts to leave Teint de Neige but not quite, to move more into Amyitis realm. The plastic note has now turned more towards that charcoal-y whatever it is sharp note of Mon parfum Cheri par Camille from Annick Goutal. Man this review makes no sense does it? Well anyway it's a powdery something-else that finally ends up a balanced mix of Teint de Neige and Mon parfum Cheri par Camille, having totally left Lolita behind.. :)
edit: Powder in it has a very Carthusia feel, is it Ligea la Sirena I'm thinking of? And maybe even more so than Teint de Neige. Next couple of wears did not reveal that Par Camille charry note.
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