Quasar 1994 Eau de Toilette

Quasar (Eau de Toilette) by Jesus del Pozo
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Quasar (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Jesus del Pozo for men and was released in 1994. The scent is fresh-aquatic. The production was apparently discontinued.
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LavenderLavender GeraniumGeranium SageSage RosemaryRosemary
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CedarCedar OakmossOakmoss SandalwoodSandalwood PatchouliPatchouli


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Extremely unique, a 1990’s powerhouse.
First spray is extremely intense, almost cloying. I smell the banana and heavier florals right then. But 10-15 minutes out, it dries down into the most amazing floral aquatic, with a deep earthiness to it. Like a fresh rain earthy smell in a banana plantation. Very unique and sad that it is discontinued. Soon before it was, I found out and scored a huge vintage lot of testers. Yay!
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Banana milkshake and men's cologne
I have to confess that at first I was mostly attracted by the marketing elements of Quasar. The futuristic bottle looks like a device in some science fiction and the name Quasar suggests something radiant and full of energy. Well, what I smell might not match its appearance.

The opening smells like some typical men's cologne. But it soon evolves into a smooth banana milkshake. Yummy! At the same time, I can smell some greenness, as if the milkshake is made with some real fresh banana. After 2 hours, the banana notes mellows to the background. What settles on the skin is a soft lavander smell. It stays very close to skin and lingers about 6h.

I wish the banana milkshake scent could stay a little longer. But it's just my personal taste. I still like it very much as it is. It's very refreshing in summer. If you're looking for a non-aquatic fresh fragrance for summer, I'd recommend Quasar.
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A Random Walkabout
Quasar, frankly, confuses me. I had read that it provided a woodsy experience, and the bottle screams class and aggression, but the scent experience is a rather random walkabout. Let me explain.

The first few notes are a light, shampoo-y kind of scent. Our hero has just leapt out of the shower, singing. He wraps a towel around his waist, tucks a flower behind his ear, and then decides to go jogging. It's a long jog, but after two hours, he gets hit with some cologne. He smells himself and declares himself to be the bee's knees. His flower has not wilted, and the sweat only adds to his collection of scents surrounding him.

After a while, he gets tired of jogging and stops by a mountain stream on the edge of the woods. There, he washes himself and arises from the waters smelling bracingly fresh! The flower is still tucked behind his ear, and his towel is as crisp and scent-neutral as ever. He whistles and strides into the woods as darkness falls.

There, he befriends a stray bear and quaffs some maple syrup that a friendly lumberjack left behind for stray joggers like himself. As the temperature falls, the scent of the woods and the scent of his shower combine to be bracing in a different way, which provides some relief to the aroma of maple syrup. Eventually he finds a place to sleep beneath the stars and awakes to a new day, completely scent free.

If Quasar intended to tell a story, I can't make heads or tails of it; it ended up in an interesting place, but I'm not that patient to wait eight hours to get there.
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