Shameless Seducer 2015

Shameless Seducer by Malbrum
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Shameless Seducer is a perfume by Malbrum for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is spicy-woody. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Casanova would be speechless,
...he would have met this shameless seduction. Probably he would shake his head stunned and try to figure out his secret.

"Shameless Seducer" it doesn't matter at all whether woman or man are to be conquered: he ruthlessly takes everything that comes his way.
So: "Except three on the trees!", who does not want to fall for him.
Not charmingly chatting and seductively luring he comes along: no!
He appears loudly and with a lot of strength, sweeps away any kind of resistance, from doubt: "Surrender! Victory is mine!" he seems to call!
Venice's lead chambers, Marseille's Chateau d'If, even the walls of St. Quentin would be powerless against this mighty fragrance demonstration: "Shameless Seducer" knows neither walls nor boundaries.
He appears, embraces, overwhelms and holds; he captivates: shamelessly exploiting the helplessness and devotion of his victim.

His performance with strong citric notes and a good portion of aldehydes (finally again!!) is spectacular in itself!
Already this scent chord shines and vibrates with liveliness! Save yourself, who can!
The spicy and bitter mimosa here is not summery elegant and south tempting: it is almost creamy, full of aroma and smoothes its way impressively until it meets cumin.
Cumin in fragrances usually awakens certain doubts in me; the two of us are not always at peace with each other.
Here it is what this mimosa needs: spicy, a bit coarse and prickly and just as present as its tender yellow partner! They're on a par!
"Together we are strong!" they seem to be saying and they are creating a huge fragrance net!
For they draw with them the fragrant companions of the Entrées: these now form their entourage!
Ambrettesamen = "Bisamstrauch Moschatus" really deserves its name: musky, peppery and very spicy, this perfumed powerhouse appears on stage: he absolutely wants to take part in this game of conquering the senses.
He succeeds: that's for sure!
So far I have been surrounded by a fragrance that has already awakened all my senses and convinced me of its powerful fullness. Maybe I surrendered to him?
If it is, then it's some kind of sweet surrender!
The civet cat, or is it rather a tomcat?, hangs around between the proud irises; every single flower sword is orbited several times.
There she leaves a clearly perceptible scent trace ("I was here!"), which is cleverly woven by the musk into all the previous "protagonists" of this seductive game.
"Shameless Seducer" becomes round, warm, erotically luring and may even make weaklings stagger.

Its shelf life with me is not infinite. That's good, because this fragrance demands a lot.
He also gives a lot and makes you want any kind of adventure; a little you might become a conqueror!
Broad-legged and powerful, this astonishing creature comes along; what he lacks in elegance and refinement, he replaces with convincing, a little dark magic!
A magician, surrounded by a deep black, mysteriously swinging velvet cape, decorated with glittering facets and lined with dark red silk, tickles nerves and senses, generates heat!

Our Can777 gave me a generous filling of "Shameless Seducer" from its magical scent treasure.
He knew very well what he was doing when he introduced me to this being of power.
Can777 knows exactly that he can't expect me to see his animalistic, daring, sometimes dramatic beauties: but this seducer is very desirable!
Thank you, dear friend!

"Shameless Seducer" will stay with me for a while. The game with fire is quite invigorating after all.
And maybe I can learn something from him, too.
Doesn't it say, "Je oller - je doller!"?
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