Rosewood by Banana Republic
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Rosewood is a popular perfume by Banana Republic for women and was released in 2006. The scent is sweet-powdery. It was last marketed by Inter Parfums. Pronunciation
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Wood from roses?
Hey you snot noses... oh man, I've barely started and I'm already calling you names... this is getting to be a habit, oh no, this is all your fault, as usual!!!! :DD

Alright, so once again, hello there R... smelly butts? Yeah, that sounds at least a little better already :))
Welcome to my latest commentary. Today it's about a fragrance brand from which I have not yet tried a fragrance and I find the brand name quite funny: Banana Republic. Since I like to play video games and like, among other things, the Tropico series, I had to think of these games with the name, because you have to build and lead an island as a dictator, of course everything nice with black humor, where just such islands like Cuba are taken for a ride.

Anyway, the scent here certainly does not come from a banana republic, right? Honestly, Banana Republic even belongs to a brand that is probably quite well known, namely GAP. The fragrance in question here is Rosewood. Rosewood, that is. And what exactly is Rosewood? Well, you can't ask me something like that, I have no idea, because I would have normally said that maybe it's the wood of rose bushes? Heh heh, well almost. From a botanical point of view, it's not a rose at all, but rosewood, which is called Dalbergia decipularis and which doesn't belong to the rose family at all, but to the legume family (and no, it's not beans now :D). But the wood of this plant is called rosewood because the freshly cut wood should smell like roses, interesting or?

Okay, let's get started!

The scent:
So, the beginning doesn't (or not yet) smell like roses to me. Rather, I smell quite intense vanilla right now, which smells nice and powdery and of course quite sweet. However, the vanilla seems to weaken significantly after a few minutes, because after that I actually smell a scent that is very similar to roses and even becomes quite intense.
After the roses also weaken a little and it smells more like a nice mix of vanilla and roses, the fragrance smells for me also quite slightly fruity and fresh, but especially then comes another sweetness to what would have to be the amber.
In the base, the fragrance smells mainly of vanilla, but now and then comes to me in the background a slightly sultry, floral note, but this is rather weak and may also only me so.

The sillage and the durability:
The sillage is quite good, so you can sniff the fragrance in others even if you do not get close enough. At least at the beginning, with time, the fragrance is of course weaker.
The shelf life is quite okay with eight to ten hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is flat and bowl-shaped, then gets a flat dome and finishes with a cylindrical and chrome lid, which ends up disc-shaped and has a bordered (leather?)band on the side. Looks quite nice and is a nice change from the often rectangular flacons.

Hmm... Rosewood is a good example that even cheap smelling fragrances don't have to be bad, as maybe some sometimes think. I think Rosewood is quite successful and I also love that it doesn't just smell like rose all the way through, but just gives off a lovely sweet powdery scent. I also don't find the scent particularly heavy, so I think you could still use it like an all-rounder even on slightly warmer days, both as a going out scent and as a daily companion for all sorts of situations. At work, meetings, etc. you should possibly spray lower,...

Otherwise, this fragrance also belongs to the category of "ladies you would like to bite and eat up with such a fragrance" Yam!.. :DD

A test is therefore recommended if you like roses, vanilla and amber. From this point of view, there is not much more variety besides these three fragrances, but what counts, as always, is yes the great scent itself. Disadvantageous is at most the fact that the fragrance is just absolutely nothing new and you know something like that certainly already from many other fragrances.

So I'm done once again and wish you all a nice evening, see you soon :)
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unquestionably tasteful
I like BR's Rosewood a lot. It's got some citrus, some musk, some vanilla, some wood, all nicely balanced. It's definitely one I would consider for a woman of any age who would like to smell pretty and inoffensive in an office or a job dealing with the public. I would place this on a par with Kenzo Amour, Max Mara edp, FUBU Plush, Joop Muse, and many other gentle scents I enjoy regularly. I'd like to add it to my collection, but I have so many floral woody musks already that I can't quite justify it. But, there is something compellingly lovely about it, so maybe...
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Bcars10Bcars10 6 years ago
Rosewood is what would be born if Agent Provocateur & Ombre Rose had a baby. A bit of fusty rosiness; lots of powder. Nice bottle though.
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