La Ronde des Fleurs - Vanille Tropicale 2014

La Ronde des Fleurs - Vanille Tropicale by Jeanne Arthes
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7.2 / 10 68 Ratings
La Ronde des Fleurs - Vanille Tropicale is a perfume by Jeanne Arthes for women and was released in 2014. The scent is sweet-gourmand. It is being marketed by Groupe Arthes. Pronunciation
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Top Notes Top Notes CoconutCoconut
Heart Notes Heart Notes Vanilla blossomVanilla blossom
Base Notes Base Notes White muskWhite musk SandalwoodSandalwood
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Submitted by Delidazo87, last update on 31.03.2023.
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Vanilla, cookies, cats, teleporters... there are so many possibilities!
Hello, sniffing noses! Like almost every evening I am also present here today and show you a new scent. Well, I'm actually describing it more instead of showing it, but wouldn't it be cool if you had some kind of teleporter facility that could hand a sample over quickly from one to the next so everyone could sniff it out quickly? You could also bake cookies and biscuits and pass me a few so quickly. And yes, my cat could also slip from time to time through, if one or the other would like to stroke him sometimes :D

But before my thoughts drift off like science fiction and Star Wars again, I quickly come to the scent, namely to La Ronde des Fleurs by Jean Arthes, who has become quite nice, but basically does nothing more than almost only smell of vanilla,...!

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins immediately with vanilla. With beautiful, authentic, powdery-sweet vanilla, which also reminds a little of baking or delicious vanilla puddings.
Coconut, which is indicated in the top note, I hardly notice. But in the background you can see some light flowers, which are so weak that you can't identify them, so the scent just has a slightly flowery touch next to the vanilla. The musk, on the other hand, can be perceived a little better later, which together with the (much stronger) vanilla smells very nice. And there is not much more to tell here, so that one can say that this fragrance actually only smells of vanilla, especially in the later base.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
For a vanilla scent, the charisma is relatively weak, because the scent will rather be perceived best from close up at one. Also the durability is clearly less, than one would think now. Normally vanilla scents last all day and sometimes you can smell them the next day, but the scent here lasts five to six hours, which is of course okay, even if it should be quite weak at later hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular and extremely simple. Because there is not even a label, the name of the fragrance is written in simple letters on the bottle, the lid is chrome-plated and cylindrical. A simple standard bottle of rather cheap fragrances. Well, there are more beautiful things.

So, that was vanilla tropicale.
Oh man, I shouldn't have written vanilla pudding in the description of the fragrance, now I'm totally in the mood for it... no matter... maybe it's better that there's no pudding here right now, because I've been stuffing myself with a lot of junk anyway lately... argh! D

Be that as it may, the fragrance is very simple and basically only smells of vanilla, but this is authentic and beautiful, albeit quite weak in charisma. For a fragrance that costs less than 10 euros at 30 mL, this is very good and sufficient. Since the vanilla fragrance is not strong, it can be used in the summer as well, for itself, and can therefore be used both in leisure time and at work. Vanilla fans can take a look at it because of the low price!

And I'm done for the day now. Sure, I could still talk about cats and Star Wars, but I think you have enough of me already (*sigh*), so I'd rather come to the end, at least for today :D
Well then, have a nice evening :)
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