N°5 Elixir Sensuel 2004

N°5 Elixir Sensuel by Chanel
8.5 / 10 30 Ratings
N°5 Elixir Sensuel is a popular perfume by Chanel for women and was released in 2004. The scent is powdery-floral. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation

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Forgotten Love
I forgot how creamy, fluffy, powdery and smooth this sensual elixir gel version of No.5 is. I had an unfortunate accident with my bottle soon after receiving it about 3 years ago, to my horror, half of it spilled out on the bathroom floor. Luckily the gel form pours slower than the liquid or it would have been all gone. So I have been hoarding the remaining portion for special occasions. Well tonight I dusted it off to write this review and wow, so pretty! I must confess I love aldehydes! I can't think of anything better after a long hot bath. This is still so fine. It has just the skeleton of the original fragrance but is much more sheer in the powder and floral department and on my skin the cozy woody base really comes out giving a very calming feeling. This is indeed very sensual, familiar with out being exactly that same old No.5 tune. Perhaps I am a little jaded having worn No.5 original EDP all through high school...and having been very unpopular with the fellas. I wasn't until I switched into Terra Nova's China Rain and Paco Rabanne's Calandre that heads started to turn, so I think of Chanel as more of- meh, although I can now respect it's stunning purity and legendary status. But the Sensual Elixir is really a unique creature in many ways. I highly suggest that if you liked the original but found it a little too stuffy, proper or repressed that you try the elixir. If you don't like the original at all, you may also want to check this one out...it's more modern in its construction. Yet,if I were assigned with the task of giving this a proper unique conceptually based name I think I would call this fragrance "Sheer silk".
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