Thichila by Parfum Prissana
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Thichila is a popular perfume by Parfum Prissana for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is smoky-spicy. The production was apparently discontinued.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Thai oudThai oud Champaca flowerChampaca flower CivetCivet NutmegNutmeg TurmericTurmeric VetiverVetiver AmberAmber BorneolBorneol FrankincenseFrankincense Jasmine sambac absoluteJasmine sambac absolute Kaffir limeKaffir lime MyrrhMyrrh Mysore sandalwoodMysore sandalwood SaffronSaffron SpikenardSpikenard TuberoseTuberose CinnamonCinnamon RoseRose StyraxStyrax GardeniaGardenia Wan-sao-longWan-sao-long


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Temple cat moon
It was the night when I knotted myself a dress
of soft leather ribbons and champaca flowers,
when the moon dripped like balsam myrrh from the smokewood of nocturnal pagodas
Then I wanted to catch its light in goblets
and pour candles from it
for the darkness of the new moon,
when nothing but the cold haze of offerings
muffles the rustling in the flowering branches.

So the twelve temple cats had once whispered to me.

But when I wove their shirts from nettles
and Wan Sao Long
they hurried away
on sandal paths.
Even today I see in the moonlight
the tracks of their paws,
follow them like the shimmering osmanthus thread.

Stumbling over vetiver roots
i stagger towards a strange world
to the castle in the air that we are both building.
A forgotten bouncy castle like from childhood days,
decorated with silk flowers
just for me.
And with tuberoses.

There we jump in aniseed mists
higher and higher,
up to the moon.
Push him over to me
with a point of the finger!
I'll blow it back.

So easily.

The floating of a night.

So close
So far away


Admittedly, it took me a while to get into the Prin Lomros fragrances. It always irritates me a little when perfumers develop a lot of fragrances very quickly, and in the case of Prin Lomros, his creative urge has to serve three of his own brands with different profiles - and as if that wasn't enough, he probably also takes on commissions for other houses. Remarkable. Above all because so far I have consistently had original, exciting and independent compositions under my nose, not all of which I like, but none of which have left me cold.
Thichila amazed and delighted me - and that's not just because Thichila means "moon" and thematically opens doors for me.
The fragrance begins with a chypre-like accord of kaffir lime, camphor and slightly bitter spices. I perceive turmeric a little more strongly than saffron, without it dominating. I have to use my imagination for cinnamon and nutmeg. Then a lush floral scent with an unfamiliar greenish accent (Wan Sao Long?) and the apricot note of white champaca, which strongly resembles osmanthus here, rises between dark woods and fine (incense?) smoke. I think I'm slowly but surely beginning to understand what oud is - or rather, what it could be - and just as my nose is trying to adjust to the fact that labdanum and oakmoss should now be making an appearance, balsam-soft myrrh combines with mild oud and leathery civet instead. In combination with champaca, tuberose and nard, the result is a completely astonishing, slightly sweet rubbery or plastic-like accord with a pithy aniseed note that immediately transports me to a bouncy castle, except that this one is filled with exotic flowers and bathed in moonlight rather than with hooting children. Admittedly, this is as special as it sounds, but to my nose it is as fascinating as it is stunningly beautiful. I would have loved to hop around on my olfactory bouncy castle for longer than three to four hours, but in Drydown the fragrance loses a little of its originality - or is it just my chyprenose reacting a little huffily without oakmoss? The base of ambery woods and cold incense smoke is still lovely, but the magic of the fragrance lies in the bizarre floral heart note.

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Prissana / Thichila
For me, it is a fragrance that combines, for me, notes of dark agar, civet and flowers (including saffron). With time, floral-herbal, resinous and incense notes come out more. Interestingly, floral notes are combined with the smell of an ingredient that I totally didn't know and never smelled. That ingredient is Wan-Sao-Long. What is this…
Wan-Sao-Long has been traditionally valued since ancient times in Thailand for its fragrance qualities. It usually grows in humid and cold climates. In addition to its pleasant and relaxing aromatic properties, it also has an antiseptic effect in the treatment of skin infections, cuts and wounds.
Originally, they were found in a very limited area - the south of Thailand, including the south-western outskirts, in the province of Ratchaburi.
It is now grown in the Northeast and parts of Northern Thailand where the climate is cold and humid.
Most of the Wan-Sao-Long parts are useful. You can use the entire plant - from the roots to the leaves. They all generate an aromatic and relaxing fragrance with a unique and sensual herbal aroma.

And now with info from the manufacturer:
'Dancing in the moonlight
Lost in a night of seduction
A tribute to the dark shadows.

Based on traditional Thai oriental incense flowers, it is a blend of Southeast Asian flowers, incense, resins, spices, sacred wood and Thai oud.
The main star is Wan Sao Lhong. In Thai folklore it is said that it can be used to prepare an enchanted elixir of love.
Wan-Sao-Long means 'herb that intimidates women.' It is an original Thai herb that grows in a very limited area in Thailand.
It is said that in the old days, when perfumes were not yet available, men always carried Wan-Sao-Long with them to produce an aromatic fragrance that is so strong it inspires women to love.
It is also said and believed that Wan-Sao-Long is a tree of happiness and prosperity. It will only grow with people who are happy or wealthy. '

Durability approx. 6 hours, good projection.

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Moonlight and sensual Shadows
Thichila is the moon (in Thai). The Lovers' Guardian of the Night. In his shine and shadow the desire meets.

So the fragrance starts very dense and with a lot of saffron and turmeric. The florals blend in a bit, but stay covered. Especially the floral aspects are the light of the moon for me.

The counterpart are the shadows with animal notes of (non barnyard) oud and civet. And not to forget a camphor chord that comes from the Wan Sao Long. A plant species which, native to Thailand, is used for various purposes in traditional Thai medicine, but which has also been carried by men for centuries as a scent to impress women or at least to encounter them with a fragrance. It translates "The herb that intimates ladies".

For a good 8 hours resins, blossoms and spices, like moonlight, cover the subliminal sensual chords of the shadows and make Thichila an elixir. If you like orientals, this love potion is for you.


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OdeurnicheOdeurniche 8 months ago
At first i picked saffron, oud and rose, but there's more. A bit of civet, a bit of smoke: more flowers in the mid. 100% Prin more masculine


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