Guess by Marciano 2007

Guess by Marciano by Guess
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Guess by Marciano is a perfume by Guess for women and was released in 2007. The scent is floral-spicy. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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surprise package
How lucky I am! I got this fragrance in a surprise package as an encore, because it is a tester. In the surprise package there were many more fragrances, as residual flacons, as bottling or as samples of more well-known brands, even niches. But which fragrance was the only one to make it into my collection? Exactly. This encore. That tester Guess by Marciano.

Exactly this one bottle is the largest of the package, holds a hundred millilitres and is as good as full. I'm so lucky, because they don't make them anymore. Yes, I'm afraid that's bad luck for you. I'm sorry. Because if you have finished reading my comment, you probably want to have Guess by Marciano too, at least test it.
Well, probably not all of you, at least the men can comfort themselves: Most of you wouldn't like it about yourself, it's a pretty classic feminine scent.

If I hadn't been sent the scent blind, I certainly wouldn't have tried it. I already had two fragrances of the brand under my nose, which I found rather pale and average. Also the pyramid with jasmine in capital letters and the classification flowery-sweet would have left me rather cold. Even the bottle doesn't appeal to me.

But now, in the surprise package he was lying in it, 100ml big he immediately stuck in the eye, without lid, tester just to use immediately and so I spontaneously pressed the sprayer:

At first I smell fruity flowers, but without the otherwise typical citric parts of top notes. This is already a surprise, the fragrance starts immediately with a bouquet, which is usually found in heart notes: There is a little bit of herb in it, a small edge and after two or three minutes a warm, soft spice is added, very mild and extraordinary. I feel it almost like malt, so also slightly sweet and with some roast flavor.
Now the peony emerges from the blossoms for me. Peony has something enormously friendly, soothing for me: She's like my pink glasses in scents. It causes me to lean back with a sigh, suddenly makes the world appear a wonderful place, and conjures a smile on my face. Here it is a fairytale world with malt.
This dreamlike peony magic world lasts for hours.
Well, if I take off the pink scented glasses for a moment, I have to realize that I am a little bit stung in the background. It's probably the jasmine again, but here the stinging is so much in the background that I can smell it effortlessly - with the help of my malt-glazed peony.

Slowly and gently, but continuously, vanilla, light wood and transparent musk are added, while first the malt and then the flowers gradually turn paler. Thus the heart note changes imperceptibly over further hours into the slightly powdery base until the fragrance then fades away harmoniously and discreetly.

In total, Guess by Marciano holds over the entire day.
It is a fragrance that radiates calm without being boring or being classified as a clean fragrance. With this flair and its middle Sillage, it is suitable, if one applies it with care, for very many occasions.

And if you really want to try out the pink malt peony, you're in luck too. Because I googled once: At least at the moment there is the Guess by Marciano, although it is no longer produced, still to buy online: 100ml for less than 25,00€!
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Guess by Marciano
The Transition Fragrance I'm Not a Girl but this is a Very Youthful Frangrance Way Better when the Original
Formula. it's a Blast of Pears Necterine
i can also smell Musk Plumelia And water notes Great for Summertime.
the drydown has too much Vanilla
this perfume is one of the ones i like
but not i love because i think it's a little girly girl for me but. it's ok
i give it a 4
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Guess What? I Forgot.
To my nose, GUESS is a pretty standard and straightforward sweet floriental of average quality. People are comparing this to a cocktail, but it would have to be a Shirley Temple, it seems to me, because the dominant note is really sugar syrup. Everything else is really soaked in syrup.

At the same time, the sweetness seems rather thin to me, not thick and voluptuous. So it's actually more like sugar water than syrup. Or perhaps a better metaphor would be a Splenda sweetened solution, since it is really too sweet and artificial to be enjoyed by me.

I have seen that many reviewers at other sites like GUESS, but I side with the minority in this case. This perfume becomes tired and tedious much too soon. I could never use a full bottle, and even if I had one, I probably would not wear it. Could be a skin chemistry issue, but in the end it does not matter. Not for me.
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