Lily of the Valley 1765

Lily of the Valley by Floris
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Lily of the Valley is a popular perfume by Floris for women and was released in 1765. The scent is floral-green. It is still in production. Pronunciation
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Lily, where are you?
I can already call myself a "Lily of the valley fan"; and I admit: I love them, the brave little guys who liven up every spring like this.
And just as I like their spring-like, virginal freshness, I like them in the state of their first slight decay: when they become slightly "stinky".
Which, by the way, also applies to jasmine: youthful freshness is enchanting - mature is tempting!
So I was very curious what the house Floris, which I was allowed to get to know up to now as a noble fragrance manufacturer, conjured out of these two white bloomers.

But, oh, dear! Both - lily of the valley and jasmine - had lost themselves in the wide valley of leafy and meadow green.
A fine, but for me a bit too "lemony" entrance awaits me. Yes, fine is right!
But where are the lilies of the valley now? Where's Jasmine hiding?
Even rose and tuberose, otherwise not shy, are just a touch.
Slowly I am coming to the conclusion that I am dancing on a wrong wedding or that I don't have the right skin.
It takes almost half an hour until my two so beloved white friends show up:
Their visit is short, very short - what a pity!
Musk saunters by and... that's it!
I'm disappointed! Floris disappointed me with "Lily of the Valley"! It's actually just a hint of an eau de cologne that's rubbing off on me here.
Springlike freshness? Yes, a little green, a little lemon But otherwise I only encounter shy restraint.
I don't expect much from a "little scent", that's well known: but a little more than a light nothing after all.
Too bad, too bad!

Once again, I am disappointed! Maybe also because I was able to discover two wonderful new lily-of-the-valley and jasmine scents within the last time, which inspire me.
Did I start testing with too high expectations?
I don't know!
For me, that Lily was really lost in the valley.

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A timeless clean white floral...
When I first tried this one, I didn't have many expectations. I expected it to be very old and nothing would appeal to me. After all, Lily of the Valley is a note which is old and clichéd.

However, I was pleasantly surprised! It is not heavy, it is not too old fashioned, and not stereotypical! It's light and contemporary, and it makes me happy wearing it. I associate this smell with very clean soap. Spotless!

I have been wearing it for a while and have been complimented! It's always nice to hear something positive whilst wearing a fragrance and I think this is one I will revisit again. Simple but elegant. A clean, perfect floral fragrance.

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It is a relief to me but..
When I was young lily of the valley was a favorite fragance of mine. I loved it. But later it became an awful smell to me, disgusting not only in perfumes. The natural flowers stunk to me as well. - Of course there is a certain personal reason for this which I will not describe. - So I started to fear perfumes with the dominating scent of lilies of the valley. Meanwhile I tested some scents with lily of the valley and some of them do no longer smell to me so bad. But often for my opinion it is not quite the original scent of lily of the valley.
What about "Lily of the Valley" by Floris? With a certain aversion I put a drop upon the back of my hand. A wonderful and green citrous scent was arising with an indication of of lily of the valley. But not only. There arose also something sparkling and bubbling like sect. Wonderful! I was smelling a mixture of lilly of the valley, woodruff and somehow of linden blossom.
From time to time the tuberose was trying to step in with a slightly musty touch. But this vanished every time. Frequently there was also drifting by the scent of fresh hay, coumarine.
After some hours the scent of lily of the valley is getting through becoming the star of the perfume "Lily of the Valley". I am not able to recognize which role the musky notes are playing. "Lily of the Valley" is a through and through floral fragance.
I am convinced by "Lily of the valley" that I overcame my trauma of this flower. "Lilly of the Valley" is a light and cheerful fragance, long lasting, with a delicate sillage. Excellent indeed. Unfortunately I own already "Aqua Universalis" by Francis Kurkdjian and Tauers "Collectible Zeta a Linden Blossom". However ist is good to know there exists another first-class parfum of lily of the valley thanks the possibility of a test for me.
I can recommand "Lilly of the Valley" to everybody who loves fragances with lily of the valley.


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SofiaEinarSofiaEinar 2 months ago
Realistic Lily of the Valley scent. To me it smells just like the real flowers.


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