White Smoke 2019

White Smoke by Perfumer H
Bottle Design Michael Ruh Studio
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White Smoke is a popular perfume by Perfumer H for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is smoky-spicy. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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AmberAmber Orris absoluteOrris absolute OudOud White muskWhite musk GeraniumGeranium VanillaVanilla Benzoin SiamBenzoin Siam Cinnamon leafCinnamon leaf Cistus absoluteCistus absolute Indonesian patchouliIndonesian patchouli Italian bergamotItalian bergamot Mysore sandalwoodMysore sandalwood Roman chamomileRoman chamomile Turkish tobaccoTurkish tobacco


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Submitted by Birdee, last update on 23.08.2023.


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Gentle smoke ripples with albatross landing
Today the really nice pocket atomizers from the Perfumer H Sharings arrived, thanks ThanosKon!
I'll go right in...

It starts with a really fine incense note,
soon underlaid or flattered with a soft touch of vanilla. Like an introverted Avignon White Smoke is not a bully. He comes across as elegant. He's not a screamer either. You want to smell him, you gotta listen. I'm happy to
In the beginning, a lot happens relatively quickly, everything fine, everything very smooth. After a few very quiet blows of the noble incense and that first inkling of vanilla, the next clear note after a few very quiet blows of an unclear nature and small clouds of iris powder is: smoke
It's smoking! Again with this certain decency of the house, it starts. (I've only tested two fragrances of Perfumer H, but I'd almost bet my Bowmaker that they all come out that way. There's nothing thick about this) Still... it smokes. Long and steadily. The phrase "like standing around a campfire" used over and over again ... Clearly. And pure you stand there. For a while I smell nothing else, I'm surprised, but: yes, there is something
First I thought I would have to get used to it, then I am almost melancholy when these pure campfire vibes get company. Now comes the vanilla again. Vanilla, benzoin... Very nice, but a little profane, I think
But where one thought that this could be the end, there is, how nice, more movement in the game. Something cooler, something fresher, and I am happy (which I am often annoyed by vanilla or amber finishes that are always so similar). Maybe a little bit of camomile that makes it blow, maybe a little bit of sweet oud? (I can't clearly assign some of the things from the pyramid, man and H forgive me) Nice. Elegant. Fine fine.

I have a (but a little bit down) bang effect where the white smoke cloud really ends. Plops.
Because I got both fragrances together and curiously tested them in parallel, one on the right and one on the left, I have the direct comparison with Rain Cloud, a very different fragrance (except for the specific elegance and subtle restraint I claim). And? ...
The end, the base of the base is exactly the same!

All roads lead to Rome. (Or Athens?) (London.)
ISO-E super? (Or something similar from the Little Chemistry Laboratory Assistant Suitcase)
I'm not a professional, but this is my tip. Bets are accepted.

The durability is good, much longer than I would have thought at the beginning of the fine intellectual sensitivity. And since he comes along so briskly (as one would have wanted to make Tigger from Poo the Bear unsuccessful for once), I agree with it. Despite the musically seen a little uninspired ending.

I'm glad to have this smoke in a bottle
(Yes! The Albatross was exaggerated; but as a title just too tempting ;) )
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PallidusPallidus 2 years ago
A typical saffron-oud accord that is here lightened with iris, sweetened with benzoin, freshened with geranium & calmed with chamomile.
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