Remix Cologne Edition 2018 2018

Remix Cologne Edition 2018 by 4711
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7.7 / 10 266 Ratings
A popular limited perfume by 4711 for women and men, released in 2018. The scent is citrusy-fresh. It is being marketed by Mäurer & Wirtz.
Limited Edition
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Fragrance Pyramid

Top Notes Top Notes
BergamotBergamot LemonLemon TeaTea
Heart Notes Heart Notes
Bitter orangeBitter orange NeroliNeroli GentianGentian
Base Notes Base Notes
CedarwoodCedarwood MuskMusk CashmeranCashmeran


7.7266 Ratings
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8.5101 Ratings
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5 Reviews
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Top Review 30  
Beautiful, valuable cologne for all who don't need a status symbol
The last weeks were already very summery with us and so my very fresh scents came early to the train. In summer I prefer colognes or similar like the Green Teas of Arden - the original as well as the Flanker. Last year I already added "Remix Cologne Anniversary Edition" to my collection, unfortunately it was limited. Nevertheless, I discovered a whole fresh filled shelf of it at Müller, right next to this year's LM. It is also still available online, on the HP of 4711 it still appears as limited
even after one year
Here you get what the bottle and advertising promise: A lot of orange. Very natural, unsweet and fresh. The fragrance becomes warmer and softer/creamer in the course of time and is therefore well wearable even on cloudy days. I can hardly smell tea at first. For me, it smells like lemons, oranges, in the course of time very slightly floral with a soft cedar wood base.

The shelf life is equivalent to a cologne between two and three hours. I can't understand why anyone would regret that. The purpose of a cologne is simply to refresh yourself on hot days, which you get mainly by spraying, even if the fresh, light notes prolong the feeling of freshness a little. And here you can re-spray without having to look into your wallet first. With 100ml you should also get through the summer, especially if you have other scents as well. Next year the next LE will come out anyway - Quote "In 2018 the starting signal for a new fragrance series will be given: Each of the seven main ingredients of 4711 Genuine Eau de Cologne will be remixed in a limited edition

4711 always surprises me. The fragrances are valuable and cheap, but by no means cheap. My Capreser oranges from Parma, which are many times more expensive, can wrap up against this orange scent. While this fragrance is so citric that it starts to annoy me when I'm warm, Remix Cologne Edition 2018 is just soothing and relaxing. And so much longer will my ital. Luxury cologne now also again not to justify the price. ;) Also, it does not smell much higher quality, and is due to the intense citrus note with the caramel for me rather a pick-me-up on cloudy late winter days. At that time I had bought it for me and in this time it fits for me also well
Summer can come!

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Top Review 31  
(K)an ode to summer
The smog of the big city soaked with sun cream and deodorant.
Overflowing meat rolls in too tight hotpants.
Unskilled feet in sandals - partly makeshift hidden in white tennis socks.
The cramped feeling in crowded trams during rush hour - standing and surrounded by high ripped armpits.
Striking arguments in spaghetti titops.
Incisive experiences of the latest swimwear in the outdoor pool.
A horde of wasps in and around the sundae.
Stung calves and arms by nocturnal pests...
Yeah, it's already on my back... summer. You can literally hear the transpiration in the distance...I make no secret of it - it is not my season. Too warm, too stuffy, too sweaty, too much...

But now anyway, on a beautiful and climatically moderate May day, I followed my shallow drive through the fragrance department of the local drugstore. A display in summery orange literally attracted my nose and so it happened that the tester was extensively following his destiny. The first impression was quite benevolent and pleasantly strong. The classic "4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser" can truly be heard, but is immediately taken up by the citric notes. Bergamot, bitter orange and lemon are composed fresh and fruity and do not tend to turn into a toilet stone in any way. Neroli and tea keep themselves soft and unsweet in the background and together with the gentian result in a slightly spicy and bitter note. Unfortunately only shortly before the finish of this quite nicely made composition, the base notes are warm and soft to hear. The shelf life is low and lies with +- one can look at the price and is not further reprehensible for this reason. In principle a sparkling summery skin scent that doesn't make summer palatable to me personally, but is certainly pleasant to wear and unobtrusive at this time of year. Fresh. Citric. Slightly tart and spicy. Good, good, good.

45 Reviews
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Top Review 34  
It smells like flirtation.
Ring-ring... ...ring-ring... "Telephone counselling for anonymous lemonade alcoholics, my name is Kreszenz Schubidu, what can I do for you?"

"Hello, I'm super desperate, I don't know what to do."

"But, but... What's wrong?"

"I've been sober for some time now. But I don't drink the lemonade anymore, I just smell it
I used to like the Guerlain series so much, that was the Aqua Allegoria series. Limon Verde had an awesome lemony opening, but the coconut on the finish spoiled everything. So I tried Tangerine Basilic, wonderfully fruity, but the finish was too flowery for me. Passiflora was not wrong either, fresh, fruity, simply delicious. My favourite became Nerolia Bianca, but I secretly fell in love with this fragrance. But in the long run, this series became too expensive for me to sniff in the flask and I needed something new.

It happened the other day in front of the kebab shop. I smelled this delicious grilled meat. And there it was - the fridge in front of the kebab shop. Full Orangina, full Coca-Cola, full Fanta. And I knew I was lost
So I went to my trusted perfume dealer. Girl of Capri was a cool number, almost had me fooled. ... but have you ever seen the color... Not so good, so it didn't work out
The L'OC with lemon verbena, wow! Was the lemony tasty, but unfortunately a little toouuuuuu short-lived. Also the Durance scent with vervain was fresh (smelled a little bit like apple rings... delicious!) and also had a subterranean shelf life.

So I was actually about to run away with my Capri-Sun...


"Okay, okay, I have a last-minute fix for you. Now listen carefully: So you don't want to spend a lot of money and stay dry - no problem. In the 4711 remix series, there's still the one with orange.

It is a kind of jump in the pool into an orange fresh drink and has a fresh, slightly herbaceous finish. It's also a short pleasure, but it doesn't cost that much. And on the skin you will have the feeling of being shock-free."

"Okay... So what's the catch?"

"The catch is that you can get a fake fan named Flirt from Aldi for 79 cents and get drunk for a week. ... and she smells the same!"

"But HELLO I'm dry!"

"As you wish, but I'll get three bottles and a pack of Pringles afterwards - if you want, come by - you know - once teased, never stopped.

After all, what is this - a life without lemonade?"

Many thanks to Behmi for the inspiration with the Capri-Sun =D=D=D

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Top Review 34  
In the colognist cafe: bitter-sweet
In the Crellekiez, Schöneberg is like Kreuzberg 61, quite alternative, but meanwhile also bourgeois and rather beautiful than flashy. And in its main street, Crellestraße, the Cafe bitter-sweet opened its doors from 2014 to 2018, one of the most lovable and familiar cafes I knew in Berlin. Very small, and the furniture (beautiful, but tending to be jumbled together from bulky waste) as unconventional as the offerings: I remember home-baked Scottish-style oat bread for breakfast, excellent English scones with clotted cream for coffee (there are very few addresses even in Berlin where you can get that), curious coffee specialties (bitter) and chocolate specialties (sweet) from all over the world.

The owner (with Kurdish roots) had put her multicultural life story at the time confession-joyful in the Internet: there was talk of a social worker activity in Great Britain, of long wanderings through South America with a kind of awakening experience under a cocoa bean bush and a sudden return to the Berlin home. I found it touching how the boss once entertained a sad and poor-looking old woman in a caring way at an early hour - I assume it was her mother. The bitter-sweet was on her way to some sort of regular cafe of ours when she disappeared as suddenly as she appeared. May the proprietor and the old woman be happy today.

Bitter sweet is also going on in our Colognist Cafe today. 4711 has now built up a whole empire of the most diverse Colognes in several series, and much of it I like very much! There are the classics (besides the Echt Kölnisch Wasser also e.g. the rather orangy 'Portugal' and the somewhat weird 'Ice'), then the Aqua-Colonia series, the series with the landscape impressions ('Scandinavian Woods' & Co) and here the Remix series with exactly one new release every year. Whether these editions are really limited seems unclear to me. I recently bought a bottle of this water in a regular store, and the bottom of the label says "Limited Edition", but no longer "2018", as it does in the Parfumo picture. This looks like they want to break away from a specific year.

This edition is one of the orangier productions from the house of 4711, but unlike 'Portugal' or even unlike the 'Anniversary Remix', it's pretty far from the classic Farina cologne and is guaranteed 100% herb and green stuff free. Notably, the classic lavender and rosemary ingredients are completely absent and not replaced with anything similar. Almost everything here is in the "bittersweet, orangy citric" realm. Accordingly, the citrus is almost entirely devoid of acidity (even the lemon comes across as rather candied), and the green notes are, at best, a citrusy green (like the peels of limes or still-green bitter orange). Spices (as in Mandarin Cardamom from the Aqua Colonia series) are also absent.

Despite what is essentially a very limited range of notes, in terms of main scents, Remix 2018 is quite complex for a cologne. And while it's (bitterly) sweet and soft, it never tips over into the cheesy or sticky. The floral notes (gentian) and the synthetic additions (cashmeran and musk, which seem to be used with the utmost restraint here and by no means lead to the fluff puff) only round out the citric, giving it depth and originality without bringing any real weight of their own.

Overall, though, I don't think the remix is a stroke of genius like the Anniversary remix. Nevertheless, Nicolas Beaulieu, who after numerous rather inexpensive designer fragrances now also has an Armani Prive in his portfolio to show, has succeeded here a more than decent, a beautiful, pleasing, round bittersweet orange fragrance, which all friends of this direction should definitely once nasal taste.

Third visit to the Colognist Cafe.
Blog has been updated.

55 Reviews
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Top Review 21  
Orange remixed
The 4711 brand is certainly associated with the classic genuine eau de cologne that every granny has felt when she stood in the bathroom cabinet. But for several years now, exciting new creations from the series Acqua Colonia (from 2009) and the Remix Edition (from 2011) have been coming back again and again. The first Remix Cologne was launched on the occasion of the 225th anniversary of the brand, and since then a limited Remix Edition has followed every year, each of which focuses on one fragrance. After Petitgrain from the anniversary edition, the same orange Cologne followed in 2018, lavender in 2019 and this year 2020 the lemon was remixed.

The fragrance is described here as citric fresh, but for me the fruity parts are in the foreground. The rather unknown perfumer is responsible for creations like Aromatics in White by Clinique and Invictus Aqua by Paco Rabanne.
The packaging is harmonious, I especially like the summery fruity colours and the artwork, which looks modern and despite the low price not cheap.
The flacon, adapted to the traditional shape, is decorated with a matt label. A small paper band seals the fragrance, which I find particularly appealing as a small, classic gimmick. The spray head creates a pleasant atomization.

The scent pyramid reads coherently. The notes orange, tea and cashmeran are the ones that made my ears prick up, as I particularly appreciate them.
The fragrance actually starts off beautifully citric-orange, but more fruity and tangy than fresh, fortunately the bergamot was not overdosed here. I would describe it as sweet, thus unbitter, despite the tea and the bitter orange. After a few minutes the tangyness disappears and I can sense hints of black tea, which seem almost creamy and well balanced. I must also mention at this point, however, that I would not have smelled the tea out without having the pyramid of scents in mind. After a few minutes, the juicy taste turns into a slightly oily orange peel, but this is neither too ethereal nor natural cosmetic. I don't smell too much from the base, as I have the feeling that the fragrance becomes linearly weaker from the heart note on. It is possible, however, that musk and cashmeran support the creaminess and the cedar wood acts as an amplifier for the citric. I would also easily attribute citric qualities to cashmeran. On my skin, the spell is over after about 40 minutes and I would have to add more. On my clothes, however, the scent lasts two to three times as long.

Colognes are known to serve as a short-term refreshment, which this fragrance also fulfils 100%.

I find it to be a good all-rounder that can be worn during the day, at work, in leisure time, as a wellness fragrance, as well as by old and young and man and woman and everyone in between, regardless of the season. But for me it fits especially well in the summer and golden autumn. Before going to sleep I would not use it because of its activating properties.

The fragrance twin is Orange Sanguine by Atelier Cologne, which I cannot confirm, because Orange Sanguine seems to me to be much brighter and more fleshy. The fans of one fragrance might also like the other one and vice versa.

I would assign the following keywords to the fragrance: Warm, sunny, slightly spicy, orange juice, orange peel, tangy to creamy consistency,

My conclusion: 4711 has released a beautiful orange scent with the Remix Edition 2019, which I would recommend unreservedly to all lovers of this fruit who are looking for a good and inexpensive refresher.

Thank you for reading,

Your Flaconesse
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5 short views on the fragrance
AnessaAnessa 6 years ago
Authentic fruity&zesty Satsuma euphoria opening,lemon cleaner intermezzo.Original 4711 dominates the rest w/ its masculine,woody bitterness.
ItchynoseItchynose 5 years ago
Same good old 4711 DNA with oranges replacing lemons as the predominant note.
HafshinHafshin 12 months ago
You're peeling and smelling a fragrant orange beside a bitter orange tree in spring. orange is dominant but you smell neroli too. truly refreshing.
EstbienlaEstbienla 2 years ago
I didn't like this version, 4711 classic with authentic bitter orange gives a pungent and unpleasant result
Herkules762Herkules762 9 months ago
Summer breeze in the tangerine garden. Delicious and refreshing. Way better than the OG 4711, and far best among Remix Cologne Editions.


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