1932 2012 Eau de Toilette

1932 (Eau de Toilette) by Chanel
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1932 (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Chanel for women and was released in 2012. The scent is floral-powdery. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation

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AldehydesAldehydes BergamotBergamot NeroliNeroli
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JasmineJasmine Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang CarnationCarnation LilacLilac RoseRose
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AmbretteAmbrette IrisIris MuskMusk OpoponaxOpoponax SandalwoodSandalwood VetiverVetiver Iralia®Iralia® VanillaVanilla CoumarinCoumarin FrankincenseFrankincense


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sympathetic and without any cult!
I had to learn over the years that I had my difficulties with the so-called "cult" scents.
Who likes to admit to not being able to correspond with them.
Not only Yves Saint Laurent's "Opium", but also "Chanel N° 5" can't get me in the mood for the general adoration.
"I had "opium" myself then; for "Chanel N° 5" I felt too young for a long time.

I explained then that it must have been at the beginning of the eighties when I started to look more closely at perfumes: "I'll use it with pleasure when I'm old enough! But not yet!"
Meanwhile I am really old enough; but I never thought that I would develop in a completely different direction: completely away from this Chanel classic.
To the horror of my mother and to the astonishment of many friends.
I've been wearing soft, cuddly wool trinsets for years - some with a pearl necklace: but the always open door of my office also played a role in their choice.
I just needed this warmth.
The classic "Little Black" also hangs in the cupboard; but I was never happy in it: Black is not my colour! Even my hairdresser, who finds black "so noble", agrees with me: he prefers to see me in colours.
A bird of paradise, because I mutated into one that one should not want to trim classically.
Even now, when we are a bit of a selected bird of paradise with some broken feathers, we don't get together: "Chanel N° 5" and me.

For a long time this also affected the other "fragrance sisters" of this "grand lady":
"I bought "Coco" and "Chanel N° 19" myself (probably in the belief that I could get closer to the classic fragrance target); "Allure" my hairdresser gave me at that time for Christmas.
With all three scents it was more a "living side by side" than a "togetherness".
Even the cosmetic products of this brand I can't stand, except for the gorgeous lipsticks.

So I was very pleasantly surprised the other day when I met "Misia".
We liked each other; even made friends until she left. This capricious woman was looking for other challenges: she had already successfully baited me!
Therefore I dared now also to "Les Exclusifs de Chanel 1932": and I am quite taken by this member of the fragrance family!

"Chanel 1932" is light and airy; a fine scent veil, like a garment made of light cotton voile.
Maybe this is why this fragrance needs the support of "Iralia".
This substance from the N-methyl ion family is used in perfume and fabric production; it gives a certain stability, enhances the charisma and elegance of the finished product (according to the Internet).

As Gelis correctly writes in her commentary: Immediately after spraying, the aldehydes begin to fly; they dance and radiate and attract!
Bergamot and the beautiful Neroli aroma are part of this round dance: they all turn in a lively, fragrant whirl. Beautiful, such a prelude!
The almost classic beauties of the fragrance worlds - lilacs in large, fragrant, softly coloured and deep purple umbels with filled and simple flowers; the gorgeous white large-flowered jasmine and the spicy carnation: they are now all bound into a large fragrant bouquet.
Of course, the rose must not be missing either; it adapts surprisingly well to the scent of the fragrance here; does not insist on its otherwise so often dominating position!
Ylang-Ylang, just as swirling and luminous as the aldehyde before it, completes the previous course of fragrance lively and dazzling.
"Chanel 1932" is now a classic woman, but still lacking that certain something.
First she receives a full-body powder shower through the iris: the previous glow is somewhat dampened; the preparations for the erotic, the senses fully awakening scents are completed with this.
Warm vanilla enters, hand in hand with musk, confidently the fragrance stage.
The previously so radiant floridity offers these two a good basis not to become too powerful together with the scent partner Iris.
These three are often a problem for me with powdery fragrances; why we don't harmonize then.
In "Chanel 1932" this troika is so skilfully surrounded by the floral scents and the resins and earthy-dark green elements now appearing, that a soft scented cape forms for me as well.
I like this fine velvetiness very much; it is still wonderfully light and very graceful.

"Chanel 1932" is a little fleeting, which is not surprising for such a light-footed and charming person.
But after-spraying is no problem; just to be able to enjoy the cheerful shimmer of the aldehyde again.

I am happy that I finally found fragrances at this traditional company that I like and that I also like to stay with me.
Both, "Misia" and "Chanel 1932", demand nothing from me; even on a normal "household day", in more or less "robber civilian", they play along in a good mood: they don't sulk, they're not too fine for it.

So here are the "smaller" sisters of the "famous Chanel N° 5", who give me so much joy.
May this still keep the "little black" company in the wardrobe.
"Chanel 1932" and me, we make ourselves happy and upbeat and see what we can still do beautiful things.
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The cuddler without pears!
Hm, hmm....
Strange title maybe, huh? :D
However, the Chanel website says that the fragrance should start with pears. More precisely, with a pear and grapefruit combination with iris and vetiver and musk. Well, the iris is right, it is omnipresent in this fragrance here, which means that perfumes that don't like powdery scents probably can't do anything with this fragrance here.
But I really couldn't smell anything of the pear described, and a grapefruit wasn't there either. Vetiver certainly doesn't. And musk is only used in the base.

What, I shouldn't be able to smell good anymore? Aaaargh, I hope not! Nah, I just tell what I smell myself, and I don't smell pears! :)

And thanks to a nice parfuma that sent me a sample of this from both EDT and EDP, I try to mention the differences I notice as always!

By the way, the fragrance is dedicated to the year in which Chanel first presented her own or first jewellery collection of diamonds in her own apartment.

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with aldehydes, some neroli and short-term bergamot and is fresh for a short time. Sweet notes follow before the fragrance gradually becomes more floral. Of course, the fragrance is already powdery (through the iris), which always makes a fragrance nice and pleasant. From the flowery notes you can smell lilac and jasmine, whereas the lilac seems to be the stronger note here (whereas at the EDP I found the jasmine a bit stronger).
The heart is sweet, floral and powdery. You can smell the iris better now, with the flowers it's mainly lilac and jasmine (and very little rose), in the background there are still aldehydes, which give the fragrance a more mature character, this impression is intensified by the now also budding Ylang-Ylangs. If you don't try to smell the fragrance in detail, it smells almost the same as the EDP, especially in the heart note, without any differences.
Gradually I also notice the musk, while the scent remains nicely powdery. Hmm... what's Iralia? Well, it's supposed to be a kind of perfume similar to the iris, but since there is also iris, I can't say what smells like iris, the iris itself or Iralia :D
In any case, as I said, it smells nice and soft and powdery, which always provides a pleasant (cuddly) atmosphere with fragrances, as long as you stand on them.
The base remains the same for a longer period of time. As time goes by, light, resinous notes appear, but they mix too much with the powdery scents, making it difficult to identify them without a fragrance pyramid. The musk gets a little stronger and you can smell a little vanilla. The ylang-ylang becomes stronger towards the end, but then generally weakens again.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The scent's radiation is below average, which means that you have to come closer to be able to smell the scent. The EDP is already much stronger here. However, the shelf life is good, the fragrance lasts seven or eight hours before it begins to weaken.

The bottle:
The bottle is high and rectangular, with slightly arched side walls. It is filled with a yellowish scented liquid and closed with a cylindrical and shiny black lid with the Chanel logo on the top. The label is square, white and simply shows the name and brand name. Even if the flacon should be of high quality in terms of materials, I find the visual appearance of the flacon a bit too simple.

Okay, so I think 1932 EDT has become a beautiful fragrance. It may not start as described on Chanel's website, but maybe some of them actually smell pears, because perceptions, especially in detail, can be quite different.

In any case, I like the powdery orientation of the fragrance here, which in my opinion always gives a fragrance a certain softness and makes the fragrance a cuddly one, for example. Or... as I sometimes say: The scent feels as soft as the coat of a cat :))
Well, I could have done without the Ylang-Ylang personally, but I'm sure that most of the people here should like the fragrance as it is.

It's an all-rounder in terms of fragrance type, but I could imagine that it comes across much better in autumn and winter than in warm summer, as the powdery notes could be a bit exhausting in the heat. But it also fits in perfectly with spring.

As far as the differences to the EDP are concerned, these are quite small, so it doesn't really matter which fragrance you use, although you will probably only find the newer EDP in the shops anyway, since the EDT seems to have been discontinued. Either way, the fragrance is beautiful and worth a test, but it may not be suitable for the younger ones because the aldehydes (and also the ylang-ylang) give the fragrance a more mature and classic character. If you would rather have a powdery Chanel fragrance without all the more mature notes like aldehydes or ylang-ylang, you could have a look at Misia instead, as the fragrance is in my opinion also a very beautiful and powdery fragrance from Chanel.
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Somewhere between Paris and Nice
In a way, I am still disappointed with Chanel 1932 (EDT). It does seem to occupy a space between Chanel's previous offerings - 31 Rue Cambon and 28 La Pausa - whilst not really being as distinctive as either of those two.

Aside from that minor irk, I do think 1932 does smell beautiful just like many other Exclusifs. Unlike 31 Rue Cambon, 1932 possesses a lovely, light, almost silky jasmine note (not at all dirty like some jasmine notes), and this combined with the trademark Chanel iris and whispery aldehydes make for a fragrance that is equally suitable for day and evening wear. The heart of the fragrance lasts for around 3 hours on my skin before settling down to the slightly sweet muskiness previously seen in 31 Rue Cambon.

1932 lasts longer than 28 La Pausa - which only gives me about 2 hours of longevity before disappearing entirely - but doesn't radiate for quite as long as 31 Rue Cambon does with its trail of ambery patchouli. Whilst not being the most distinctive Chanel Exclusif, it's one of the prettiest. 1932 could make a good starting point for those new to the line, but they may eventually move on to some of the bolder releases in the line.

EDIT - I've really grown to love this one. Perhaps the most easy to like of all the Exclusifs.
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ShojoidShojoid 4 years ago
Light, bright and airy. However, musk is way too wild on my skin, gives the whole scent an unpleasant animalic undertone for me. Try first!
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