Spirit of Delicate Blush 2019

Spirit of Delicate Blush by Spirit
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Spirit of Delicate Blush is a perfume by Spirit for women and was released in 2019. The scent is powdery-sweet. It is being marketed by Lifestyle Perfumes.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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A fragrance I know, but in a better version
At an online Dm bulk purchase I took this fragrance with me, because all my PerfumeJunkie girls were without exception enthusiastic about this perfume and from the description it sounded promising.
Yesterday it arrived. When I sprayed it in the lid I had a hunch, on my skin it was confirmed. I smelled this Naomi Campbell perfume in the brown bottle.
Only it's a version of this scent even more to my taste. It's softer and rounder, the edges are more polished,but that spicy is still noticeable. And most importantly, that vanilla note comes through much better here than in the original.
I like this fragrance by Naomi Campbell, but it's a bit too much of everything for me and I only catch the nice vanilla base for a moment.
This fragrance here seems rather soothing, even cuddly to me and that despite its spiciness.
On my skin, a gummy note develops briefly after the first 3 minutes, both on my wrist and neck, but it fortunately dissipates quickly.
I hope Spirit continues to bring out more such darlings :)
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Cheap top scent !
Dream vacation on the North Sea coast has been a thing of the past for about three weeks now and everyday life has more than returned to me. Some not tragic turbulences then here in my family environment. One has become modest and stands above some things that one used to get upset about. I also foresaw the rising virus numbers. After all, in our long-time holiday resort it was as if the virus did not exist. Poor hygiene and it came back home as a souvenir. But we kept our distance there.

Now since yesterday my hometown belongs to the hotspot or as they say so elegantly. Our neighboring town has been it for 14 days already.

Now a clever woman is making provisions and in view of the fact that some things were in short supply in the spring, I had to do some major shopping with Rossmann. No, I did not buy the white streamers ! But as always a detour along the fragrances. Nothing that tore me away at first sight. But the company Spirit was in the offer for 2.49, I took a closer look at the shelf. I thought about whether or not I should dare to take a test. I had never really got on with the brand before. Choose my fragrances by nose and not by price. Tester was there and a spray in the air. Not bad and since the better half was waiting in the car, get in the car quickly. For the price I risked it again, but sprayed on the skin before.

As there were still some appointments to be made, I was able to check the scent on the way and found it to be very good. The beginning was very briefly fruity and fresh before it became flowery and powdery without one flower dominating. The finish then further powdery floral and suitable for autumn and winter. No fragrance dominates and above all not to smell the artificial vanilla which I hate. There are fragrances for the cold season, where you smell like a Christmas cookie or as if you had perfumed yourself with vanilla oil from a pudding doctor's bottle. Soft, powdery, cuddly, enveloping you with a hint of Nivea, I can't describe the fragrance any other way. Extraordinary for me, without being too conspicuous, that is this fragrance for me. Always wearable, always cultivated, noble and a little understatement. So a little for the ladies from Blankenese in Hamburg.

On the way then in my environment the big sniff. God's husband said, finally a great smell. But he said that more than once. In a shop the question of an excited customer, who had a lot of distance to me, about the scent. This time I was mean and replied that I had brought the scent from Venlo. No, I didn't want to share my secret and if, as I was assured elsewhere, I smelled of a Naomi Campbell fragrance, all the better.

I find the flacon functional and practical for the handbag. I don't like to carry blocks in my pocket. Durability with three hours is more than enough for me
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Luxury does not have to be expensive ..
A few weeks ago, when I was passing the time in a drugstore while my grandmother was buying up half the ladies' department in the department store next door, I noticed this darling.

The brand "Spirit" is quite familiar to me, because I have been wearing its fragrance "Cashmere Musk" for years now and I can't put it into words at all, how often people, no matter if male or female, have already spoken to me about this fragrance.

I had no idea about the new fragrance, why I was surprised when I saw this beautiful outer packaging in my eyes, but unfortunately there was no tester for the fragrance yet.

I immediately stormed through the store and must have spent 10 minutes desperately looking for a saleswoman, but do you think I would have found one, except for the lady at the checkout? Nope!

After the first 5 minutes I was looking for a saleswoman, I was already on 180, after 7 minutes I was on 360 and when I still haven't found a saleswoman after 10 minutes, I was so on 720, that I raged down to the checkout and bought it.

Well, the fragrance regularly costs "only" 3,55€, but I am angry green and blue, if I blindly buy a fragrance, spray it up and then in the worst case smell like some cheap curb swallow.

When I came out of the drugstore, my grandmother wanted to wait for me in front of the department store, of course there was nothing to see of her far and wide, so I sat down on a bench, unpacked the scent and sprayed it on my wrist.

When I spray on a scent, I always count to 10 internally to prepare myself mentally and morally for a disappointment, but when I sniffed at my wrist after the 10 seconds, I almost freaked out with joy, because I LOVE scents that smell soft, clean, powdery and creamy.

There were 30 ml in the bottle and when I had finished abusing the scent in the middle of town on the park bench, there was probably a maximum of 5 ml left, because I wasn't just spraying but showering in the scent.

Of course you shouldn't be as crazy as me, because 3 - 5 splashes would have done the same, but I was still so loaded, because I couldn't find a shop assistant, that I had to cover all my anger with a soft scent, so that I at least smell good, while I still looked like 7 days of rain weather on my face.

Now I was sitting there, on this bench, wrapped in a powdery scent and hadn't thought that I would experience any more great scent, but I was wrong.

After a quarter of an hour my grandmother finally arrived, the credit card still glowing, armed with bags and when I wanted to take the bags from her, she said to me "You smell good!" and I said "What after?" and she said "After fabric softener or something like that" and I pressed the bags back into her hand, bought me another bottle and destroyed 3 complete bottles in the last 4 weeks.

The fragrance becomes softer, gentler, more powdery due to the body heat and smells, at least on me, just expensive.

I wonder if there were any compliments Yeah, more than enough, not just from my grandma.

Do I recommend the scent? Yes! Every person who loves to wrap themselves in powdery, clean and creamy fragrances should give this fragrance a chance, because you don't smell like a 08/15 1,99€ body lotion here, but much more like a 69,99€ Luxury Body Velvet Soufflé Dream Skin ³D MAY YOU CANNOT ALWAYS PERFORM AFTER 6 CORRECT IN LOTTO + SUPERNUMBLE Cream.

Who has ever smelled at these expensive body creams, but it does not see at all, exactly like me to buy for 70,00€ a body cream which allegedly cellulite and stretch marks, but in the end only your charcoal disappears, I can recommend this fragrance.

It is not a heavy fragrance, but you will notice it as soon as you stand next to the wearer.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to be able to smell any component here exactly, because it is a very round and harmonious composition from all ingredients, but I must confess that I find this composition fantastic, especially if you consider that you pay 3.55€ or in the offer 2.49€ (25.11.2019 - 30.11.2019 with Rossi) and the fragrance is also still "Made in France".

Yesterday I mixed 5 splashes of "Delicate Blush" with 5 splashes of "Cashmere Musk", because I wanted it a little more wicked last night, because when I combine innocence and sin with each other, the guys stick to my ass like the city's parking tickets on my windshield! D

On Monday morning I'm standing in front of Rossi at 7:00 a.m. with a small van and watch very closely through my huge black sunglasses who dares to approach the branch, because I'll rip every bottle I can get under the nail in the offer ... Shopping is only allowed in normal household quantities, but in my household it gets so foggy that I had to put a sign in front of my front door with the inscription "Light candles at your own risk".

If my neighbour has organized an Advent wreath for herself, I will leave on the 1st Advent, because she will look around when she tries to light a candle, the whole stable flies into the air and it smells like fabric softener and powder all over Germany - it's her own fault who ignores my warnings.

I am in love with this fragrance and do not regret the purchase in any way and I sincerely hope that you will also like the fragrance if you test it on yourself and your skin based on my review.

Thanks for reading! :)
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