Le Cirque Bleu 2018

Le Cirque Bleu by Parfum Prissana
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Le Cirque Bleu is a popular limited perfume by Parfum Prissana for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is spicy-leathery. The longevity is above-average. The production was apparently discontinued. Limited Edition
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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CastoreumCastoreum CorianderCoriander Cypress absoluteCypress absolute ImmortelleImmortelle OakmossOakmoss PatchouliPatchouli Provençal lavender absoluteProvençal lavender absolute RosemaryRosemary Russian leatherRussian leather ThymeThyme VetiverVetiver Ambrette seedAmbrette seed Angelica absoluteAngelica absolute BergamotBergamot CivetCivet Gaiac woodGaiac wood GalbanumGalbanum LemonLemon Orange blossom absoluteOrange blossom absolute Orris concreteOrris concrete Pine needlePine needle SpruceSpruce StyraxStyrax Tobacco absoluteTobacco absolute


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Subtle leather fougere
I would never have attributed Le Cirque Bleu to Prin Lomros. No bitter green, no muddy animalic, no spice typical for him and overall rather subtle than conspicuous. He can do gourmand or even citric, see Tom Yum, but overall almost all of his fragrances are not introverts. Le Cirque Bleu, on the other hand, is, relatively speaking. According to Prin, this perfume is inspired by Marc Chagall's painting of the same name, or rather the story behind its creation. I'm not an art historian, but Chagall moved back to France from the USA in 1948, where he had been drawn as a Jew during the Second World War. France had become a stranger to him, and so this painting is probably to be seen as a counter-draft to the bitter reality of the time. To what extent Prin has now processed this exactly, I do not know, in any case, Le Cirque Bleu for Prin is actually to be classified as "looser", yet the fragrance has depth, as well as Chagall has always used certain symbols to refer to certain topics.

For me, the fragrance starts with a colorful mixture namely from quite perceptible leather, which is characterized by clear citrus. This is rather tart and reminds me immediately of Royal Vintage. It is also clear where this citrus comes from, cypress is included and this exudes a limey scent. Compared to the Royal Vintage, the cypress in Le Cirque Bleu is more restrained, less bold and intense so that the leather is given more room.

This is on the one hand because other Hesperiden support the fragrance especially at the beginning strongly and so the intense element of cypress less noticeable. On the other hand, Prin works with significantly more green / forest ingredients than Micallef did. This means that, for example, a spruce provides greater forest diversity and thus no solo of cypress has been thought of in the later course. Clearly, also the perceptible lavender should not be forgotten, although he is rather accessory.

In the "pyramid" is Russian leather indicated so in principle from the birch extracted leather substitute and exactly one smells also. One grasps olfactory the smoky-rough birch. The smoky element is subtle but perceptible, the leather evoked by the birch is not a classic Russian leather but interpreted in a contemporary way, a comparative work I have already mentioned.

Le Cirque Bleu has long been sold out. This creation is balanced, everything was merged into units and the outstanding composition you probably only recognize when you had similar under the nose. I had sprayed Royal Vintage on the same day in the morning which I really appreciate. Le Cirque Bleu is the evolution for me personally. Unfortunately - and this is the only drawback - it is quiet and thus also evaporates more quickly. In the aftermath, I am then glad to own Royal Vintage. This work smells excellent, does not quite come to the elegance of Le Cirque Bleu but for my nose then there is only a marginal difference.
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