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Nevermore by Frapin
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7.0 / 10 73 Ratings
Nevermore is a perfume by Frapin for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is spicy-floral. The longevity is above-average. It is still available to purchase.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Message In A Bottle
"MS Found in a Bottle" is a short story by E. A. Poe, the inspirer of this fragrance. Because of a comment this fragrance landed on my shopping list, a little later a bottle with a rest in it was given away (Thanks, Soulfly!) And another coincidence has brought or washed this bottle into my hands. So to speak, each message "searches" and finally finds it's recipient and I am now prompted to open this beautiful message in a bottle and read.
A concept fragrance? A thematic perfume? A literary title to address intellectualistic fine spirits who can no longer be drawn from the woodwork with "Radical Sports XS" or "Crash 134 Extreme" and are therefore looking for more sophisticated "Educational perfumes"?
A fragrance is no text.
But the associations lined up in the fantasy may well be text-like.

"Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream? "

Of course I have a positive expectation towards the fragrance, I know the story already and my perception is influenced from the outset by this prior knowledge, there is no turning back. The question would be whether I could "smell" this if I knew nothing about the whole story? I would say no.
But I can immediately realize something, namely, that the fragrance, considering that it appeared last year, smells significantly older. Much older even, actually from another time. Here this is meant in a quite positive way.
These metallic roses I can only confirm once again, but their coolness does not remind me so much of the fog, as rather to the smell of smoke machines, which have a very slight metallic sourness. A stage effect obviously...
It would not change anything, but how much would I like to know if Poe had ever used a fragrance, except maybe during a visit to the barber shop. Did he have place after shaving (the mustache had to be maintained, yes ...) a light rose or lavender water? Or did he just smell like washing soap?
"The rare visitors in Poe's modest home report a bottle of lavender water by Fincker & Hobbes, which always stood on his little vanity." This of course is just made up by me, but how great would it be to know something about that!
Anyway, this rose fragrance is inextricably embedded in bitter spice, thus forms a perfect synthesis combined with, what I called, metallic and sour note - but in a way that creates associations with an old perfume (perhaps actually the scent of a dark-romantic poet).
In the course the fragrance becomes more woody, but also the harsher spice tones come to the fore and this combination reminds me less of red wine corks, but rather to a wooden barrel, from the inside. (However, I have smelled this only once in my life, there was in it ... a fruit brandy) Hah! Wooden barrel from the inside ... sour roses, dark spice (Cognac? Pepper serves rather to suggest a certain alcoholic tip) - really a strange concoction, but all is kept together, nothing is falling apart, the "image" remains intact.
Back to the question. If I knew nothing of three roses, the cold January morning, the cognac and the poem, then I would have thought the smell of "Nevermore" is one of a dark salon and heavy brocade, aged roses and black frock coats. That alcohol plays a certain role can also be suspected. Poe himself tolerated alcohol so poorly, that he probably would have been struck heavily just by a perfume smell.
So you should put on a dark coat and a hat and wander through the fog. The fellow in public transport are likely to be irritated in a pleasant way. Two, maximum three sprayers are sufficient for adequate presence. You can also sit at home, read Poe and drink a cognac. The rose will still stick a long while in the dark red velvet of the heavy curtains.
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