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7 months ago - 18.05.2023

"Acqua Colonia Freesia & Musk": The Floral-soft Fragrance Novelty by 4711

The Cologne-based perfume brand 4711 is expanding its "Acqua Colonia" collection with a new floral-fruity fragrance for women.

A delicate floral creation accompanied by enveloping musk notes. The floral accents of freesia with its fruity facets meet soft musk, which softly embeds this creation. A delicate and elegant creation that gives a gentle aura.

Juliette Karagueuzoglou

Acqua Colonia Freesia & Musk
Acqua Colonia Freesia & Musk

For "Acqua Colonia Freesia & Musk Eau de Cologne" perfumer Juliette Karagueuzoglou combined the floral and sweet nuances of freesia with the warm and creamy notes of musk. The new fragrance is part of the 4711 "Acqua Colonia" collection, which combines natural ingredients to create contrasting compositions.

In addition to a fruity, fresh component, each of our 4711 ACQUA COLONIA fragrances always contains an exciting counterpole that gives the fragrances a certain twist through spicy, woody or floral notes.


The first perfumes in the series were launched in 2009. Last year saw the release "Acqua Colonia Starfruit & White Flowers", "Acqua Colonia Peony & Sandalwood", "Acqua Colonia Coconut Water & Yuzu" and "Acqua Colonia Pomelo & Sea Salt".

In addition to the "Aqua Colonia" collection, 4711 also offers the "Aqua Colonia Intense" range, which includes fragrances with higher concentration.

"Acqua Colonia Freesia & Musk Eau de Cologne" is exclusively available in the online store of 4711 in a bottle size of 50 ml.

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