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The animalic bad girls

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9 years ago
That sounds amazing. I'll put it on my test list. Thanks!
9 years ago
Amoureuse by Parfums DelRae!
9 years ago
"I only wear Bal a Versailles when I'm happy and when I'm sad.
Sometimes I spritz it when I'm alone.
When I have company I consider it obligatory.
I trifle with it if I'm not in a hurry and mist it when I am,
otherwise I never touch the stuff, unless I have showered:368bf1a166]
Love it, Omni. Laughing Whom did you quote?

More recent discoveries from the skanky genre are "I-II Montecristo" and "Maai".
The contemporary queen of the animal realm, however, is Vero Kern's Onda.
9 years ago
I haven't hear of any of those MiaTrost. I need to dig up some samples!
7 years ago
Bogue Profumo, Gardelia
7 years ago
Bal a Versailles most definitely and MFK Absolue pour le soir Smile
6 years ago
+ for Jean Patou's Joy, 1000, and Eau de Joy
I also love the sweet & saltiness of ambergris, such as in Paco Rabanne Olympéa.

For musk, the classic Jovan White Musk is wonderful, as is Body Fantasies' Fresh White Musk.
6 years ago
Bal a Versailles most definitely Smile

Most certainly! Nothing in my collection comes close to this bad gal. Week, maybe Tableau de Parfums' "Loretta" is a close second. It's pretty skanky in the best way possible. Leather and ambergris heaven!
1 year ago

Nobody mentioned Leather OudLeather Oud ??

1 year ago

KemiKemi ?

1 year ago 1

My favorite is for sure SalomeSalome

11 months ago

my all time fav of this category. Perfume that literally makes me feel like the world’s best-payed prostitute. The queen of animalic feminine gods: SalomeSalome

10 months ago

Animalic drugstore cheapie, Revlon Intimate!

10 months ago

Paloma Picasso / Mon Parfum (Eau de Parfum)Paloma Picasso Eau de Parfum

Technically, a floral cyphre, but the animalic notes are so well done and sex-ay.

10 months ago

Love animalic notes, to me they make perfumes fun and warm. Favourites are "Ma Bête | Eris" , Myths WomanMyths Woman , Vierges et TorerosVierges et Toreros , The Lover's TaleThe Lover's Tale , Tabac TabouTabac Tabou , CivetCivet.

Actively use all of them Smile

10 months ago

My favorite is for sure SalomeSalome

and yes, Salome too, very addictive to me, replaced old Carons that are impossible to find for me

6 months ago
5 months ago

Most of the initial fragrances released by Francesca Bianchi.

The Dark SideThe Dark Side

The Lover's TaleThe Lover's Tale

Under My SkinUnder My Skin

5 months ago 1
51 - 69 by 69
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