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Say, what was the name of that perfume in the blue bottle?
When I was sitting at the table with my uncle at my father's birthday party about 3 or 4 years ago, it suddenly came back to me....

"Say, you brought me some perfume a while back for a test drive. It was a long time ago, but it was a narrow blue bottle with a little residue in it."

(Forgive the expression "bottle" at this point)

"Hmm, you must mean Acqua di Parma. Otherwise, I don't really have a blue home."

"Unfortunately I can't remember the name, but I had to think about it again recently and would like to buy the perfume"

"I'll bring you what I have from them tomorrow."

Then I got Cipresso di Toscana and Bergamotto di Calabria.
Immediately there was one sprayer each on the left and right arm.
With Cipresso di Toscana I was immediately sure that it could not have been him. But I didn't think it was bad either.
But Bergamotto di Calabria? I really like it! However, the memory of the other fragrance was already quite faded.

So then I'd better order the sample set of the Blu Mediterraneo line.
I knew by now that it must have been a scent of AdP. I could remember the blue 30ml bottle immediately.

And in the fragrance set it was then also included....the "prodigal son".

Fico di Amalfi!

Fruity, citric and especially FRESH !
The bittersweet grapefruit was what I remember most. Immediately present at the beginning, it makes room for the fig after a short time. Woody notes form the conclusion.
A great package for the summer and my personal favourite from Acqua di Parma.
Shelf life:
Well, it's a light summer scent. Not outstanding, but there are definitely worse things (also in the blue row of AdP).
I really like it at first. But it wears off quickly.
Nice! Only as some have rightly criticized before me, the plastic lid should really not be

This is how I became aware of Acqua di Parma.
A brand that has accompanied me through every summer since then and I would not want to miss it anymore.
No performance monsters, but perfect for the hot days.
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I'm gonna hop on the hype train
Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford.... one of the first niche fragrances that made it into my showcase - and that as a blind purchase.

Was that clever?
Probably not, because in this price segment one should generally refrain from blind purchases. But the fragrances of the perfume and the comments here on parfumo made me so curious that I simply hit the jackpot for a bigger discount campaign.

But Tuscan Leather is definitely such a candidate, who wants and needs to be tested extensively before buying.
Why? He's polarizing! And like no other in my collection.
With no other fragrance have I received so many positive and negative reactions so often. But even if not everyone likes it, I have the feeling that my shoulders get a little wider with every spray ;). The strong Sillage stands like a second person in the room.

To the fragrance itself: I smell leather, of course. But not "old-fashioned", not pungent....but elegant, modern and soft. A bit smoky. In addition, I and my untrained nose perceive something that could be incense and thyme.
Everything is rounded off by a very beautiful raspberry, which is present from the beginning and gets better and better over time.
The raspberry makes the whole thing seem so incredibly harmonious and round that I would like to carry the fragrance around the whole year. But this could backfire in summer...
In any case a fragrance for the slightly cooler days and for special occasions.

I have often read that the Ombre Nomade by Louis Vuitton is said to have a certain similarity to TL. If this is true I can't judge, but I will test it in the near future.

But until then Tuscan Leather gets 10 points from me as the first fragrance!

Well done, Mr. Ford.
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The headline "A fragrance for kings", which another fragrance madman has chosen here, fits perfectly in my opinion ;) !

I bought a sample of Alexandria II a few weeks ago.
Arrived at home it was of course immediately tested

First impression: Wow, that smells expensive.
But I also immediately noticed something soft/creamy, which at first bothered me a bit.
I had only noticed a similar note in Laylati by Xerjoff.
But what was too strong (and feminine) for me in Laylati, fits perfectly into the composition in Alexandria II.
It's supposed to be, no, it's supposed to be like this!!
The more I wear it, the more I like it.

Shelf life and Sillage are a declaration of war...despite taking a shower I still perceive the scent 20 hours later discreetly.

If you have the necessary change and are looking for something special (but still suitable for the masses), you can get a sample here with a clear conscience.
Pure luxury for the special occasions. Absolutely unisex (therefore also suitable for queens =). Cheers.
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My first
I think I was 17 when I overheard a conversation between two pretty classmates... it was - tada - about perfume.
One of them told the other about the fact that she gave her boyfriend a perfume for his birthday and that he would smell just great ever since.
As it is well known that at that age one is not always completely in control of oneself, from then on there was only one goal for me: To smell better than the male competition! home and on the PC to order the best perfume that mankind (especially the ladies) has ever smelled. A little bit of money from the last birthday and pocket money from the granny were still there!

But what should I buy?
Some kind of perfume from Boss? Sure, I've heard of it but somehow it's too "mainstream" - and I definitely didn't want that ;)
Armani? Hmm... The bottle and the color look appealing... but somehow that doesn't grab me either.

But then I see a brand that was completely unknown to me until then: Dior
Let's see what perfume comes out when I set the search filter to "men"...
Dior Homme Intense appears at the very top.
A perfume with many reviews. Especially women write how much they love the scent on their men... "this scent separates the men from the boys"... 4,5 of 5 possible stars - JACKPOT !
So put it in the shopping cart! (of course the 150ml version, so that I have something longer. And as good as it is rated, I can only like it).

After about 2 days the parcel arrived. Of course we unpacked it directly and tested it on the forearm.
"Yeah, smells really, really good" was my first thought at the time. The bottle was then placed in the bathroom, full of anticipation for the next day
The fact that I could still detect the scent on me the morning after getting up should have been a subtle hint of the power of Homme Intense.

But I didn't care, so there were more than two sprays to the neck before I left the house.
When I arrived at school, I was the first one outside the classroom that day.
Man, I was so excited..
As chance would have it, one of the two girls mentioned came second.
She wasn't sitting properly beside me when she said:
"Do you smell like this? Your perfume is all over the stairs."

"Uh, yes, I am. But don't you like it?"

"Yes, it is, but it's too strong"

What would I do with it now? Did she like it or not? On the one hand it smells good but on the other hand it is too strong? Hä?

The idea that the error was apparently in the application I of course did not come up at that time =).
Disappointed, the bottle disappeared into the bathroom cabinet... i think my father was kind enough to empty it for me at the time

Many years went into the country...
... Until recently, during my lunch break, armed with a voucher, I indecisively stormed into the nearest perfumery.
There my choice fell again on Dior Homme Intense (but this time the 50ml version).
Somehow it's stuck in my memory
So put on a sprayer and get back to the office

Result: 2 compliments within the first hour. Exactly the way I had always imagined it :P !!

I really, really like him. Manly. Elegant
Durability and sillage are also very strong for the price in my opinion. Can't complain!
In retrospect, however, I see him more as a (young) man who has passed the phase where you can shave your cheeks with a washcloth ;).

Maybe I would have been better off with Le Male then...

Best regards and stay healthy! br />
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Freshly squeezed orange for the skin. Durability but under all circumstances...
Well, it could have been nice... if it wasn't for the durability.
At least on my skin it is under all the guns

Yeah, it's a citrus scent. As is well known, they don't always shine with their outstanding durability.
But I really only notice Arancia di Capri after 45 minutes when I run my nose over the back of my hand (by the way, it doesn't really go down well in the office if you hide something behind your desk :P)

Conclusion: Actually a very nice unisex summer scent. Reminds me of a freshly squeezed (sweet) orange. Because of the durability for me but unfortunately uninteresting.
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