Tubéreuse Absolue 2017 Eau de Parfum

Tubéreuse Absolue (Eau de Parfum) by Perris Monte Carlo
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7.3 / 10 47 Ratings
Tubéreuse Absolue (Eau de Parfum) is a perfume by Perris Monte Carlo for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is floral-green. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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CardamomCardamom BergamotBergamot GalbanumGalbanum LavenderLavender
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TuberoseTuberose GardeniaGardenia Jasmine sambacJasmine sambac BroomBroom
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MuskMusk Orange blossomOrange blossom VetiverVetiver CedarCedar


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17 Reviews
Want to know the difference between natural and synthetic this is a way to start.
My first experience of tuberose was through a much cheaper fragrance, 1 Million Parfum and sampling Tubéreuse Absolue gave me a true understanding of the difference between natural and synthetic smelling fragrances.

This fragrance smells like i walked in to a florist and i am smelling real flowers all around me. I maybe prefer the 1 Million Parfum as it is more mass pleasing being a designer fragrance but i know for sure which of the 2 has real quality to it and it is of course Tubéreuse Absolue.

It has a very strong opening that has you feeling like people a mile away will smell this coming from you but it does settle after a minute or so but with only a spray to each wrist people will without a doubt smell this coming from me from across a room.

This fragrance may not be my type but i am putting myself in the shoes of someone who does like this kind of fragrance and i think they are going to be very happy if tuberose is a flower that they like the smell of especially the flower itself and not just oils made to smell like it.

OK we are roughly 10 minutes in and every time i think the scent is starting to sit close to the skin i get a sudden burst. It's like how people tell you to spray on areas where there is a pulse because that is what i feel like is happening. It's like i have a slow BPM and with each beat my pulse pulsates the fragrance and sends out its arhoma to me and others around me. This is the first time i have honestly experienced this.

The musk lends a hand to the floral smell to help with projection but it doesn't overwhelm us. I am not getting the typical wood that is in this fragrance when i think of cedar in other fragrances as i try to compare and detect them. No this feels purely floral to me. It's not something i would wear but hey if you love floral fragrances and are looking for something that smells truly natural then look no further, this is it for those that love tuberose I suggest you-get a sample of this. I think i am getting the dusty feeling of the vetiver.

It smells like someone has taken a flower petal and rubbed it in to a sort of paste between their finger and thumb and went "smell this" . I can't express how much of an eye opener this is when people talk about synthetic vs natural.

I see spice as one of the accords but i am not getting what i would consider a spicy fragrance. I am not really getting sweet either. To me this is a very green, floral fragrance. Any time i move my arms whafts of it are sent to me. It's green but with white florals if that makes sense.

Although not my kind of fragrance i am enjoying the experience of describing this for others. I would love to see a person who likes this flower, smell this for the first time to see their reaction of joy on their face. I think it smells something an older lady would wear. Definitely on a spring and summery day, maybe early autumn at the latest . I like that there is a note called Gardenia in it because that is what i feel like, i am in a well kept garden with lots of bushes, lots of flowers around me, i am walking on well kept grass with not a single weed in it and it is cut and trimmed very well. I am not saying it smells like grass. I am painting a picture of how I see a lovely garden with a chair I share with a friend and it happens to be next to a tuberose flower. Anyone who wishes to find you will do so without issue as this leaves a trail for them to follow. It's starting to get greener as time goes on but i still smell the musk and florals.

Ok so the sweetness is starting to come through, this will be the cardamom coming through, yes i can taste it, this will be where the spice accords come from most likely. It's more sweet than spice imo.

I feel calm, this could be the lavender at work. I feel the oil of the fragrance in my hands. I have experienced the same feeling when i spray my Eros Flame but the only note i see in there that this shares is the cedar. Does that create an oily feeling? OR they both use good quality oils in general in both fragrances that is keeping them from dissipating.

There is not much more i can say. Whenever i make movements with my arms it throws out fragrance for everyone to smell.

Leans more feminine than unisex imo. I could imagine this making a great gift for a grandmother or even an older mother. I don't see younger people rushing to wear this unless they have a deep connection to flowers somehow, like they work in a florist and love the smell of all the flowers around them and want it captured in a bottle they can wear while outside of work. I don't see men wearing this at all to be honest. I am sure there will be some that would but not many.

I seem to have hit the spot where this stays linear and i am still getting good projection will definitely leave a trail behind you and longevity i will get back to as the day goes on. I like to write these as i am wearing the fragrance from spray to finish so that i can convey what i am experiencing fresh in my mind and then come back later when the longevity can be rated properly.

So ratings.

Like i say, this is not a fragrance i would wear but i do recognise quality and when i first sprayed this, it screams natural to me and that people who love strong floral fragrances will enjoy this. so i am going to give it an 8.5/10 losing a point because if it had been able to win me over that gains extra points if it were to make me buy a bottle. It smells very natural and for that i have to rate it highly especially with the name of the fragrance as it gives what it is telling you to expect.
Sillage an 8/10 i believe people will know what rooms you have been in as you wander around the house and even be able to follow you in a garden surrounded by other flowers.

I am only an hour maybe and hour and a half in and only now am I starting to smell the cedar with a little of the floral smell to it but it is a skin scent. The identity of the fragrance is still there, just so I will continue counting points towards longevity for as long as I can still smell what makes this fragrance it’s own. If it gets to a point where only the cedar is what I can smell and could be any other fragrance with cedar in it then I will stop counting. It still has the natural floral notes going for it and the cedar smells natural too.

Now at no more than 2 hours the fragrance is a skin scent giving off nothing that tells me I am wearing the same fragrance I sprayed 2 hours ago. Sure there is a slight hint of flowers but it could be that this came from a sample bottle and we all know how terrible the atomisers on them can be so that could be an issue here. So because of this I am going to leave out a longevity score for now because I only have each wrist one spray each from the sample bottle. After a 2nd good spray of both wrists I realised that the problem is with myself and that I had gone nose blind because I felt zero increase in the ability to smell the fragrance at all. Usually if it is an issue with the fragrance a fresh spray should fix that issue. For me it didn’t. I will ask people around me how long they can smell it. I done a 2nd spray at 9:40am and will report back later.
Price 160 Euros for 100ml from their own website for these natural smelling notes is good pricing imo. The 50ml is a little more expensive per 100ml sitting at 105 Euros.
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