Cryptical Envelopment 2017

Cryptical Envelopment by Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes
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7.5 / 10 26 Ratings
Cryptical Envelopment is a popular perfume by Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is floral-animal. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still available to purchase.
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Champaca flowerChampaca flower CivetCivet DavanaDavana MuskMusk LilyLily PatchouliPatchouli RoseRose TobaccoTobacco Tolu balmTolu balm GingerGinger


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Loving not easy
"Cryptical Envelopment" - what is it?
Google, google... - no perfume, right?
First you find a song of the band "Grateful Dead" from 1968.
Listen to it. Psychodelic shit.
Ellen Covey was asked to create a fragrance for this song in a competition organised by her and a perfume blogger.
You might think: it was stupid that the winner of this competition, who could wish for a fragrance with his favourite song, has such a retro taste and is into music of the late 60s. After all, you want something contemporary and innovative from Dr. Covey. But basically "Cryptical Envelopment" is a perfect match for this perfumer, because she would probably have thought of a hippie scent similar to "Cryptical Envelopment" for "Loving is easy" by Rex Orange County from 2017. It's full of her style.
By the way, she calls her creation "a big, happy fragrance".

So "big" definitely - not "happy" for me. I would now like to explain this in more detail:

To get to know the scent, I follow Covey's own description (read on the company's website):

"A psychodelic ramble" - yes, definitely, starting with spicy tobacco, cardamom, corkuma and especially mint and menthol (a pity, marijuana would have fit better).

"...from a brightly blooming surreal flower" - well, I already have my difficulties.
Surreal - definitely, but flower? Brighlty blooming? There's nothing radiant here. Rose? Lily? As in the pyramid? Where? I smell Davana and something diffuse floral, but it doesn't come across as pleasant and reminds me of incense sticks from the India store. I mean those things that say "Red Rose" and still don't smell like rose, but like muff and mothballs.

" a mystical death" - yes, the mothballs work... -

"...and reawakening on the bus to never-end-land" - right, like all Olympic Orchids Fragrances this one also lasts very long... - the psychedelic is expressed here by a good portion of civet and musk, patchouli is of course also included.

Angua calls the fragrance in her statement a "morbid attempt" - I don't find it quite so creepy, but in any case it annoys enormously. It's crude, it's loud, it looks like a wake-up call for the olfactory cells, but then kills you for hours with this "back to the 68's vibe", which I personally (on the olfactory level at least) don't like at all.

The fundamental question arises: Why do I, Jale R. alias "Gold", need perfumes at all, what do I expect from them? I wear them to enjoy them. I want fragrances that bring a smile to my face, cheer me up, make me happy, make me think and take me away to other worlds. There are these perfumes! They're alive! We all know her... look for her... they want.

Such scents... :
You spray your perfume on... it pleases you... You're smiling... during the day you are always enthusiastic about him, put your wrist to your nose, smell at your scarf, perceive a breath of scent when your hair falls into your face, when you lower your nose a little bit into your neckline... yes, you are in love with your perfume. And this is MAGIC.

But the scents of Dr. Covey - and me? Little connection, very limited.
The scent worlds she creates do not appeal to me on the emotional level.
And what else do we talk about, if not of very personal feelings, when we talk about scents? Yes, one can certainly enjoy Dr. Covey's perfumes on the intellectual level, but some even arouse disgust in me ("Salamanca"), others leave me thoughtfully behind but cannot "connect" with my soul.
So far I have not tested a single fragrance of OO that I would like to own... so, as a "full bottle".
And I don't even know if it's the "weird" thing I don't like?
In any case, they are "over-not" and all altogether "too big", true sillage monsters, who push themselves into the foreground in such a way that the air is taken from me (but also and especially from my fellow human beings) to breathe. A 100ml bottle of Cryptical Envelopment should last 10 years.

Maybe I'm just a romantic at heart, or to put it less euphemistically, a buffer.
Whatever. Keep it a little cryptic
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HolscentbarHolscentbar 5 months ago
Beautiful opening. flowery and animalic. the animal touch remains more permanent on my skin. good quality, the price is great for all of
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