Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique 2014

Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique by Bottega Veneta
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Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique is a popular perfume by Bottega Veneta for women and was released in 2014. The scent is spicy-fresh. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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CorianderCoriander BergamotBergamot
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PatchouliPatchouli White roseWhite rose
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SandalwoodSandalwood Tonka beanTonka bean VanillaVanilla


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inner peace and tranquility
Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique I received in a bundle of miniatures. Until now, the fragrance was no concept to me.
I "sniffed" all of them only briefly and thought "Uiii, spicy" at first with the Bottega and put it back on the shelf. I couldn't get that spicy, warm note out of my head and that day I had to keep sniffing. I was looking forward to testing it out for a whole day.
A rainy day, just the right weather to test this great, spicy scent.
I apply it liberally, and immediately I smell this great spice of coriander paired with patchouli. Mmmhhmm nice, calming, delicate and not intrusive. Bergamot I perceive only on the edge and gives no freshness but complements the spice in a very special way that I can hardly describe.
I feel immediately calmed, grounded and peaceful. Similar to a meditation session. Aromatique fits there quite well, it reminds me but an insanely high-quality incense from my yoga class. No wonder it gets me down.
The delicate rose that comes after some time to a wonderful romance with coriander and patchouli, tonka bean and unsweet vanilla form a base that only strengthens this calm.
I have suffered from panic attacks and depression for years. This fragrance completely manages to bring me to a state of inner peace like only meditation usually does. I am blown away. ☮
For a long time I was looking for a great bottle and luckily I found it on Vinted. Now I may soon call a 90ml bottle of it my own and am very happy about it.
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The monster in the closet
"Pooh... that smells like my mother's closet! What kind of Hippiemurks is that then?" were the first, quite unprofessional words, you slipped me, before I knew it, after the first sprayer on my wrist.
"Have you bought incense again? You know that I can't stand it," it sounded at me not two minutes later, reproachfully and no less unimpressed, from the hallway.
I answered "Banause" matt...I didn't have anything to say against it, and I wasn't allowed to award justice to my dearest husband in this context, that would only encourage him to further unqualified and unsolicited comments in the future.

But I didn't want to give up too quickly. This seemed to be quite a popular fragrance in my memory and although it rarely influences me, as everyone has their own subjective perception, I decided to get to the bottom of this good evaluation and to analyse the fragrance without any bias Why do I have to think about my mother? The lady is an enthusiastic and regular Ebay buyer of "authentic and natural" fragrance oil extracts from all Culeur, but preferably sandalwood and patchouli.
A greyish, sticky dark brown mass in small, kitschy bottles, freshly applied to the wearer (and the whole environment) and long after put into a state which I can benevolently call mental derangement with slight shortness of breath Combined with various incense cones from strange Christmas market stalls and cute "fragrant" rosewood balls, a cacophony exudes from her wardrobe that occasionally makes the senses stagger.
So where are the parallels here? I concentrate and can clearly perceive sandalwood and rose, interwoven, spanned (or rather crowned?) by a spice, which I cannot assign, since I have dealt with it so far still little.
Meanwhile, since the wummsige and associationsverleidette start something has calmed down, I feel this smell as quite pleasant, slightly sharp-spicy and for my feeling somewhat heavy Even beautiful...if that's the smell of a hippie shop, then that of a high-quality boutique with goods made of sustainably grown linen and hemp, of course vegan, in which I would have to pay the entire next month's rent for a scarf.
In the course of time it gets warmer and woodier and I like it better and better.
I find it difficult to estimate the shelf life because the last days I tested the fragrance were very hard physical work and the results were probably falsified, but under these conditions he kept to me for a good six hours.

I will keep my bottling and certainly turn to this fragrance even more often, because it somehow appeals to me and is interesting.

I wouldn't call him fresh at all, by the way.
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Discreet and refined
The original Bottega Veneta is one of my favourite mainstream fragrances of the last years. This new, extremely light interpretation is a beautiful and aromatic mélange of fresh bergamot and coriander, subtle rose and patchouli (yes, there is such a thing as a low-key-patchouli note in this scent) resting on a base of languid tonka bean and vanilla plus a dash of sandalwood. It does disappear quickly on my skin (after 1 h), but I know it is an Eau de Cologne, so I shouldn't complain. Difficult, given the high price...

No leather in this one, by the way, at least I can't smell any. I still prefer the original EdP, but if you're looking for a much lighter and more summery version of "Bottega Veneta", you might want to give "Essence Aromatique" a try. As I said before, the so-called "Essence" is so light you can drench yourself in it without annoying your colleagues. This new EdC is ideal for people of elegant calm and natural poise. Discreet and stylish.
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CindyrellaCindyrella 8 years ago
This Essence Aromatique has nothing to do with the original BV edp.
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It's a beautiful fragrance, indeed! The only thing I had hoped was that it was released as a somewhat less synthetic perfume, a more natural one. Of course,...


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