Diva 1983 Eau de Toilette

Diva (Eau de Toilette) by Emanuel Ungaro
Bottle Design Jacques Helleu
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Diva (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Emanuel Ungaro for women and was released in 1983. The scent is floral-chypreartig. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by Salvatore Ferragamo Group.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Top Notes Top Notes
CardamomCardamom CorianderCoriander TuberoseTuberose AldehydesAldehydes BergamotBergamot Mandarin orangeMandarin orange
Heart Notes Heart Notes
CarnationCarnation JasmineJasmine NarcissusNarcissus Orris rootOrris root RoseRose Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang
Base Notes Base Notes
OakmossOakmoss HoneyHoney MuskMusk PatchouliPatchouli AmberAmber IrisIris VetiverVetiver CivetCivet SandalwoodSandalwood VanillaVanilla


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dimmed gloss and therefore suitable for everyday use
Oh, what was going on in the fashion scene back then, when Emanuel Ungaro's fragrance "Diva" had its premiere.
Strong shine of gemstone colours dominated, not only in the robes, but also in everyday life.
The best example of these creations in ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue, gold and silver can still be found in the TV series "Dallas" and "Denver Clan": how the somewhat boring "good guys" and the glamorous "beasts" sparkled in a competition! All this also governed us "normal" women, who were not so bitchy/capricious in seeking our way through everyday life. With glittery fabrics and protruding puff sleeves: we made no difference! "Diva" as an eau de parfum entered the brightly lit catwalk and brought truly divaesque glamour to the fragrant world of women.

My hairdresser at that time had one of these robe-like flacons, but unfortunately she only wore this luxury creature "for good".
Just the other day I was reminded of this when one of our perfumers wrote to me about her daily scent:
"Beautiful! But for every day this fragrance is too precious to me."
Hm! Even while reading it, I felt reminded of Shakespeare's comedy "Much ado about nothing".
There Beatrice (in the II. act, 1st scene) answers the prince's question whether she wants to marry him:
"... Your Highness is too precious to bear you forever!"
So at the nice hairdresser this "diva" was more or less a so-called "showcase scent".
(Thanks Stanze; I always look for suitable formulations. You gave me these!)

As an eau de toilette, "Diva" is no less exceptional; the fragrance has, however, dimmed its shine a little as EdP and is therefore more suitable for everyday use.
You don't always have to unpack the hammer; with a little more subtle means you can also reach the goal.

Although "dimmed gloss" is also relative here:
Because right at the beginning the aldehydes burn down an impressive firework - they glow and thus provide the base for bergamot and tangerine freshness!
Cardamom and coriander spice up interestingly; the tuberose, which is so fragrantly intense, is particularly surprising: this radiant beauty is rarely found in the top note alone. (Or am I wrong?)
A clever move that surprises and thus sets the stage for the other white splendour - large-flowered jasmine: both shine powerfully in this fragrance composition and only a dampening powder layer of the iris root brings the light curve back to a normal level.
If this were not the case, the charming narcissus and the always charming old-fashioned carnation would not get a fragrant foot on this glittering podium and that would be a pity!
So the two quieter beauties can enjoy a moment of attention of their own before the royal rose appears with a large train, surrounded by the brightly shining star magic of the Ylang-Ylang.
Pure luxury in portable concentration already now!
Of course, this creation should not be without the basic perfumery equipment of the eighties: Oak moss in not small doses, green-brown vetiver, musk and golden-brown patchouli sprinkles prove their always impressive reference here as well.
Vanilla, creamy white meets honey, both marry and accompany the proud iris, which already holds the slightly animal-scented sandalwood in her hand.
Eroticism crackles not little, warmed by vanilla with honey, so that such a small animal approaches confidently: even civet is not shy and leaves traces.
But this "somewhat more moderate" version of the great chic lady still lacks the final highlight of her gown: Amber now brings glamour! Tush and Spot on!
"Diva" as an eau de toilette closes, not quite as opulent as the big sister, but nevertheless extremely impressive to a powerful fragrance dance.

Here "suitable for everyday use" does not stand for inconspicuous or even boring: quite the contrary! This charismatic royalty glitters and shines and thus makes a very "normal" day something very special.
Even this rainy Saturday morning in February gets its own glimmer; this "diva" makes sure of that and that, despite her relative lightness, for a few hours.
A cloud of fragrant fireflies in rain grey - this is also "Diva"!
You are welcome, gorgeous!
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Applause, applause!
So vehemently Kermit announced our Miss Piggy - the undisputed diva of The Muppet Show.

And she was also an apparition with meter-long jingle eyelashes, wrapped in satin and a feather boa around her rounded shoulders.

Despite all irony, a Grande Dame - and rightly honoured with prizes.
I'm a fan.

But also other real stars go through my mind when I hear the diva-like scent.

Liz Taylor with her curves and violet eyes - but also the seductively androgynous Marlene in tailcoat and top hat.
Of course, they swarmed around men like moths around the light - and women too.

Ungaros Diva places the wearer in a cone of light - on the otherwise dark stage.
You have to be able to cope with this focus first!

Aldehydes and spices are also buzzing around me - maybe men and women will be added ?

My creased jeans turn into straight Marlene trousers and my T-shirt becomes a glamorous tuxedo jacket.
This is a gig !

The bewitching tuberose is framed by a multitude of other flowers - deepened by the iris.
Oak moss is only mossy and not bitter and is further sweetened by soft honey and warm vanilla
Despite its richness and glamour, the fragrance conveys closeness and suppleness.
This diva does not stand on a pedestal, but she is very much alive.
She wants to be executed - experience something !
But better still in fine thread - which can be second hand.
I have my 40s rose dress in mind - with Miss Piggy's inevitable feather boa
Great cinema !

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mea culpa
I owe Diva a bit of an apology. It's a heavy rose chypre, an era-specific genre (70s-80s) that I love. In the past I've noted that I like some of Diva's cohorts more than Diva. (Paloma, Knowing, Scherrer, La Perla.) I've tended to point to what I find 'off' in Diva. Too much honey sweetness, not enough green, a bit soft for a chypre.

Well, on reflection, I was wrong. When I see Diva as a hybrid rose chypre/oriental, it comes beautifully into focus. What I used to see as a simple honey sweetness I now recognize as a wonderfully sweet, waxy-honeycomb scent that connects the heartnotes to the spicy amber drydown in a rather lavishly paced transition. I used to want more brash green with more patchouli and moss in the drydown. What was wrong with me? While there is an identifiably chypric drydown, the amber emphasis is both comfortable and stirring.

A few other bits make Diva's evolution so interesting to keep tuning into. Right from the top there is an identifiable rose, but it is woody rather than green or dewy or brightly 'floral.' It calls to mind both rose and rosewood. And there's a slightly acerbic note that balances the honey and ties it to the dry spiciness that lasts through the entirety of Diva's drydown. Also, while I still hold that Diva is a rose chypre, there is an indolic note that suggests white flowers and keeps the rose from reading as strictly dark as in Scherrer or La Perla.
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R.I.P Diva
I had the pleasure of owning and enjoying a pre-formulated bottle of this Diva. Lush roses wrapped in oak-moss, a lovely carnation (normally a no-no note on me) dipped in honey on a bed of sumptuous amber.

Was she strong? Yes, but in a very good way. Was she 80s style? Yes, but in a classy and beautiful manner. *YUM* But every bottle has a last drop and sooner or later you'll reach it. So, when I saw this in a shop I decided to try it despite that I was told it's reformulated. It's Ungaro...surely he wouldn't murder his leading lady? Right?

Oh dear! I am soo sad! It's like they took an old school Hollywood Diva, stripped her of her designer clothes and banned her from starring in feature films to *star* in day-time soaps. On my skin it's a aldehyde one-note mess of strong perfume that smells a lot like Gloria Vanderbildt (Gloria smells MUCH better though!) Nothing is left to remind me of this unique and beautiful scent.

I must assume that the *reformulation* gang has murdered yet again another innocent and beautiful victim. A true star & Diva....If I can't find a pre-reformulated bottle...I shall miss her.
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Less helpful Review 8  
Normally a DIVA, for me just "Profumo di GEDÖNS"
How does he get from Ungaros DIVA to Gedöns?

Very simple: I a company in which I once worked for years, there was a colleague who, apparently once secretly by another colleague, as "Mrs. GEDÖNS" was baptized ... Of course such a thing does not remain long secretly ;-)

And I also once had the pleasure of being in a project group with "Frau GEDÖNS".... The name WAS 1000% PROGRAM! Everything, but really everything, was hyped up, aggravated, questioned to the point of unconsciousness and just unnecessarily complicated, THOUGHT HALT!
At least, I had a chance in a quieter moment (between one and the next stilted "this all needs to be thought through" fit) to ask what fragrance she was using.
I found it to be very pleasant, somewhat retro, but not unpleasantly lush again name it might suggest. She was a worthy fragrance opponent against my fragrances ;-)

Since then, whenever I see DIVA somewhere, all by itself "Profumo di GEDÖNS" comes over my lips :-)) To the confusion of those who are there and subsequent explanation why I call it so.

Mrs. GEDÖNS, they are remembered ;-)
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